ECW Preview for July 3, 2007


Preview: Picking poison
July 3, 2007

After beating Elijah Burke last week, CM Punk is now officially the No. 1 contender to ECW World Champion Johnny Nitro’s title. This week, both the champion and his challenger will try to gain an advantage on one another by picking each other’s poison: Punk has chosen legendary ECW Original Tommy Dreamer to face Nitro while the A-lister has enlisted the brutal Kevin Thorn to battle the Straightedge Superstar.

Who will have the advantage after the smoke clears in this latest duel between two budding rivals? Will Nitro have something extra up his sleeve? Find out on ECW on Sci Fi.

Last week, Matt Striker wanted “Rowdy” Roddy Piper to help him celebrate his birthday – and got a pie in his face and some worms courtesy of Boogeyman for his trouble. Will Striker seek revenge against the man from The Bottomless Pit? And will the mysterious, gyrating worm connoisseur continue to stir nightmares in the Land of the Extreme?

ECW has been anticipating a reality check since The Miz was drafted to the Land of the Extreme. Will the former reality TV and SmackDown star finally make his anticipated in-ring ECW debut?

You can see all this and more on ECW on Sci Fi every Tuesday at 10/9 CT. Don’t miss it!

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