BLATT vs. ECW live coverage for July 3rd, 2007

Alright. Let’s do this.


Wait a second. OLD SKOOL ECW MUZIK!!! Yeah, that’s right, it’s the old school music for whatever reason. I suppose they thought that “Let the bodies hit the Floor” was no longer fitting in with the kinder gentler WWE image.

For those of you who care, the iPhone is awesome and totally lives up tot he hype. AT&T isn’t great, but the hardware is awesome.

Johnny Nitro over Tommy Dreamer by corkscrew neck breaker
I think we all know how this is gonna end. Nitro hodls up the title to gloat to Dreamer before handing it to someone at ringside. Shame they’re turning him into Orton personality wise.

Nitro gets the early advantage over Dreamer, who is looking especially old today. I think it’s a change in his hair? Eh, whatever. Nitro keeps control over Nitro, who makes the mistake of going up top once Dreamer is on his feet. Dreamer locks in an abdominal stretch, throwing some forearms into Nitro’s abs, which are reaching Lex Luger status as they announce he’s only got 4% body fat.

Nitro’s strategy finally reveals itself as he’s going to target the arm of Dreamer. The crowd cares a bit more about Nitro then I do, as they muster up a weak “Nitro Sucks” chant. Tommy hits a Cactus clothesline and both men are outside, but Dreamer’s got the advantage. He throws Nitro in, reminds us all that his arm hurts and teases the suplex to the outside. Nitro drops Dreamer over the top rope and hits him with a drop kick. Dreamer’s in pain on the outside and we’re heading towards commercials.

We’re back and Nitro is still working over the arm and shoulder. Nitro does some damage with three roundhouse kicks to Dreamer’s shoulder. Shame I can’t remember the dude’s finisher, but I hope he wins with something on the arm tonight. Leg drop to the shoulder, but it only gets a two. TWO! Nitro grabs Dreamer, but it only gets a two again. TWO! AGAIN!

Dreamer starts looking a little frustrated and fights back with one arm and Nitro cuts him short with a nice move that I can’t name. Nitro’s wrestling a picture perfect match in regards to his strategy. He found an opening and kept on it, escalating the moves. Nitro hits a knee drop from the top rope onto Dreamer’s shoulder. He held Dreamer under the knee in another impressive move on the shoulder.

Nitro goes for a springboard shining wizard, but Dreamer ducks and hits a clothesline to buy him some time. Nitro charges and Dreamer raises a boot, followed by some punches. Dreamer manages to hit a one armed fall away slam, but that only gets a two. TWO!

Nitro is set up in the tree of woe and gets drilled with a drop kick. Tommy goes for a DDt, but Nitro pulls the arm down and hits the corkscrew neck breaker (oh yeah, that’s the move) for a three count. A nice match all in all. Nitro grabs the title and heads to the aisle and does his best facial Randy Orton impression.

A RAW recap sends us off into the commercial break and apparently Lashley vs. Cena is going to headline the Great American Bash. I can only echo the thoughts of GRUT when I say that it might not be the best idea to push someone who is inhuman in physique. And not inhuman in the Khali kinda way. This is in that suspicious kinda way.

Ugh. The Boogeyman gets a video package and now I can’t get those moments back in my life. This is followed by a CM Punk video package and.. commercials.

Extreme Expose returns next week. Have you noticed them missing? Me either. Joey say right now they’re going to show us the ECW title match from Vengeance. Wait. What? Replaying the video from Vengeance?

Johnny Nitro over CM Punk by swinging neck breaker
Read the original recap at InsidePulse LIVE Vengeance Coverage. How are they going to make this work with all of the mentions of Benoit during this match?

I’ve got two words for ya: Revisionist History

“WE WANT BENOIT” becomes “ECW”.

Here’s my thoughts: They’ve entirely re-dubbed Tazz and Joey and rebuilt the crowd reactions. This is pretty standard practice in the WWE, but usually they won’t be so blatant about it as to re-air the match on TV within two weeks. If anyone who saw the original broadcast could back this up or not, please shoot me an e-mail. I know the “BORING” chants are missing besides the “WE WANT BENOIT” chants.

So all in all, there’s only 4 wrestlers on the show tonight.

Video promo for the Miz, but we still haven’t seen the guy on ECW TV yet. As promised, we’re heading into the main event.

CM Punk over Kevin Thorn by a standing enziguiri
Lockup to start and Punk goes behind. Thorn attempts to fight out with some elbows, but Punk ducks out of the way. Thorn eventually connects with a few and Punk is dazed, which leaves him open for a few more vampire punches. Thorn goes for a body slam, but Punk jumps over and sweeps the back of the legs to get Thorn down and hits him with a leg drop quickly. thorn gets up and Punk hits two knees to the chest and a head drag (best name I can think of for it) followed by the roundhouse kick to the back of Thorn. Ow. Punk only gets a two. TWO!

Thorn is up and powers Punk into the corner. Punk is whipped to the opposite corner and Punk jumps over him and chops down the tree with a few roundhouse kicks to the thigh and three to the chest. Punk hits a running knee, but that only gets a one. Punk holds a headlock but is thrown into the ropes by Thorn, he was supposed to go between the ropes, but he hit them instead, which meant thorn had to get him out another way.

On the outside, Thorn powers Punk back first into the barrier and then the ring apron. thorn hits a few times before breaking up the count. On his way back out Punk kicks out the ankle of Thorn to knock him down while on the ring apron. Punk hits a slingshot sommerault senton and were headed to commercials.

We’re back and Punk has control of Thorn. Thorn powers out into the corner and hits Punk a few times, then throws him to the other side of the ring. That hasn’t worked once tonight, and it still doesn’t as Punk attempts to jump over a charging Thorn. Thorn grabs him and dumps him throat first onto the ropes. Thorn hits a double axe handle, but that only gets a one. Perhaps out of frustration, Thorn slaps on a headlock, which gives Punk the opportunity to power out.

Power out he does with a few elbows. Punk runs to the ropes and gets flap jacked followed by a clothesline, but that only gets a two. TWO!

Thorn stretches the back with a knee in Punk’s back and pulling back on the chin, as the crowd starts the 80’s slow clap for Punk as he powers out and hits some elbows, but Thorn throws Punk to the corner once more and Punk actually lands there, but gets a boot up quick and Thorns face meets boot.

Boot vs. Face. Face rarely wins.

Thorn staggers back and gets another boot to the face. Punk attempts a springboard cross body, but thorn dumps him in the corner instead. Thorn is look a the top turnbuckle and that’s no good. He attempts something, but gets knees to the chest. Punk drop toe holds Thorn in the corner and hits his series of strikes and finishes with a flying forearm. A few clotheslines later, Punk goes for ten punches in the corner. He gets to six and sends him to the other corner and hits the rising knee. I really think it’d have a bigger effect on the crowd. He hits the bulldog, but only gets a two. TWO!

Punk goes up top, but Thorn stops that and Thorn attempts Original Sin, but Punk gets out of it and pulls Thorn’s back across the ropes. {Punk hits a springboard flying forearm, but that only gets a two. TWO!

Punk is frustrated, and this time he attempts a Go to Sleep, but thorn elbows out and hits a clothesline. Thorn looks for a crucifix, but Punk hits a standing enziguiri for the three count!

Nitro comes out to distract Punk, Thorn attacks from behind. Punk battles back as Nitro gets to the ring, but Nitro avoids Punk and taunts him with the title.

Would have been nice to have a different match besides the Vengeance one tonight. You have to wonder why they would air that match rather than a live one. I suppose that maybe they’re trying to show what happened in the new post Benoit WWE, but that could have been accomplished with a recap or music video rather than the entire match being shown.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some cupcakes to frost.

The Inside Pulse
Would have been nice to have a different match besides the Vengeance one tonight. You have to wonder why they would air that match rather than a live one. I suppose that maybe they’re trying to show what happened in the new post Benoit WWE, but that could have been accomplished with a recap or music video rather than the entire match being shown.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some cupcakes to frost.