What's Playing 07/06/07

Wide Release

Transformers – Starring Shia LaBeouf, Megan Fox, Tyrese Gibson, Josh Dumael, Jon Voight, and many more in an eighties cartoon come to life. Two clans of transforming robots have waged their intergalactic war throughout the known universe and have now landed on earth. Some, the Autobots, have come to protect the people of Earth. But they are far outnumbered by those who have come to destroy, the evil Decepticons. Started Tuesday, July 3.

License To Wed – Robin Williams, Mandy Moore, and John Krasinski star in this romantic comedy telling you everything you need to know to get married. Reverend Frank (Williams) puts a young engaged couple through a very tough marriage preparation course to make sure they are destined to be married in his church. Started Wednesday, July 4.

John Price has already seen it, and here in his review, he lets you know if you should too.

Limited Release

Dynamite Warrior – In rural Thailand in the twenties, a young man named Jone Bang Fai is torn inside after watching his parents’ murdered by a ruthless killer. All Fai knows about his killer is a certain tattoo the man had that symbolizes he is part of a band of cattle rustlers. Fai’s mission now is to return all cattle to their rightful owners and seek revenge on the one who took his parents.

Joshua – Jacob Kogan, Sam Rockwell, and Vera Farmiga star in this psychological thriller about a family that welcomes their new baby girl into their home. The newborn causes a slow amount of dissention in the family especially from the nine-year-old Joshua whose snooty tastes for such a young age take a dramatic and sinister turn for the worse.

Rescue Dawn – Starring Christian Bale, Jeremy Davies, Craig Gellis and more. Witness the real-life story of a U.S. fighter pilot named Dieter Dengler shot down during the Vietnam War and captured in Laos. Not wanting to stay captive and do what he could to help others, Dengler organizes an escape for him and some POWs that could cost them all their lives. Started Wednesday, July 4.

Introducing The Dwights – A young boy is rather shy but can’t quite help feel that his life is in a bit of the spotlight since his mother is a comedienne aiming at her second chance of stardom. He tries his best to find some type of a middle ground between her budding fame, his demanding home life, and a relationship with his new girlfriend.

Vitus and You Kill Me are expanding.