Remote Destination – The Hiatus

So obviously I’ve been missing from PTP for quite a few months. It basically boiled down to my getting really behind on my tv viewing. (How behind? Here’s a hint; I’ve still yet to watch the final hour of 24.)

But now that I’m pretty caught up I figured it’d be as good a time as any to give a rundown of my thoughts about what I watched.


Being a pretty slow day I only watched four shows.

Heroes – I really don’t understand the rabid fanboy following this show got. I mean, I get it; it appeals to fans of comic books. But the show was just entertaining to me. The more interesting character was the villain, everyone else just seemed to be taking up space. The acting was passable at best.

I really wanted to love the show. I mean the thread in the forum is a popular place. But really, it was just an slightly above average show.

24 – Man, this season was lame. I’m not even done with it and I could probably go without watching the final ep and not miss it. They made numerous mistakes this season. Insta family for Jack? Bad idea. Killing Curtis? Wrong move.

It’s really hard for me to find something to like about this season. Even Chloe wasn’t entertaining. But I guess Milo’s death was pretty cool. But yeah, this season was just “blah.”

The Riches – This FX show was really hit or miss. When it was good, like the ep when Doug was tweaking or when he was in danger of being exposed in the final two episodes it was great. But when it was wasn’t on fire, it was boring (the ep with the friend from prison and the con episode spring to mind.)

I liked that the show dealt with sexuality. It was refreshing. I also liked the skewed look at life in the suburbs and how sheltered it. This was just a well written and well acted show.

Prison Break – First off, man, I’m really going to miss Kellerman. He was probably my favorite character on the show.

What I liked about the show was the shift in status quo. I liked the “on the run” aspect of the program. I thought that they did a pretty decent job of making the various storylines converge toward the end of the season with a minimal amount of breaking the suspension of my disbelief.

I’ve got to admit that I’m kind of looking forward to the new new status quo of the South of the border prison. It should be interesting and keep me viewing for the upcoming season.


Tuesday was an even slower day. I only watched two shows and they didn’t even air at the same time.

Dirt – This show sucked. It just occurred to me a few days ago that I’d seen every episode of this show and I barely remember a thing. This show was depressingly bad; it was a waste on every level.

The Shield – This is one show that always delivers. I’m so glad that Shane got the chance to shine, as a character. He’s still a dirtbag, but he actually had some sympathetic notes this season.

I’m even happier that Ronnie actually had screen time this season. He even had a storyline. If I’ve had one complaint about this show it’s that some characters are developed and others are ignored. Ronnie was one of the latter.

I do think that some of the stuff with Aceveda felt tacked on, as though they were trying desperately to justify his existence as a character on the show. In the end his inclusion felt kind of rushed, but it was pretty enjoyable.

Everything else about the show is just kudos. Vic’s arc was great, the expanding of the Strike Team was pretty inspired. Dutch seemed much more likable this year. Really good season.


Only one show.

Lost – I’d love to be one of those fans who felt that the show really returned to form toward the end of the season, but I can’t. The show certainly got better; but to me it was in such a deficit it’s really only gotten rid of all of the ill will I felt towards it, but not gotten any good will flowing.

As I said our Lost feature all of the reveal felt like they were an attempt to make amends to fans who felt the show was moving too slow. And just because the finale featured “flash forwards” some fans (even here on this site) are taking it to mean that the producers really know what they’re doing. I feel like Sayid to their Locke; they constantly take huge leaps of faith in regards to this show, where as I just pop up from time to time and torment.

But at least Charlie finally died. And that’s the important thing.


This is my heavy day. It’s so heavy day that I’m still behind as I’ve yet to watch NBC’s comedy line up.

Smallville – I am one of those aforementioned comic book fans. I watch this show out of loyalty, but I’ll never praise it. At the best this show is a good way to kill an hour and get some occasional fanboy nuggets.

But I’m tired of Lionel. I’m tired of Lana. I’m tired of Clark making the White Stripes look like they’ve got a vast wardrobe palette. Actually I’m tired of everyone in Smallville. I really only watch this show because I read comics. But I am kind of looking forward to Bizarro.

Grey’s Anatomy

This show was actually kind of enjoyable. I mean I really kind of dug the more soapy aspect of the show (George hooking up with Izzy, the whole Yang/Burke nuptials.) The doctor-y passed the time, but the drama really kept me.

I am going to be sad to see both Preston and Addison leave. They were my two favorite characters and both are gone. I do think that the producers were trying a bit too hard by having Meredith’s sister being both a new intern and the girl who hit on Derek. That was way extra. Still, I can’t wait for the season premiere.

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip – I’m really sad that this show won’t be coming back. Was it flawed? Yup, but it was also entertaining and better written than the majority of the shows television.

I think the show got a bad wrap, which lead Sorkin to using it as a means to lash out at those who felt wronged him. Still it was an entertaining well acted hour. And I’m going to miss it.

And yeah, that’s about it. IF I think of anything else that I watched I’ll post it. But for now that’s it.

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