Make Movement: Weak Undercard but The American Dream and Lashley Shine


I wasn’t really expecting a dynamite of a show last night, when John Cena is off being the face of the WWE on a always softball edition of Larry King Live, but it was almost as if the first hour was written to ask the viewer to please switch over to CNN. The undercard picture last night was pretty bleak, the obligatory Umaga versus Santino Marella rematch, when the result is expected and always the same lately: squashed. I would like to see Estrada come back to manage Santino for a interesting twist. Cade and Murdoch versus the Highlanders, now come on, what viewer is going to expect the Highlanders winning? Not only was the first hour filled with mostly undesirable matches, we got a video package not only on John Cena, Triple H, but on Snitsky. Snitsky squashes any momentum of a push with Super Crazy and Snisky reminds me instantly as 2007’s Sid Vicious.

Ironically, the saving grace of the hour was with the American Dream, his son, Cody, and Randy Orton with a very strong buildup, money segment. For a good article on Dusty’s other kid, ya know, Golddust, please read Ben Morse’s great column this week. The current angle with Dusty, Cody and Orton is a tale of lack of respect for the business, coming from families in the business and exceeding legacies. Dusty Rhodes, one of the best storytellers in the business, past, present or future, with the perfect catalyst of smug Randy Orton to set up a signature Dusty Great American Bash match. Cue in the quiet Cody, with a strong slap on Orton, with the fans chanting Cody’s name. This may be the start of something really good, considering fans won’t chant for most of the roster that has been there a lot longer.

In theory, fans should really rally behind Shelton Benjamin versus Paul London. Both are equally talented, with similar skill sets, but the crowd didn’t really have a strong pull for either guy in this match. The problem? Shelton has been pushed, underpushed and spun in a circle since he’s been in the WWE. Paul London has no identity outside of Kendrick, and he gets no mic time.

The comeback of Beth Phoenix during the tag team match with the “injured” Melina versus Mickie James and Candice Michelle, was so underplayed that it’s sad. She was once a big deal when she came out as a mystery of Mickie’s past, and got hurt during the match a year ago, and now she’s just Chyna 2007. There was no real point to the match other than Melina’s not really hurt and for her to announce she’s fighting Candice at the Great American Bash.

What I do like is the teasing of tension between Booker T and Mr. Kennedy, I’m sure at some point that will lead to a money match with Kennedy returning to being the face. I still wish WWE would pay The Rock whatever he wanted to get a dream match between him and Mr. Kennedy. Imagine the promos! The actual match with Lashley and his mystery partner, Jeff Hardy against Booker and Kennedy was fun and saved the show from being a very weak show. This was a good buildup for Lashley’s star quality and Hardy is constantly over with the fans so the pairing made sense. Next week should be interesting when Cena comes back and confronts Lashley. I still believe Cena’s star quality will outshine Lashley’s and I don’t think the WWE writers are trying to create a buildup against Cena right now.

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