BodogFight -Series IV, Episode 3 Review

This week’s episode of BodogFight featured middleweight action with Bobby Martinez vs. Diego Visotzky as well as tough female fighters in Tara LaRosa vs. Shayna Baszler.

Bobby “Guns” Martinez (5 – 3 – 0) vs Diego “The Bull” Visotzky (10 – 3 – 3)

The pre-fight interviews/analysis focused heavily on the fact that Visotzky was coming from training “under the rawest conditions”. Turns out Visotzky taught himself MMA on account that in his native home of Cordoba, Argentina there aren’t that many people he can train with. Visotzky spoke highly of having the opportunity to train and compete on BodogFight. In fact he spent a majority of the first few days video taping other fighters training so that he could have that reference when he returned home.

The Fight

Visotzky dominated the fight with repeated takedowns and won a unanimous decision. However, his lack of experience will quality fighters and training partners showed. There were several times where Visotzky could have submitted his opponent but failed to capitalize. Also he took some strong punches in the brief stand up exchanges that had they been against a better fighter Visotzky would have been KO’d. Now though I might sound very critical I’m not saying that Visotzky is a terrible fighter. Rather what I’m pointing out is that there are some serious holes in his game. And that had he the chance to train with a quality camp, he has the tools to be a solid fighter.

Tara LaRosa (12 – 1 – 0) vs. Shayna Baszler (6 – 3 – 0)

Both these ladies are well known in female MMA circles. Shayna Baszler is the tough fighter with a muay thai background but has slick submissions and holds wins over Roxanne Modafferi and and Julie Kedzie. Tara LaRosa is considered by many one of the top female MMA fighters in the world. Her records sports wins over a practical who’s who of female fighters. And many of her wins have ended by knockout or submission.

The Fight

Round 1: The first round of this fight was a grappling clinic put on by both women. The first minute started out with the girls feeling each other out with punches and kicks. LaRosa shoots in for a takedown and gets it. Baszler attempts to secure LaRosa in her guard while LaRosa attempts to pass it. Baszler is able to reverse LaRosa and advances to side mount. LaRosa, though on her back, is able to deliver knees to Baszler’s rib area. LaRosa is able to escape and secures a guillotine choke. She gets mount and switches to and attempts a rear naked choke. Baszler is able to escape but is pressured again with a guillotine choke in LaRosa ‘s half guard. The choke isn’t tight and Baszler begins to deliver punches to LaRosa’s side. LaRosa lefts go of the choke and Baszler is in top side position. Baszler attempts to deliver punches from above but LaRosa grabs Baszler’s leg attempting at first a knee bar then a ankle lock. Baszler responds with punches to the face and LaRosa lets go. LaRosa is on her back and Baszler is standing looking to drop punches. LaRosa defends with upkicks but has her legs pushed back by Baszler and proceed to rain down hard shots to the face. LaRosa is able to roll out of it grabbing Baszler’s leg and driving for a takedown. The round ends with LaRosa able to secure mount at the last few seconds. It was a good first round for both women and very tough to call.

Round 2: Round two once again begins with both fighters feeling each other out. LaRosa lands a nice superman punch (fake a jab then do a jumping straight right hand) and drives forward taking LaRosa down. Baszler is able to secure LaRosa using a high guard then transitions to rubber guard (a la Eddie Bravo) and gets in punches to LaRosa’s head. The referee stops both fighters and restart the fight from standing. The fighters look to get strikes in. LaRosa throws a roundhouse that misses but connects with a spinning back kick. Baszler lands a cross, low leg kick combination then comes back with a high kick. Both girls looking good in the stand up but Baszler appears to be landing the better of the shots. Two minutes left in the round LaRosa lands a left that stuns Baszler. LaRosa follows with a flurry backing Baszler into the corner. LaRosa then secures under hooks then slams Baszler to the canvas. LaRosa is easily able to get mount then rains down punches on Baszler until the ref stops the fight. LaRosa is again victorious at 3:20 in the second round.

This Saturday July 14, LaRosa will be featured in a BodogFight pay per view event taking place in Trenton, NJ. The fight will be for the Women’s MFC Championship and her opponent will be undefeated Kelly Kobold (14 – 0 – 1).