MTV Mix – Volume 44

This week we only have four shows to cover, but that includes the finale of Reunited: The Real World Vegas. So it will be a little slow for the next couple of weeks after this one, but next month we have the return of The Hills and the new season of The Real World: Sydney! For now, check out all the action that went down this week on the Music Television Network.



Making the Band 4

Last week Diddy cut 4 guys, when he really wanted to cut 10. They were too good, though, to do that. DeAngelo thinks that Anzeo and Maurice being cut was a big surprise. Anybody can get cut now. Lewis couldn’t sing that well, because he was sick but he didn’t give up.

Michael Bivins comes in and informs the remaining guys about the situation. He is not giving away any free passes to anyone, sick or not. Diddy has told Michael Bivins that he needs to fill the 4 spots that were left open by the 4 eliminated guys. Diddy is not satisfied with the remaining talent, so he sends out his team to find some more guys. In the end, they pick about 11 guys to come to New York City. Some of the guys include Eric, Curtiss, Dallas, Devin, Jeremic, Emeka, Kenneth, Alvin, Kashief, Jeremy, and Andrae among others.

The original guys work extra hard to make sure they keep their spots. Meanwhile, Ankh Ra works with the new on their voices to prepare for their auditions in front of Diddy. The original guys say that the new guys aren’t going to come in and take over. They have to earn their respect. After a little Boyz II Men singing and some head nodding, Diddy makes his decision. He decides to throw “some salt in the game”. He wants to have a war. Diddy says that everyone wants to their spot. They get in trouble for sleeping when Diddy brings in the new guys. It’s a wakeup call. It never stops. Even when you make it, there are always new guys trying to take your spot.

There is going to a competition. There are 27 people now and only 20 spots. So 7 guys are getting cut tonight! New or old, it doesn’t matter. It’s a sing-off! HA! This is awesome! Forget the dance-off, this is taking it a step further! Brian A. battles it out with Eric. Eric is actually one of the best new guys, though. Brian holds his own and now it’s like some “West Side Story” stuff as the original guys back up Brian and help him sing “End of the Road” by Boyz II Men. This is certainly unique.

Donnie thinks all of the original guys will come back. I’m not too sure, though. Diddy makes the new guys and the original guys sick one-by-one. The one interesint one is Michael. Diddy rings in a girl for him to sing to him. It’s a challenge to sing a love song to her. He is a little distracted at first, but I think he does extremely well in the end. A little more of Usher’s “Burn” and New Edition’s “Can You Stand The Rain” and the final decision is here. Diddy calls out 20 names. They are Robert, Dyshon, DeAngelo, Michael, Dan, Curtiss, Andrae, Eric, Brian H., Jeremy, Devin, Jeremic, Donnie, Jonathan, Willie, Qwanell, Carlos, Armando, Brian A., and Julius. So that’s a total of 14 old guys and 6 new guys.

So two of the original guys, Chris and Lewis, go home! Lewis is upset that he was so working hard, but still got cut. Michael Bivins sums it up the best for the rest of them. “We’ve got love for you, but we are not in love with you!” A lot more cuts are coming. Lewis sings his swan song literally with the rest of guys joining in. You could say that this show’s theme song is “End of the Road” by Boyz II Men.


Rob & Big

Rob & Big start us off with a conversation about Scott Baio and how rich he is? Big Black made the mistake of underestimating the popularity of Charles in Charge AND Joanie Loves Chachi! Rob surprises Big by buying a new SUV and painting it all black. It’s “murdered” out! They are rolling on 24’s now instead of 22’s.

Rob is then disgraced in the pages of Wal-Street Journal. Apparently he is called a “C-List” celebrity for giving his old car away to David Hasselhoff or something like. Rob feels punked! His mom does make it any better. She thinks they made him sound like a loser! HA!

Rob decides to give his old SUV away to a real skater kid. They have to prove themselves first. They have to beat Rob in some skating competitions AND then they have to beat Black in a game of “Rock, Paper, and Scissors”. Big Black is apparently undefeated. For some reason, this leads to Big Black buying a 1979 Ford Pinto. Yes, they still exist. What should they do next? Paint it all black, of course! That just looks stupid, but it’s funny when Rob, Big Black, and Bam Bam tried to get in that small together though. Hehehe.

Time for the skating competition. Rob does a trick and the kids have to do the same trick. It’s “Skater Horse”! First one to spell “SK8” wins or at least gets in the running to win the truck. A guy named Frank finally beats Rob. Now time for the real game to begin. Frank has to beat Big Black in “Rock, Paper, Scissors” two times out of three. First round is paper for Frank and rock for Big Black. Frank beats Black again with rock over scissors. Frank Sanchez wins the truck!! He can’t believe it, but it’s all his. He also has all kinds of gadgets inside as well. Pretty sweet!

We end things with Big Black bringing back Rob’s old motorcycle jacket from the trash. Rob can’t believe it, since Big Black hated on it so much. But that is what “C-Listers” wear, so Rob is happy to wear it I think.


Reunited: The Real World Vegas

It’s finale time! This shortened reunited series ends right now. Can they all make up and go home as friends? Eh, probably so since this IS The Real World. Augustana plays at a concert with the roommates looking on to start the farewell party. All good so far. Arissa seems to have a change of heart from the beginning of this show. She loves her roommates now! HA! Steven says he would be okay if he and Alton would never be friends again.

WOW! To really hammer down the point that everyone is supposed to go home happy, Awesome Anne comes in. She is a “Life Coach” that came to visit them during the original season. She brought them all together and made everyone trust each other. Everyone doesn’t seem so willing to listen to her now. It’s just a bunch of complaining now between everyone, which is pretty funny actually. Alton is really upset to bring up old emotions with Irulan or something. Now we are getting somewhere. Everyone is upset that they thought they were done, but now they have to talk about everyone’s problems with each other one last time. I see their point.

Yes, so Awesome Anne seemed a little too forced to me. But in true “Real World” fashion that start to come around and get with her program. They talk things out a little bit. Alton then opens up to Awesome Anne about his current girlfriend, Hope. Apparently Alton loves her. He is now glad that he talked to Anne. Alton says that him and Steven are okay, eventhough they don’t talk about the racist situation.

Time for drinks by the pool now, but here comes some bees to ruin that! That’s a first. Brynn thinks she was stung by a bee, so everyone else tries to heal Brynn with their own home remedies. One last party for the crew at the nightclub called “Moon”. We get various celebrities talking about The Real World. Now time for the roommates to get their pictures taken on the red carpet. These cats are famous now with fans even! That totally shocks the roommates. More drinking and happy stuff.

Time to pack and leave. It was only two weeks this time, but apparently they did more in two weeks than they did the five months they were there the first time. Bring on the tears, it’s goodbye time. Everyone forgives and forgets all their problems and leaves on a positive note. You shouldn’t be surprised by that.

How did I feel about this show? It was just okay for me. There seemed to be too much forced drama this time. Stuff that didn’t mean a thing the next day was taken to the extreme at that moment. In the end, we get a happy ending which is nice but totally predictable. You really didn’t miss a whole lot, if you missed this show. It was nice to see what everyone has been up to, but that’s about it.

**PROGRAM ALERT** The Real World: Sydney starts Wednesday, August 8 at 10 p.m. ET/PT!!


Wild N’ Out

This week’s guest is Brooke Hogan. She is the daughter of professional wrestler, Hulk Hogan. She also wants to be a singer, and she is hot. She also leads the black team, which consists of Taran Killam, Corey Holcomb, Affion Crockett, Rob Hoffman, and Deray Davis. The red team is Nick Cannon along with TK Kirkland, Mikey Day, Shawty, Spanky Hayes, and Leonard Robinson.

The first round is called “Thanks For Nothing”. Team members will pose as celebrities and accept their awards. Funny acceptance lines receive a bell, while the wack ones receive a dong. This was a close round as both teams started strong, but they faded out. I have to give this round to the red team and the winner is Mikey Day.

The second round is called “Talkin’ Spit”. Team captains have to fill their mouths with water. The other team members have to go to attempt to make the captains spit their water out. I have to give this round to the black team again and the winner is Rob Hoffman.

The third round is called “Life Every Voice”. This is a new game. DJ D-Wrek goes into the crowd and asks an audience member about a problem they have. The teams then have to sing about that problem and lift that person up like a church song. The red team sings about a girlfriend cheating on a guy. The black team sings about being broke. I will give it to the black team one more time. The winner for this round is Deray Davis.

The final round is “WildStyle”. Both teams freestyle rap against each other as you should know by now. I really have to give this round to the black team again and Corey Holcomb as the winner. So this show goes to the Black Team! However, I really can’t give away a MVP award this week, which is a first. Why? No one person stood out. It really was a team effort between Rob Hoffman, Deray Davis, and Corey Holcomb. Oddly enough, Affion Crockett was missing during this show. He didn’t say anything! That’s a surprise to me, but it still worked.

And that ends the 43th volume of the “MTV Mix”! If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or feedback of any kind..send them my way!!

I’ll see you next time when we mix things up a bit!

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