NWA Tag Title Match Results from McAllen, Texas

Thanks to Homercutio for sending this along.

Wasn’t sure who to send this to, or whether it was really worth
sending, but what the hell; I was at the show the NWA sponsored in McAllen
today, where they crowned their new tag team champions.

Karl Anderson and Joey Ryan won two matches win the belts; luchadors Incognito
and Sicodelico Jr. in the first match, and Sean Waltman and Kidman in the second one.
Ryan used the classic heel combo of holding Icognito’s tights and the ropes to
win the first match, and Kidman turned on X-Pac, after a good deal of face
miscommunication, to hand them the second match.

They cut a promo after the match with their manager (whose name I can’t bother
to remember; I think his last name was Vanderpyle). They pretty much
foreshadowed the title win by joining Adam Pearce in cutting a promo running down the
predominantly (i.e. everyone but me and my dad) Hispanic crowd at the beginning of the
show. It was pretty funny to hear their attempts at getting “USA! USA!” chants get
booed. It was also funny to watch Pearce cut his promo and then team up with
Rob Conway (who’s still using the same gimmick he had in WWE when he had
that short lived singles push), because the whole time he was out there
I kept thinking about the match he had with Morishima that was on the ROH
video wire recently.

The ring announcer set up the match by letting the crowd know that it
would be on TV around the world (they promoted the event locally with “be
seen on TV” on the poster). I’m not expecting it to come across well on TV,
since the show was held in a small venue (where I graduated from college a
couple of months back, coincidentally) and there were a lot of empty seats,
especially around ring side. They’re also going to have to pump in a lot of
canned heat, because almost nothing got a reaction, including Kidman’s
entrance. I felt kind of bad for the guy.

Waltman did get a nice pop, although some of that had to come from the fact
that he came out to D-X’s music. He tried to get the crowd in to the tag title match,
but not even the “We’ve got two words for you” audience participation bit got
much of a reaction. At least they didn’t chant X-Pac sucks at him. At any rate, they
seemd to be setting up a Waltman/Kidman match for some point in the future,
since Waltman cut a promo on Kidman, calling him a chickenshit for bailing
on him. I was kind of hoping they’d have an impromptu match, just to
break up the string of tag matches on the show, but no dice there.

The only time the crowd really came alive was for the main event, where
La Parka got a great reaction. Which makes sense, since it was promoted as a
Lucha Libre show, with a small crowd at that, but it still made an
impression. Anyway, sorry for the rambling nature of this, especially since
all you really need is who won the tag titles, but I just really felt like
sharing my thoughts on a really small indie show with someone.