Missing Links on Benoit Tragedy, Former WWE Divas on TV & Much More



  • Wrestlers who attended Nancy and Daniel Benoit’s funeral this weekend.
  • Coverage of the funeral in local Daytona paper
  • Coverage of the funeral in NY Post
  • Coverage of the funeral in NY Daily News, including this quote from JR:

    Jim Ross – “This is not a steroid issue. That horse needs to be put in the barn and unsaddled. This was a domestic issue … There’s a lot of other criteria that has to be involved in it. I still can’t believe it even happened. It’s a domestic issue, but more than anything it’s a tragedy. It’s a mother and little boy – (they) are dead and that’s the bottom line as far as I’m concerned. A terrible day, but we’re here to pay our respects to the family. This is about the family, and hopefully we’ll be getting some closure to their grief. We just hope that all of us that loved Nancy and Daniel and Chris can start to heal a little bit. Maybe today will officially get that rolling.”

  • Column on Benoit in Newsday
  • Great story here, including some new comments from wrestlers and even suggestions on what the industry can do to make things better, including these quotes from Paul Heyman & RVD:

    “Everyone is searching desperately to put some perspective into this,” said former WWE employee and wrestling promoter Paul Heyman, who gave Benoit his first big break in the United States. “It’s incomprehensible to think that he did something so heinous.”

    “You’ve always got this in the back of your mind, behind every decision you make: If you don’t want to be there, there are probably a million guys who will jump at the chance to be there,” Van Dam said.

  • Dave Scherer has an interesting rant on media coverage of the Benoit tragedy:
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  • Ariel wrote the following on her blog:

    “Both Stephanie and Vince had told me at different times how much they loved that I was different and loved my look especially when I got away from the goth look and went with the more punk look which is more me than goth. So don’t put the heat on them for saying I didnt have the right look. Just wanted to clear that up. Thanks.”

  • Lauren Jones has a reality show
  • Trish interviews with TV Guide Canada.
  • Batista featured in Max Fit Magazine
  • William Regal talks about Benoit to the UK Daily Star
  • Jerry Lawler talks about Benoit to Fox Memphis
  • Chris Jericho talks to the Baltimore Sun
  • RVD talks to BBC in the UK
  • Mark Henry gets interviewed by the Statesman
  • Transcript of John Cena, Chris Jericho, Bret Hart, and more on Larry King Live last Monday
  • Transcript of Fit Finlay and Mark Mero on Nancy Grace
  • Transcript of Konnan and Marc Mero on Nancy Grace
  • Lanny Poffo and Jaques Rougeaux on Hannity & Colmes
  • JR’s latest Blog
  • Story on Brooke Hogan, and the possibilites of her having new boobs
  • WWE.com on the return of Beth Phoenix
  • Gillberg makes the WWE Alumni page on WWE.com
  • NY Daily News on the possibility of Congress looking into wrestling for steroids
  • Atlanta Journal on the possibility of Congress looking into wrestling for steroids
  • Recent AP story on Dr. Astin investigation (his office has now been raided 3 times)
  • Bischoff blogs on wrestlers’ recent media appearances
  • Greg Helms does too
  • So does Matt Hardy
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