ECW Preview for July 17, 2007


Preview: Last stop before the Bash
July 17, 2007

Last week on ECW on Sci Fi, ECW World Champion Johnny Nitro sent a message to the No. 1 contender to his title, CM Punk, and all of ECW. He stunned Tommy Dreamer in his own specialty, an Extreme Rules Match.

On the next ECW on Sci Fi, he will send messages to all of our fans in a very important press conference. The champion guarantees what he will say will change the face of ECW forever.

Also, before his date with destiny at The Great American Bash, CM Punk must get through The Alpha Male Marcus Cor Von. Will the pouncing punisher leave the Straightedge Superstar in once piece for Sunday?

Big Daddy V made a huge impact on the Land of the Extreme – and especially Boogeyman – when he showed up at Matt Striker’s side and sent the man from The Bottomless Pit to detention the hard way. Will Boogeyman look for a way to worm the near-500 pound behemoth and extract some revenge? Or will Striker and Big Daddy V continue to give Boogeyman and the rest of ECW sleepless nights?

The Miz made his much-anticipated in-ring debut last week with an impressive victory over Nunzio and seems to have captured the adoration of Extreme Exposé. Will Miz continue to give ECW a reality check? One thing is for sure: Layla, Kellly Kelly and Brooke will be watching.

And hopefully, you will also be watching. Catch ECW on Sci Fi every Tuesday night at 10/9 CT.

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