Hitting Shelves This Week…

July 17, 2007

Adventures Of Sonic The Hedgehog

The speedster Sonic (voiced by Jaleel White aka Steve Urkel) and his sidekick friend Tails aim to keep the planet of Mobius safe from the evil Dr. Robotnik and his highly dangerous robots. Every episode from the entire series is included in this set.

DVD Features: All 30 episodes from the series

Avenue Montaigne

A young woman named Jessica arrives in Paris and gets a job as a waitress in a bar near a famous theatre. While bussing tables she meets a pianist, a classic art collector, and a great actress that starts Jessica’s dreams of fame and fortune rolling in her head.

DVD Features: Behind the scenes, theatrical trailer, text and photo galleries

Factory Girl

It’s the mid sixties and a wealthy young woman named Edie drops out of college and decides she wants to head to New York and party it up instead. After meeting up with a budding young artist named Andy Warhol, she shoots to super stardom but quickly finds herself losing all grip of reality.

DVD Features: None

Gunsmoke Season 1

Marshal Mat Dillon dons his six shooters and aims to keep the peace in the rough and rugged town of Dodge City. Experience the Wild West in this first huge season in a series that lasted twenty long years.

DVD Features: All 39 episodes from the first season

The Happy Hooker Trilogy

Three different women play the role of Xaviera Hollander, better known as the Happy Hooker, in three films that take her around the world and through a lifestyle of thrills, love, and “undercover” work.

DVD Features: The Happy Hooker, The Happy Hooker Goes To Washington, The Happy Hooker Goes To Hollywood

The Hills Have Eyes 2

A group of National Guard rejects can’t seem to get anything right and know they will never be thrown into the throngs of war. But when they are assigned to bring some supplies to camp of military scientists; the guards find themselves in the middle of a battle for survival against the mutants living in the hills.

DVD Features: Alternate ending, deleted scenes, gag reel, trailers, numerous featurettes

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The Incredible Hulk Season 2

Dr. David Banner is a mild-mannered scientist on the run after an experiment gone wrong gave him powers that he can’t control. He is a normal human being most of the time, but when his anger begins to rise, he turns into a green-skinned monster with enormous strength known as the Hulk.

DVD Features: All 23 episodes from the second season, interview with creator Kenneth Johnson

Kon Ichikawa’s 47 Ronin

A beloved feudal lord is forced to commit ritual suicide after an assault on a high-ranking court official. 47 of his loyal followers wait patiently for a year as they carefully plan and they decide to exact their lord’s revenge.

DVD Features: None

Masters Of Horror: The Black Cat

Stuart Gordon is back for his second tale of horror as he tells a great story about the famous poet Edgar Allen Poe and how Poe’s inspiration for writing one of his most famous works was his bride’s creepy black cat.

DVD Features: Audio commentary, photo gallery, DVD-ROM, screenplay, “Bringing Down The Axe” featurette, “The Tell-Tale Cat” featurette


A depressed housewife’s life gets even worse when she gets a knock on her door to find out her husband has been killed in a car accident. When she awakens the next morning, she mysteriously finds him alive and well. That is when she starts to get visions and must take the necessary steps to keep him alive.

DVD Features: Audio commentary, deleted scenes, gag reel, “Glimpses Of The Future” featurette, “Bringing Order To Chaos” featurette, “Real Premonitions” featurette

Red Dawn: Collector’s Edition

The story of World War III gets the two-disc special edition treatment with tons of special features and the original theatrical presentation of the film. Follow along with a band of teenagers in mid-western America that try to guard their home from infiltrating Soviet forces.

DVD Features: Behind the scenes featurettes, “WW III Comes To Town” featurette, “Carnage Counter” pop-ups, and much more

Showgirls: Fully Exposed Edition

The story about going from being Saved By The Bell all the way to the stripper poles of Las Vegas gets another special edition treatment with all new special features. Learn about a young girl’s struggle and hard work to go from the a-hem “bottom” all the way to the top.

DVD Features: Audio commentaries, behind the scenes, trivia track, trailers, “Lap Dance Tutorial” featurette, “A Showgirl’s Diary” featurette