Chris Benoit Toxicology Press Conference…

The much anticipated toxicology report in the Chris, Nancy and Daniel Benoit case were revealed in a press conference broadcast at 2:30pm. Here is a live report on the press conference, as shown on Fox News Channel:

The DA asserts at the beginning of the press conference that the general belief is that the case was indeed a murder/suicide. He then introduces Kris Sperry, a medical examiner, to reveal the toxicology reports.

They found painkillers (hydrocodone, i.e., vicodin), painkiller byproducts, and Xanax at a non-lethal, therapeutic level in Nancy Benoit’s body, but her body’s decomposition makes it tough to know if they were of an advanced level at the time of death. She had a Blood Alcohol Level of .184 but the decomposition makes it tough to know if she was intoxicated at the time of death.

Daniel Benoit had Xanax in his system, so it is believed it was used as a sedative before he was murdered.

Testosterone was found at an extremely high level (59:1 T/E ratio) in Chris Benoit’s system, implying that he had been taken testosterone recently, which could have been used to treat testicular insufficiency. No other steroids (such as anabolic steroids typically used in bodybuilding) or GHB were found in Chris’ system, while painkillers and Xanax (also in Nancy’s system) were found within therapeutic levels in Chris. There is no link between the drugs in Benoit’s system and an abnormal mood swing that could cause a tragedy such as this one.

The Medical Examiner states that these toxicology findings shed no light on the case other than to indicate that Daniel Benoit was sedated before he was killed.

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