Benoit Lawsuit; Nowinski Discusses Concussions

Richard Decker, the attorney representing Nancy Benoit’s family, spoke to Fox 5 News in Atlanta about the wrongful death lawsuit they are working on. He did not specify who the defendant(s) would be, merely saying that “Eventually we’ll be filing a lawsuit and everyone will know.” Decker also said the family were relived that Daniel Benoit was unconscious when he passed away.

AOL has a poll up asking people if they think steroids played a part in the Benoit tragedy, and if they think Congress should hold steroid hearings for wrestling. At present, 84% said yes to the first question and 73% said yes to the second.

Christopher Nowinski has an interview up on the Boston Globe website, discussing the impact of concussions in sports. He speaks about his personal experiences in football and wrestling, including ‘a violent sleepwalking episode’ when he woke up to find himself lying face down amid broken glass and upturned furniture with his scared girlfriend watching him. He also speaks of his hopes for how the concussion issue will be treated in the future, noting that “The awareness is there but changing the culture is another undertaking.”