[SPOILERS] Big Brother 8 – Daily Live Feeds Recap – Day 12 (7/16/07)

9:00 AM America’s Player gives it the old college try!

We see that Eric is up and he’s standing in the living room with his head down and arms crossed He did a practice sleep walk kind of imitating a puppet or a mummy, then looks at the camera, smiles and shakes his head. Target Joe! Next we see Eric trying to get into Joe and Jessica’s bed. It’s one of the high beds and there’s not much room. From the foot of the bed on Joe’s side, we see Eric clumsily and none too subtly trying to get under the covers several times. He realizes this is futile so he tries again on top of the covers. He has to keep one foot on the ground to keep from falling out. Repeatedly bumping into Joe, he makes it half way up, all the while moving his head and arms around. Joe is sleeping on his back and raises his head briefly to see what’s happening and lies back again. Eric rustles about a bit more then slides off the bed and leaves the room. A camera can be heard following Eric. Joe looks up again toward Eric leaving the room then looks right over to us (actually the camera). Eric goes out to report to the Diary Room. All in all it was a very entertaining effort.

10:00 AM
All feeds back to sleeping HGs.

BB wake up call about 10:20, but looks like no one moved. BB is playing a song. “Houseguests it is time to get up for the day”. Everyone is getting up now, except for Dustin and Amber.

We see Joe talking to Eric in the bathroom about someone getting in his bed. Joe and Eric in the shower (not together). Joe asks Eric if he “sleep-does anything”. He didn’t have his glasses on, but someone was doing something weird, trying to get on his bed. Doesn’t know who it was. Eric acting like he didn’t do it and asks Joe if he was dreaming. Eric says maybe it was Dustin or Amber getting in the wrong bed in Joe’s room.

In the backyard Dustin is telling Dick that they played Zuma Zuma for 3 hours last night. Amber wanders out. Dick says” what do they call it when your feet go the opposite direction of pigeon toe?” Dustin says “duck feet…” Dick says to Amber “you should try to pay attention and keep your toes straight ahead of you. You have a duck walk all the time.” Amber says “okay.”

Joe makes it out to the back yard. Nick and Eric are outside now too. We learn the wake up song today was “Dancing Queen” by Abba. Joe telling everyone that “someone snuck into my bed”. Joe said that the person was ramming into his leg and bumped him into Jessica. Jessica said “what going on?” and then the person left the bedroom. I think it was you Eric. Eric said he slept from 5:30 to 9. Joe says no way it was a dream. Eric is laughing saying it sounds like a boy hood fantasy.

11:00 AM Pre-Veto Meeting Chatter Abounds

Joe and Nick talking by the HT. Nick tells Joe it’ll be the last person who talks to Jen who sways her. Nick tells Joe, “I think you’ll be fine.” Joe says, “We shall see.”

Eric is telling Jen that Joe told him last night Jen was trying to ruffle his feathers by telling him that she might put him up. Jen says she isn’t trying to ruffle feathers, just telling him the truth. Eric says “last night Daniele said to everyone “you all think its Mike and Kail, but I am telling you that Jen is the brains of this operation. She is the master mind of the whole thing. She never wanted either of us out, she is trying to back door someone and I know what’s going on.” Jen is laughing and said she is sad she missed it.

Nick and Amber outside by HT. Nick says he told Jen that he was playing Daniele. Nick says “Jen is a person who is nasty and ugly on the inside, hot on the outside”. Nick says as soon as Jen talks, he wants to throw up, but he’ll say whatever he has to say to get things going the way he wants them to. Amber talks about how awesome she is with her handcuff setup, the dinner date, talking to Jen. Amber and Nick are reassuring each other that they trust each other. Amber says Jen is SOOO jealous of Dani and is in love with Nick. Says Jen asked her what Nick thinks of her. She says Jen always lights up when Nick’s name is mentioned. Amber says she told Jen that Nick has NEVER said anything bad about Jen. Nick says he has a really good feeling that Joe is going up. Amber agrees. Nick says if Joe goes up, he goes home. Amber agrees.

Jen tells Eric that a lot of people would probably be willing to put up Dick and Dani next week. Eric agrees. Then he says to Jen “You don’t have to tell me, but did Amber and Dustin come say they wanted to target the floaters too?” Jen says “Nope, Amber and Dustin didn’t. I don’t think they would put me up, but they haven’t claimed that they wouldn’t.” Jen says she thinks Eric is a floater…he asks is that how people perceive me?

Jen is saying a lot of “Yeahs”…and nodding her head and kind of laughing. She’s amused by all the attention, that everyone is talking about who she’s putting up and no one really knows. Eric says “if Nick gets HOH and wants to put me up and not go after someone who is a threat, he can…he’ll just make and ass of himself. Eric tells Jen and Kail that he trusts them and says “don’t trust what those crap artists are telling you (Nick, Joe, Dani and Dick). They really are coming after you. Whatever they tell you or whatever deals they try to make will be fake.” Jen says “Dick and Dani have something going on. I have walked in on them twice talking. They had to know about this (the enemy twist) before they got here.”

Amber talks to Nick about her date with Mike. Says Mike was shaking during the toast, because he’s in love with her and loves the way she talks and was amazed by her. Zach comes out and Nick says, “Did you hear Mike and Amber are dating?”

Eric believes Nick & Joe are the two choices for Jen to nom. Jen says she talked to Nick and she feels Nick could be lying, but she doesn’t think that. Eric is saying the other scenario is since one of Jen’s two targets can’t go this week there is still one left (Dick).

Eric, Kail want Dick to go home. Eric suggests putting up someone like Jessica to guarantee Dick goes home. At least she will get out one of her two nominees. Jen is just sitting there listening. Kail is sticking her two cents in saying that Joe doesn’t really bother her. Dick’s gotta go. Dicks gotta go.

Amber, Jameka, Dani in bedroom. Amber tells Jameka what she just told Nick about her convo with Jen last night. (That Nick hasn’t said anything bad about Jen ever.) Jameka says people feel like Amber is going to the other side. In her opinion. Amber tells Jameka that she threw the comp Saturday. Amber says she can’t win with Dick. He is never happy. Jameka tells her you have to play the game for yourself, not everyone will be content with the way you play the game.

Dani looking at the picture wall. Nick walks up and says something about their two pictures and the “babies we would make”…walks away. Dani trying to get his attention wants to talk.

Dustin and Amber. Amber says she couldn’t get that much out of Kail when she was handcuffed to her. Amber tells Dustin that Joe thinks she’s jumping to the other side. Dustin making the point that Joe is upstairs with Jen right now.

Joe and Jen alone in HOH. Jen flat out told Joe she is putting him up. Joe swearing that he’s a positive person (recalling her original nomination reasoning). Jen tells Joe that she will not be talked out of it; Joe asks for a reason, she says she doesn’t have to give a reason.

Nick, Dani and Jameka. Talking about the POV ceremony and how it works. Nick asks her if she has a speech. Dani says no and that she couldn’t sleep. Dani says she’s supposed to ask her dad why she should use it on him. Dani tells Jameka that she’s stressing out about what to say. Jameka tells her it’s because her heart and her head are conflicted. Nick comments that they said the POV ceremony would be in 90 minutes

Back in the HoH, Joe is still trying to push for Zach to go up. Jen’s not buying it. He says Zach will stay around for a while. Jen says she doesn’t care. Jen is just shutting him down with everything he says, isn’t wavering at all. Jen puts forth her theory that the person the house most doesn’t want to win HOH will always win. Therefore she thinks Kail will win next week. Joe calls that delusional.

Joe storms outside where Eric and Dick are talking. Joe is MAD. Joe says “Eric did she tell you? I’m going up!” then Blue Tunnel. Joe says he thinks Amber pushed for him really hard. Eric says he thinks so too. Asked Amber how close she and Jen were getting and Amber said she and Jen were only talking about cakes, and birthdays, etc.

Amber and Dani talk about the next HOH. Amber says one of them (their side) has to win it. It’s their turn. Dani thinks Zach might throw it again, thinks Mike isn’t that strong. Amber starts defending Mike, she’s not falling for him or anything she says, but he’s a good person. Dani says he’ll be the last of those 3 to go.

Nick, Joe, Eric, Dick outside. Joe is relaying about Jen telling him he’ll be nom’d, Dick doesn’t think so..thinks it will be Nick. Nick says he doesn’t think she’d say it if she didn’t mean it. Joe says that Jen told him no one really came to her about Zach. Dick says that she won’t put up Zach because he’s in her alliance. Joe said Jen told him straight out that he’s going up and that she wouldn’t give him a reason. Nick doesn’t think she’s kidding. Joe told her that if she wanted to make friends, she would’ve put Zach up. Jen told Joe that it’s their problem if they’re uncomfortable around Zach. Dick says that she won’t put up Zach since Jen is in an alliance with him.

The boys in the BY say they’ll play dodge ball today. Dick wants them to get a hippie drum circle together.

Joe talking to Amber about him being put up. Amber saying she doesn’t know, they’ll talk after the ceremony. Joe is walking around…seems tense.

Not long after, Joe tells Dustin about his nom. Dustin is curling his eyelashes. Dustin says Jen might be messing with Joe. Joe says no, he’s up because he messed up her and Nick. Dustin says they’ll have to wait and see. Joes is fixing his hair. Dustin leaves the bathroom.

Joe now telling Dani. He thinks he’ll get Dustin, Amber, Kail, and Mike’s votes to stay. Joe says “this is going to be a tough vote” Jess and Dani say nothing. Jess jokes, Did you hear that Dani really has a thing for Zach? They’re gonna hook up tonight. Dani: Yeah, I have this thing for ogres.

Mike telling Kail not to throw HOH if it’s between you and Nick. They were talking about if they still trust Nick and Mike said that he does, but not as much as he does Kail & Zach.

Dick and Kail chat. He asks how she’s doing on slop. She says she’s okay…is worried about Dani…says Dani has already lost 9 lbs this week. Dick gives advice – take vitamins…try to eat.

Joe talking to Jameka about nominations Jameka: if you don’t go this week you won’t go. Joe asks are you still gonna vote for me? Jameka says how can I say that. Joe: if you guys don’t vote for me, how are you gonna trust each other. Jameka says you only have 4 votes, no matter what anybody in that house tells you. The only way your not gonna go is if Dani doesn’t use the POV. Dick will go home if she doesn’t use it, and don’t stress. Joe leaves and Jameka says to Nick, ” I’m tryin to do everything I can not to out us. Joe will spill everything on his way out, I don’t want him to be shocked. Nick says Dani is freaking out, she wonders if she can trust him.

Joe is telling Dani that she would have the votes to stay. He wants her to not use the veto. She’s not committing to it.

Jen is telling Dustin about Joe in HOH. She’s relating their convo…how she said she didn’t need to give him a reason…Joe is the most manipulative person. Dustin agreeing. She says Joe going is definitely the best thing. Jen left the HOH…the camera zooms in on her HOH key still in the room.

Jen asking Amber if Dani would use veto on Dick. Amber says no way. Dustin, Dani, Jen & Zach in kitchen talking about their pictures on the memory wall
Jen is fishing talking to Daniele about her DR sessions.

Dani telling Jameka she can’t NOT use the POV. Dani told Jameka if I’m on the block I don’t have the votes, I’m going home. Jameka said use it. Jameka also explained that she just told Joe his only hope was for Dani not to use the veto to keep him calm. Dani asked Jameka why she would say that to Joe and make him mad at her for using the veto. Jameka said everyone knows you would use it and she was just concerned that Joe would start spilling about their alliance. She said that she said this to Joe in front of Nick to make sure Joe wouldn’t twist it around later.

1:00 PM
Lockdown in backyard. Everyone whining about not doing anything. Jameka “so now we know 90 BB minutes means double the time”. Dani talking about how production made sure it was clear that it was a veto MEETING, not ceremony. Dani nervous about her speech, still not sure what she’s going to say. She looks nervous about it. Amber is giving her things to say. Dani worried about Joe being pissed off at her and not Jen, if she uses the veto. Dani says she will use the veto “I’m not stupid!”

Dani called to the DR (applause erupts that BB is finally moving things along)
Joe to Nick “you should have stepped up for me dude” Nick says “sorry” Joe says “run in and grab her”

They’re trying to figure out who’s missing from the Lockdown… Nick says Carol. Dick says she’s trying to beg for her spot back on dancing squad. Talking about her replacement, and she’ll probably be allowed to be an alternate.

Everyone still on lockdown outside, talking about all the ants and spiders outside, Jen says there are lots of spiders inside too. About 1:30 we get Trivia on the feeds while the POV Meeting takes place.

2:30 PM
After an hour the feeds return and we learn that Dani used the Veto and Joe is the replacement nominee. Joe tells Dani he doesn’t hold it against her (her using the veto). Joe says it will still be a close vote. He says he understands…she doesn’t want to be the next Marcellas.

Kail is telling Dani how good she is…is so strong… won 2 POVs, been on slop for 2 weeks, has been through so much with her dad. You are good girl!
Dani says Jen’s reasons for noming her and her dad…saying they’re the same is completely wrong. Dani says she’s different from everyone in her family…doesn’t fit in at all…and she’s proud of that.

Kail: Your dad asked me, do you think I’m a rotten dad, I said I don’t know but I have been thinkin about it and he did something right, he left you with your grandparents.

(Joe walks in asked if he could steal Kail for a second)

Kail & Joe talking upstairs outside the HOH. Joe says Jens reasoning was people think I’m negative.

Kail says: I don’t see it, I don’t know if its cuz we don’t hang around each other or what. Joe wants to know who are these people that think he’s negative. Kail says she did not have an input in this with Jen, if she did it would not have gone down this way.

Joe: “I know I know, I just wanted to thank you, (he hugs her). Everyone says I’m happy & funny.”

Nick, Jameka, Amber outside. Nick says Joe is going home, he doesn’t have enough votes.

Kail comes up to HOH. Kail is pushing Mike to work to vote out Dick. Mike admits he doesn’t trust Dick. Kail says Mike, her, Nick, maybe Eric will vote Dick out. Mike says he’ll ask around. They agree Amber/Dustin and Zach want Joe to go. Kail says she can get Zach to go with the group. Mike said through the grapevine he heard that if Dick won HOH he’d nominate Zach. Mike told Zach this but Zach didn’t want to believe it was true. Kail says Joe wants to stay more so Joe might be more willing to make deals. Kail said Dick is confident he’ll stay and won’t bargain. Mike says he definitely feels threatened by both of them Mike says he doesn’t trust Dick or Joe so he’s in a pickle. Mike doesn’t think people have really aligned with Joe and that he’s a target to get out. Kail thinks she can talk to Dani about Dick being evicted. Mike says if Dani was ever nominated, Dick is a vote for her to stay. Mike says Nick doesn’t want to stand out with his votes but eventually that needs to break because the alliance needs to vote the right people out. Kail says Dani might vote Dick out to lose all the attention on her.

Jen enters. Discussion changes to the ceremony and people’s reactions.
Jen tells Kail that Joe would be better to leave. “You guys don’t know how manipulative he is.” Kail says if Joe stays, he’s a target. Kail says no one will nominate Dick and that’s the thing. Kail says a girl would never go through what Jen did with Dick berating her. Jen says Dick only hates her. Kail says don’t be so sure. Kail says if Dick wins HOH, he’s nominating Jen and either Kail or Mike. Jen tells Kail that Joe wouldn’t nominate Dustin — instead would nominate Kail, Nick or Mike. Jen says Joe never told her this but she can tell. Kail says she might need to cash in on a favor Dick owes him. Jen tells them that she can’t save Zach, that he annoys everyone and Jen tries to tell him not to do things like be touchy feely, to chill out, and to not tell stories that take a long time. Kail says she doesn’t get that from Zach at all. Mike agrees with Jen. They agree Dick wouldn’t nominate Amber, Dustin, Dani or Nick. Not Eric or Jameka either. Jen says Dick and Dani talk a lot in secret. She says “I don’t care how good of actors they are, they are *not* enemies.” Kail thinks Jessica and Dick are close. Mike thinks they struck a deal, Jessica/Dustin/Dick. Jen, Mike and Kail Jen said she talked to Nick and he won’t put up Kail and Mike. Mike asked Jen if Nick gave her any reason for not putting up Kail and Mike. Jen lies and says, “No, not any like real reasons that mean anything, reasons. You know?” Jen says Eric tells her everything. Kail says Eric tells everyone everything. Kail asks if she’s safe with Eric and Jen says, “We’re all safe with Eric and he says in the next couple of weeks we’re going to have to be allianced together.” Jen says she feels very safe with Jessica too. Kail says Jessica could put anyone up. Jen is very happy that it’s a split-vote week (potentially), so they have to still be nice to her since her vote could count.

Nick to Dani saying Jen is not a part of Mrs. Robinson alliance and she is going solo.

Joe Amber and Jameka in BY. Joe asking Amber about her vote, and she is telling him that her vote has to go to Dick. Jameka did ask if she should leave so they can talk. They said she didn’t have to go. Amber laying it out for Joe. Lets him know her vote will be for Dick. She loves Dick even though he can be an ***hole. She just wants to be honest that she wont be voting to keep Joe

Joe asks Amber if she campaigned for him to go up. Amber says no I brought up someone else when she brought up Nick. I said no Jen please don’t and when she brought up you I just didn’t say anything. Joe explains his and Dustin’s back story. Says he told Dustin he knew Dustin cheated 2 weeks before they broke up cause Dustin’s Best friend told him so. Joe went to all of Dustin’s friends and told them and they watched him be an ass for 2 weeks lying about it and that’s why he lost all his friends.

Jen, Mike and Kail. Kail said Joe came to talk to her right away “initial conversation to let me know he would ask for my vote later.” Jen and Mike both say to NOT believe anything Joe says. Kail says she doesn’t get that from him. She says “I’ll take your words for it, since I don’t’ see that stuff.” Jen isexcited to get rid of a smoker. Jen says again that if Dani wasn’t here she really does feel like Nick and Jen would be closer. So, Dani is still a target for her.

Jen: “Amber is tough, I just couldn’t put her up. She has so many close ties to too many people.”

Kail, Mike and Jen think it’s a good idea to throw HOH to Zach if at all possible. Say Zach would put up Jameka and Daniel.

Mike asks Jen who would put him up. Jen says Joe would put Mike up. Kail asks who Jessica would put up. Mike says Jen was the wild card, no one knew what she would do as HOH. Says Jessica is the same way, no one knows what she would do. Jen says Nick would NOT be upset if Daniele went home, Kail catches herself since she was the one who said Nick would be upset if Dani went home.
Kail says, “Okay, then Amber and Dustin” they would be upset if either was put up. Jen is wondering who to bring into her alliance with Mike and Kail.

Jen: So if this is like too small, is there anyone to bring in who won’t feel like they’re on the outs?

Mike: You said, maybe Eric?

Jen: Yes, but if he’s the fourth, would he feel like he would take one of us out to not be on the outside? Jen says he’s a good benefit. Mike says he’d be more of a benefit if Jessica was gone. Jen disagrees. Mike explains that Eric might not want to call himself out on a group vote with Mike/Kail/Jen if he still has ties with Jess. Jen thinks Eric is closer to “us” than Jess. Jen says “I don’t think he’s ever planning on winning HOH unless it’s mandatory”. Jen tells Kail she’d be safe with Eric without a doubt. Kail says Eric had her fooled, she thought Eric was really worried about going on the block. Jen says, ‘He’s really good. He was never worried. Not one bit.” Kail is so surprised and says he’s really good then.

Jen says she was on Wheel of Fortune and won $9K, which she says was a ton of money for her. She was poor.

4:00 PM
Eric and Jess in the hammock. Jess telling Eric that Joe considers him the deciding vote. Eric is of the opinion that you only get so many chances at certain people and you have to take those chances when you can.

Kail and Danielle in the bathroom, Kail says Dick asked her not to nom Daniele when she (Kail) was HOH so that he could have another week with her (Daniele). Then when she didn’t he (Dick) kissed her on the cheek and said thank you. I owe you one.

Danielle talking to Amber Telling her that Kail is scared right now … Amber says its Mike and Kail up next week. Kail tells Dani she is scared to keep Dick if he is going to come after her next week. Dani immediately tells Amber about this. She plans to tell Dick to nominate Mike and Zach or Jen and one of them to keep his word to not go after Kail for not putting Dani up. Kail was trying to set up the convo with Dani that she’d be better off without her dad in the house, emotionally.

Dick to Jess– I honestly do like Joe. Jess- yeah I think everyone does except for Jen. Then Dick starts talking about how honest he is and his convo with Jen. Dick saying if he were to get HOH next week he would like Kail and Jen up… Jess thinks Kail would go because they all think Jen is dumb. Dick says that Kail told him that Danielle has lost 9 pounds. Kail is trying to distract me with Dani’s weight.

5:15 PM
Joe counting votes 1 Kail 2 Dustin 3 Mike 4 Zach 5 Eric

Jameka says don’t count on Zach, says Eric is 100% swing.

Jameka saying he needs three votes and he says he has Kail. He’s shooting for Dustin Mike and Kail. Jameka is telling him no way he gets Dustin. Basically saying he’s gone. Jameka and Nick saying Zach doesn’t count cause they don’t trust it and don’t trust Eric. Joe says then I cant get your vote if you want three and wont accept swing votes and they quickly back peddle that’s not true. Says people are voting for him on things he’s done not that they have done. Joe says in whiney voice I need your help and then BB keeps calling out that Nick doesn’t have his mic on and Jameka is obstructing hers. Joe says whole game is stacked against him and now BB is selling out his convos.

Dick asked Jess am I being way over confident and Jess says no you know your staying. Dick- yeah but you see it flipped all the time. Jess- yeah but your staying. Dick – Bottom line is you can’t trust Joe. Everyone knows that. Jess- Yeah even I know that and I’m friends with him.

Eric calling out Jameka and Dani as alliance to Jen. Says with all the whispering and Dani getting yelled at a lot for mic obstruction, points out that they are an alliance always trying to be sneaky. At same time BB asks Jameka and Dani to raise mics (ed. gotta love it).

Jen claims it is very sad Dani doesn’t have Nick. He doesn’t have her back. Both Nick and Amber confirmed this. They claim she will go home and be so upset cause she thinks she has Nick.

Dick says I always shower during ShowToo show and Jess says so everyone knows you do shower?

Dustin telling Kail that ever since Joe is on block, Dustin is way more at ease. Kail asks so you want him to go? Dustin– Oh yeah he just makes me feel very uncomfortable. I just think it’s like a weight has been lifted now. Kail–how many votes does Dick need 5-5. Dustin- then Jen would break tie. Kail- so 6. Dustin– yeah yeah. Kail- so here’s 3 pointing to her, Dustin and Amber.

Eric went to brush teeth so he could whisper with Jess. His breath was rank. She says she doesn’t care, as soon as he gets up people will come over. Sure enough as soon as he gets up, Dick says oh you’re all alone; I’ll come keep you company and then comes over and threatens to tickle her. She says no tickling.

Dick and Kail move to hammock. Dick talking about Jen saying that her reign is about over and she has no power over anyone. Kail tells Dick she is voting for him to stay. Says that she was just concerned that he was gonna put her up if he gets HOH. Dick just said that Mike/Kail were much more of a threat then Jen. Telling Kail that she is too closed mouthed and that she has messed up by making it obvious that she is with Jen and Mike. She has made herself a huge target. Dick saying he has heard that he is Kail’s big target. She says only because she heard that he was going to put her up. She says that since she knows she is safe with him now, she has no reason to go after him. Both Dick and Kail say they don’t want HOH. Dick telling Kail that she doesn’t have the numbers to mess with him. Says that he and others have talked about going after her. Told her since she is on slop he doesn’t see her as a threat in the next HOH competition.

7:30 PM – The HGs have been going non-stop and they’re just getting warmed up

Amber and Dustin thinking they will make the final two. Dustin thinks Amber will win. “How could anyone not vote for you, Amber?” Amber talking about how chairs of jury are set out and finalists, her and him or her and someone else will sit off to side. She keeps asking Dustin to come live with her. He says no way I’m moving to Vegas so she says maybe she’ll move to Chicago.

Dick talking about past seasons and who was the hottest. He thought Erica and Lisa were the hottest.

Jen just told Jess that Amber offered to go up as pawn to get Dick out

Ab class for Amber Dustin and Jess commences.

Dick just told Zack he dated Jerri from Survivor – they’re still really good friends though. Daniele LOVED Jerri and was mad at Dick when they broke up – she kept saying to him “Something’s wrong with you. What is wrong with you?

Brief Kail and Zach talk. She tells him that the others know he’s part of the Robinson alliance. But think he’s the 4th wheel. He says he knows. She says he needs to spend more time with others…stay away from Mike…she says she needs to stay away from Mike too. They need to just spend time with other HGs. Kail keeps saying Zach needs to win HOH. He says he knows.

Kail has tried three years in a row to get on this show and Dustin wonders if she will hold it against him that he didn’t apply in the future

Amber and Nick…in by hammock a long time… Nick telling her about being in the Mrs. Robinson alliance and that he was approached by Zach the minute they walked in the door. Said that if he gets HoH, he will put up Zach and Kail and if one of them got POV he would put up Mike. That of all of them he would rather keep Mike. He gets along with him the best. Saying Kail is shady. Said Zach asked where his allegiance lies. Because of hanging around with Danielle, said he said to tell Kail not to freak out because she was the one who told him to be the silent partner. Amber asks if Nick knew she was going up the first week he said yes he did. He claimed earlier that he was the reason she stayed because everyone wanted to keep Carol and he said that Amber had the votes so they changed their votes. Amber asked if he likes Jen… Nick says he hates her that she is oblivious, she talks like I am rich and he just wants to shoot himself in the head. Nick says he doesn’t want the money, that he wants a good person to win it. Either Amber or Jameka… that they have good plans for the games. He doesn’t think Dani really needs the money, she is young pretty girl. He said there are some that deserve the money he would rather Amber or Jameka win it. Amber asks about her crying and if Mrs. R talks about it. He said he hasn’t talked to them for a week. Nick said he is going to start back up with Danielle now that Joe is on the block and he is safe from Jen. Talking how Jen thinks he is part of the alliance with Mrs. R. Nick laying it on thick saying he wants Amber to win it. Nick wants to be seen as “the noble lad who is going to look out for people”. He wants to mess up some people and get them out of here. Nick says he is going to end Kail.

Dick: Isn’t it so cool that we’re part of this (BB) now and people are talking about us right now. Now the BY group (Dick Joe, Zach, Eric, Jen) are talking about Julie Chen, wondering if she gets annoyed by them talking crap on her. Jen says she doesn’t have time to watch feeds. Eric says she just shows up 30 minutes before the show.

Now they’ve moved to making a drum circle with slop buckets. It didn’t last all that long but they did appear to have fun.

Amber asks how you can not want to win it. Nick says we grew up on the lake and were poor for awhile, but then grandma died, and left us a ton of money. I plan on building a house on our property in Minnesota, eventually I want to marry have some kids… teach, coach… I don’t want to have some girl rock up in my life and say hey you are that dude from BB and I wanna get with you. I know you have a daughter and you had to make the changes. You rock my world, you are just like my sister, so much like my sister, I can look out for you. Amber says so basically it is me and Jameka you are looking out for.
Nick… yea if I can help by pulling the heat off of you on to me I will. Amber says Dani was questioning Nick and his role in the house whether he wants to really not win. Nick says yea she has trust issues, I have been testing people. Amber “you have been testing me?” Nick “no not really, you could tell when we hugged you just know when people are real”. Amber. “Just make sure you don’t drift away from Zach.” Nick says oh yea, you got a ride it out… until they tell me to do something I don’t want to do and they figure it out. Amber tells him “I totally believe you but now I have these doubts running through my head… I can totally see where Dani is coming from now.”

10:00 PM
Nick and Amber show no signs of stopping yet
Nick says you can trust me, I will try to put you Dani and Jameka in the final three and I will take the heat and you will see it. Tells about how he wants to be the guy to mess up people. Joe is too much; it was going to get to get confrontational. Amber asks if he told Joe he is voting for Dick right? Nick says no, I didn’t. He thinks he has my vote. Amber asks “do you want me to have Dustin tell Joe?” Nick says just leave it open ended. Amber asks so what should Dustin Tell him? Nick says “Just say, I don’t have an answer for you, this campaigning stuff isn’t going to help you,” Joe told Nick to tell Dani not to use POV. Amber, “I told you what Kail said to me yesterday in the DR. She said I totally need her. That is why she picked her (to be handcuffed) Amber was going to pick Dustin until Jameka told her to pick Kail. Amber says Kail told her “you need me, you are too emotional, and you think from your heart, you are not smart enough. Nick thinks she is stupid, her sitting up in the HoH. That is not how to start out the week. I knew I was going to be the guy doing the stuff and messes around with people in the house, you already don’t have me (in regards to Kail) who are you to me… you are nobody to me.

10:30 PM
Nick and Zach move to the Coffee cup. Zach asking about targets. Nick said there has been talk about Kail and Zach. Zach says we have four chances for HOH. I don’t have any idea who to put up. Nick thinks Jessica and Eric. Zach says Daniele stills scares me. Nick thinks that wouldn’t be good for him because nobody would trust him. Zach says she is really the only one I am worried about. She will come after me. Dick wants Mike and Kail up.100%… we need to watch out and stay away from that…Joe is probably out for sure…I need more time with you so I can get the target off me. Dick is kind of giving me the idea that he wants to align with me. But there is the whole thing with Dani. The three minute rule. (Zack has observed that Dani will get up and leave within three minutes if Zack is in the same room with her). I need to be with your group more. Nick says the vote is done, Joe goes. Zach says the other thing that bothers me is Kail doesn’t use discretion at all. She just ‘hey’s it out. Nick knows. Zach says “I want to keep the four of us tight but if she keeps giving and dishing things, then it could get ugly if she isn’t smart about it. I gotta talk to Mike about this but she divulged some information about all of us to Amber last night. Nick asks about Jen, is she a part of us? Zach says she is our easy out when we need it, she doesn’t have anywhere to go and it is better to have her on our side then theirs. If we get HoH next week we control the house because we have four votes. Then we just ride it out.. Dick comes over and spins the cup and the guys pour out… so to speak.

Joe and Dustin talk in the hammock. Joe wants Dustin’s vote, but says he will find out where the votes are 1st, so Dustin won’t be put out there. Joe’s talking about the past…Dustin possibly cheating…Dustin still denying it.
Joe says his strength is indirect lying…Dustin’s is direct lying. (Dustin doesn’t look thrilled by this convo). Joe is rehashing relationship stuff…how much he cared for Dust, but how he set traps for Dustin a lot. Joe says that Dust has lied to him inside and outside the house…he has to set traps to try to catch Dust because he’s so damn good at it. Joe wishes the 6 had united…wishes Dust had trusted him. Joe saying you know how bad I want this and want to be here.

Dustin says I walked out on you a year ago because of your manipulation, your indirect lies…you’re doing the same thing that you were doing then right now…setting traps.

Joe says I need honesty from you because there is a realistic chance I could stay. Much like Carol’s vote, it took one person to back down and all her votes broke down. I need you to tell other people that “yes you are genuinely voting for Joe to stay”. I need your vote and one other. Maybe I could make a deal with Zach. Thing is I have four guaranteed, if I can get the votes. But if I can’t get the votes I have told them to not vote for me…I will get back to you but I am going to have the person (vote) so you don’t stick out. My whole thing here is you are never going to trust me unless I tell you everything. I have never lied directly to your face. I have never lied about situation. I have been dishonest in setting up traps for you in past relationships and in the house. I know you were one of the ones who told Jen to put me up.

Dustin “no. Jen came to me”.

Joe, “yes but you didn’t tell her to not put me up.”
Dustin, “but that was the second time she came up to me. I told her if you put Nick up you are creating more negativity towards yourself. She said just know if I put Nick up Nick will go home and I don’t want to put Joe up. We pushed the Zach issue.”

Joe says I am where I am because of Amber and you. I would appreciate honesty from you, don’t pussyfoot around this. You are not me, you are not the master of being able to spin things how you want them to be. I am the master of indirect lies you are the master of direct lies. I knew two weeks before you told me that you had cheated. I knew at the canoe race.
Dustin, “but that wasn’t a lie that was the truth…”

Joe, “I knew multiple weeks ahead of time. I did that so everyone could watch you bold face lie to me. That is how I had people want to know you bold faced lied to me. I waited specifically until you were on vacation so it would ruin your vacation. There is no time in our relationship that I ever did anything like you. I spent all my time before that trying to help you.”
Dustin, “I didn’t make Nate lie to you.”

Joe says the thing is I have caught you lie… you will lie until I catch you and it puts me in a difficult position because I don’t want to have to figure out ways to put you in situation to trap you. I don’t want to be there. The only way for us to survive would have been for the six of us to unite. I have been trying to make it so you do trust me… I wanted to set it up so we have each other to run to in the future when our alliances started to fall apart. You know how bad I want to be here, you know how important this is to me. Even though you know how I have set things against you. Other than Jen I never pushed anyone to put you up. In the same regards I was thinking you were in the same place. That you did that to save face with Jen rather than really wanting me gone. Do you want to ask me about anything right now? The only way I can get you to trust me is to just answer you honestly… even though it tears me down. Even though it gives you the ability to maybe dislike me more…all I am asking for is you in this game.

Dustin replies you went about it the wrong way. I walked out on you a year ago because of your powers of manipulation and your indirect lies. again we are in a situation where you did the same thing and it didn’t work again.. Why would you do it again… right now at this moment you set a trap for me. You know that that situation has not worked in the past why would you do it again… you have not been open and honest in this house. You had four days to be open and honest with me… it was on the third day that Jen approached me. It was on that third day that I decided to say vote Joe. You had the choice to be honest and you did not choose to do that.

This goes on for an incredibly long time with Joe working every possible angle he can think of and then tries them all again sideways and backwards and it comes down to this:

Joe says “All I have for you is honesty. You know how much this means to me…please…I really want this. (he sounds like he might start crying)”
Dustin responds that in the beginning, he came into this game with the idea of seeing Joe in a new light…seeing him as just another HG. But you (Joe) have not changed. You are not worth my vote. You will not be getting my vote to stay. You are not the person I was in love with 2 years ago.

Eventually Joe becomes bitter and really tries to tear Dustin down verbally. Dustin counters him at every turn. It was truly exhausting to watch.

While all that was taking place, another closely watched exchange was taking place. Nick and Daniele went to bed. There was much movement under the covers causing much speculation in the Discussion Forum on what may have been going on. From my little quad screen I did not see anything conclusive other then some probable caressing. Media Forum has the video if you want to make up your own mind.

Shortly before midnight Dustin joins the others in the BY and Joe goes to get a pack of cigarettes before coming back out.

They bring up Eric crawling into Joe’s bed again. Eric asks why he would do that. Joe asks if he sleepwalks. Eric says he doesn’t. Dustin says its weird his head was nuzzling towards the bottom half of Joes body. Eric asks why he wouldn’t have gone on Jess’s side if it was really him.

Joe briefly tells Nick about his convo with Dustin.

Nick & Dani in SR. Dani asks what they’re all doing outside. Nick says he’s going to bed b/c there’s certain people he doesn’t want to be around Dani asks who. Nick says Jen. and that’s it. He’s cool with everyone else. He’s going to bed. He touches her like they’re together and says “Then we can go back to being us” and laughs and stops.

After silence, he comes over and hugs her. She’s drinking water. They start to leave and it looks like he bit her ear or something because his head got close and she went “ew!”

They’re now in the bedroom going to bed

Outside Jen said she ranks #2 on Google if you type “hot bikini model.”

Joe is talking to Jessica in the hot tub. Dustin is at the patio and yells across the yard, “Hey Joe, are you talking about me in front of my face!?” I missed whether Joe said he was or wasn’t but he said “Thanks for calling me out, real mature.” Joe turns to Jessica, “Okay, anyway” and resumes.

Joe telling Jessica in the hot tub he thinks he can get Eric’s vote

Midnight through Closing
Jess and Joe are totally facing each other talking without the curtain up as they shower. They must had their suits on, but they look like they could be naked. Definitely hamming it up for us. They end the shower. Jessica says it was fun. Joe says he “enjoyed his female anatomy lesson.”

Jess was talking about Chernobyl and insisted it is in GERMANY but Dick and Joe corrected her and told her it was Russia. She doesn’t believe them and made a bet with Dick.

Daniele says some of the questions BB asked on the application were ‘what were your kinkiest sex positions’. She left them blank.

Dick, Joe, Dani and Jess tried to put the bunnies and deer in the house by the door on top of each other, and got yelled at by BB. They had to take them back outside and Dick could be heard saying, “is that okay”, and BB said “thanks Dick”.

They put a cigarette in the deer mouth and a slop bucket under the deer rear. They are still working on making it look even funnier. Putting beer cans on it.

Jess went to bed, everyone else admiring the deer and bunnies scene they staged.

Jess came back out and put an empty condom box on the deer rear.
Camera shows the deer with the bunnies on top, one is “doing” the other.

Joe talking about how Amber/Dustin aren’t voting to keep him.

Dick telling Dani that Amber is too close to Dustin and that he doesn’t trust Dustin (that he is a drama queen). Dani agreed that she doesn’t trust Dustin. Then he adds that he’ll have to get Dustin out after Kail, Zach and Jen. Dick said that he thinks they (he and Dani) could have a lot of influence over who Eric nominates if he gets HOH.

Dani says how stupid it is that Amber and Dustin say they’re not an alliance, but they stand behind each other 110%. It doesn’t make sense.

Dani talking about how Joe has deals with everyone. Dick got up to go pee, but forgot to turn off his mic. We get audio sheeez!

Dani telling Dick how hard it was using the veto knowing someone was going up that the others don’t realize how hard it was.

Dick and Dani now talking about what their family is probably thinking seeing them both on the block.

Dick just told Dani… I do love you very much. She said “yeh”

Dick by himself now was doing laundry and moves to washing dishes. Everyone else in bed. He goes outside to smoke, talking to himself. Sounds like he can’t trust his own daughter anymore. Dick said Jen should go first and that Daniele wants Kail gone first.

Dick says Amber thinks she and Dustin are Will and Boogie. He says I don’t believe Will and Boogie cried for 2 days when they were put on block or had to play POV. What the hell was that?! Sorry Amber you’re no Will and Boogie.
Says he doesn’t trust Dustin at all. Says he wants Kail out. Talking about a bat flying over. Asks why he can’t have pen and paper. He says he’s going to put Joe aside and tell him not to mess his game up.

Dick says no matter who gets HOH next week he is NOT going up. “I think I’m safe for 2-3 weeks”. Talking about how he’s not sleeping but he’s doing alright, just has to be careful as lack of sleep makes him edgy.

Says that Jens gotta go. Says put Jen up on block, put Mike up as pawn. Says “sorry buddy” had to be someone. Then if someone comes off, Kail goes up, bust the ring up.

Ah here comes the sun. No more of these group things. Amber has a big mouth. She has no game. Oh “I have Jen” no way she has her”

Dick says _-who tells the new HOH to go **** themselves and gets off block (all proud of himself). Saying that Dani doesn’t appreciate anything (or very little) of what he does for her in this game. He goes to bed at 5:53 AM.

Credit: Joker’s Updates

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