Remote Destination – Emmy Nomination Thoughts

The Emmy Nominations have been announced. And my emotions have run from overjoyed to pleasantly surprised to bewildered. Let’s check it out, shall we?

Art Direction for a Single-Camera Series – I’m really glad that two of my favorite cancelled shows, Deadwood and Rome got nods here as they certainly deserved them.

Casting for a Comedy Series30 Rock and Weeds are two of the shows that absolutely slay me week in and out, so naturally I’m pumped to see them nominated. I’m also pretty glad to see Entourage here too.

Casting for a Drama SeriesGrey’s Anatomy and Studio 60 from the Sunset Strip always impressed me with the casting choices so I completely agree with them getting nods here.

Cinematography for a Single-Camera Series – I heartedly agree with Rome, Deadwood and Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip being nominated in this category. I was always impressed with the cinematography on all three. If I’ve got a favorite it’s probably going to be Deadwood.

Cinematography for Nonfiction Programming – I’m really surprised that I actually care about this category, but I really do. Deadliest Catch is just an amazing show. This American Life is so great and it’s simple perfection. I really marvel at it. When the Levees Broke was probably the most powerful of the bunch, but they are all worthy in my eyes.

Costumes for a Series – Wow, my two favorite historical dramas, Deadwood and Rome are represented here? Go figure! I really want to go with the former, but I really can’t appreciate the nuance that went into the show. Rome’s costume are more obvious, so I’m kind of leaning that way.

Directing for a Comedy Series – I’m honestly a fan of everything nominated except Ugly Betty and that’s only because I don’t watch it. That said, I’m probably rooting for 30 Rock as it’s I’m currently in love with the show.

Directing for a Drama Series – I can accept Lost and I’ll be rooting for Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, but I’m really irked that Boston Legal was nominated. Sure it incorporated a failed pilot by Will Shatner, but it wasn’t that impressive a feat. This is the first category that’s got something nominated that has me scratching my head.

Directing for Nonfiction ProgrammingThis American Life vs When the Levees Broke. I loved what Spike Lee did with the latter, but the former is just so perfect. I’m really torn.

Single-Camera Picture Editing for a Drama Series – Yes! Dexter scores it’s first nomination, and it’s completely earned it. I love the editing on Dexter. Plus it’s the only show nominated that I could be considered a fan of.

Single-Camera Picture Editing for a Comedy Series – Yeah Weeds! Two nominations. How can I not support the show that I consider the most perfect half hour on televisionâ„¢?

Picture Editing for Nonfiction ProgrammingDeadliest Catch is going up against When the Levees Broke I’m really rooting for the latter.

Main Title Design – As happy as I am that Dexter is nominated here, I’m really happy that Hu$tle is nominated. Both have great opening titles. It’s really hard for me to say which one I enjoy more. It would be really cool if Hu$tle won, but I think I’m rooting for Dexter.

Makeup for a Series (Non-Prosthetic) – It’s another historical drama showdown! Rome vs Deadwood (at least in my eyes). I’m really torn. They both did some great things with makeup. Yeah, I can’t call it.

Music Composition for a Series (Original Dramatic Score)Rome is the only one of my faves nominated.

Original Music and LyricsSNL and Scrubs. I’d love for SNL to win, if only to hear the presenters say “Dick in a Box”, but I’m rooting for Scrubs to win for one of the two songs in the running.

Original Main Title Theme Music – Ooh, it’s Dexter vs Hu$tle again! This time with a side of 30 Rock. I’ve got to say that I like Hu$tle’s theme the most.

Lead Actor in a Comedy Series – I can’t complain about any of the noms, but I’m certainly rooting for Alec Baldwin.

Lead Actor in a Drama Series – I’m going for Denis Leary here, but I’ve got to question why James Spader and Kiefer Sutherland are even invited to this party? Is there any real depth to the characters? Yeah, I dig Spader playing smug, but I’d hardly say it’s worth of an Emmy. And who doesn’t love hearing Kiefer yell “GET DOWN!!”, but again, it’s not really that impressive a feat.

Lead Actress in a Comedy Series – This is a tough category. I love Tina Fey. That scar is almost as sexy as her wit. And I love her performance. But Mary-Louise Parker blows me over not just for her comedy but her drama.

Lead Actress in a Drama Series – I’m pumped to see Minnie Driver get recognized for The Riches. She was one of the highlights on that rather enjoyable program.

Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series – I’m not going to lie; until recently Jeremy Piven hadn’t impressed me much this season on Entourage. But I don’t really know if Kevin Dillon belongs here. Yeah, he supports, but his comedy is usually broad and almost sitcom level. I’m going for Rainn Wilson.

Supporting Actor in a Drama Series – I’m rooting for Michael Emerson, but I’m questioning why William Shatner is here. Much like his lead actor nominated costar, he’s pretty much a one note character that amuses but grows old. Boo.

Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series – Elizabeth Perkins should get the award if only for her “be my friend” tirade.

Supporting Actress in a Drama Series – I’ve got to go for Chandra Wilson here, as she did little other than support this season.

Guest Actor in a Comedy Series – Wow, this is a loaded one. I was a huge fan of Martin Landau ‘s work in Entourage. It was hilarious and heartbreaking. He’s got my vote.

Guest Actor in a Drama Series – I’m really perplexed by John Goodman and Eli Wallach being nominated. I suppose Goodman did a good job and Wallach did too. But they just didn’t knock my socks off.

Guest Actress in a Drama Series – Um, Jean Smart went nuts. I guess it was cool. But I’m really a sucker for Elizabeth Reaser’s role on Grey’s Anatomy. She blew me away.

Comedy Series – I’m really pumped to see 30 Rock nominated. That’s the show I want to win.

Drama Series – I’ve got no horse in this race. But it perfectly helps me segue into my rant.

Where is The Wire?

I looked all over those nominations and I found nothing even related to The Wire. I mean Deadwood, Rome and The Sporanos are all on HBO which also home for The Wife, but that’s some six degrees type logic.

I refuse to believe that William Shatner or James Spader had a better performance than Tristian Wilds (Michael), Maestro Harrell (Randy), Andre Royo (Bubbles) or J.D. Williams (Bodie). That’s garbage. Alan Shore and Denny Crane don’t have any degree of complexity and barely any nuance, yet William Shatner and James Spader get accolades for their portrayal. It’s frustrating.

And having Boston Legal get nominated over The Wire just shows how idiotic the voters are. Boston Legal (and Grey’s Anatomy for that matter) is entertaining, but it’s far from great. It’s far from the television excellence that that Emmy’s are supposed to honor.

The Wire has near universal praise and paradoxically has been nearly universally snubbed the Emmy’s.

I cannot wrap my head around that.

I’m so frustrated. I’m going to end this column.