In Hindsight: On The Lot – Episode 12

I have to say, I’m amazed that the show has lasted 12 episodes. Fox has cancelled better shows with better ratings in the past. Could it be that they don’t have a bunch of low-budget reality shows in the can to replace it? And it’s not that I’m truly upset about it (since the filmmakers are, mostly, pretty darn good), but at the end of the day the low ratings mean that being in this competition will merely be a footnote on the filmmakers’ CVs, and nothing more.

Adrianna “Costa” is clearly looking for a Tony Parker. Hey, I hear Jose Calderon is available. He’s Spanish, but I’m sure he’ll do.

This week’s theme is “comedies with a hint of romance”, which roughly translated means that none of these guys knew how to make a Chick Flick.

Now, let us take you back to the Rock StarOn the Lot mansion where Kenny and Mateen are sent home. I’m pretty surprised about Mateen leaving, as his film was pretty good. Sam, apparently, just squeezed by. And now, we’re left with six white males in the competition. I have no idea what this means.

Here’s the judges, and they’re… pretending to snog? I did not need to see that. Joining them is Brad Silberling, director of Lemony Snicket (Adrianna’s words, not mine. The actual title is Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events) and City of Angels, neither of which I’ve seen or care about.

Movie time!

Zach Lipovsky‘s film is The Bonus Feature, and it’s basically an homage to a bunch of films. Unlike most of the other films, it does feature something of a story wrapped around a guy and a girl, but really, it’s all about the homages, and those are done well. Naturally, the references are to Spielberg (or Friends of Spielberg) movies, but I suppose that’s neither here nor there. Oh, and Erin “Time Force Pink” Cahill was in this one, lending another bit of irony (unintended, I’m sure) to the whole sci-fi thing.

Carrie – I felt that this was more a ride than a film. Incredible visually, but I want more from you in terms of story.
Brad – You’re a tremendous skill set in search of your inner storyteller. We need to marry you to a good storyteller.
Gary – I wasn’t sure it was an homage or you were sucking up to Spielberg.

Well, apparently whoever wins this competition will have Jerry O’Connell in the film. No doubt you’ll have to find a role for a real life Drama – Jerry’s brother Charlie – in the flick as well.

Adam Stein leaves the special effects behind with Girl Trouble, and it’s… funny-weird (bordering on creepy), with a twist at the end you see way before the reveal. The interactions between the actors are great, and the whole thing works as a comedy.

Carrie – I liked that very much. I did not see Susan coming. Happy birthday and congratulations.
Brad – I felt that some of the choices were a little over the top. Great effort.
Gary – I thought it was an interesting take on romance, but I felt that it was a skit on Saturday Night Live. Let’s do an Adam film next time, I think I’ll like it.

Will Bigham works with puppeteers in his film Unplugged, a love story between two desklamps, which mirrors the interest between two cubicle dwellers. It’s definitely a cute story with a nice payoff, and probably stays closest to the idea of romantic comedy.

Carrie – It’s lovely, it’s charming, who can make you care about lamps like you? I still just hope from you some dialogue.
Brad – I love that you’re trying to put Pixar out of business. You got incredible expressiveness from all these inanimate objects.
Gary – I thought that was a terrific thing. It was charming.

Andrew Hunt tries superheroes in Keep Off Grass. I didn’t really get this one. Basically it’s a heroic couple arguing and then destroying a garden while making love. Not very interesting in my book.

Carrie – I think it may have been too ambitious.
Brad – As an original idea it’s fantastic. It’s a very smart piece of imagination.
Gary – It had a couple of problems but I loved it.

Sam Friedlander has the battle of the sexes in American Hoe, about a couple arguing over the stamps for their wedding invites. Clearly, these are people that need advice from MMA Legend Don Frye. Anyways the movie shows that no matter what you do, you simply can’t make stamps funny or interesting. Even the payoff doesn’t work for me.

Carrie – I thought it was cute. I think you’ve gotta dial it up a bit more.
Brad – The biggest trap is that you’ve gotta give your characters a place to go. I felt uncomfortable.
Gary – I didn’t think these two people should get married.

The pimp spot belongs to Jason Epperson acts in his film Old Home Boyz, which is about a 50th anniversary high school reunion and… a dance off. This was just fun to watch, and I loved the Cold Case-style flashback wipe. Easily the best film of the night.

Carrie – I thought it was really, really good. It left me wanting more.
Brad – It’s beautiful.
Gary – I thought it was delightful, very romantic, shot beautifully.

Judges’ favourites:
Carrie – Adam
Brad – Jason
Gary – Will or Andrew

Kevin’s favourite: Jason

Eliminated: Sam

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