Sean Morley’s Latest Podcast

WWE Superstar Sean “Val Venis” Morley has uploaded the newest edition of The Freetarian Show, his online political radio show. The July 26 edition covers topics including “Gun control, the insane war on drugs, the Benoit Case and mainstream media” and can be heard at or Click “comments” for some of my thoughts on what Morley had to say about these issues. On the Benoit tragedy, one newsworthy item of note was that when the WWE talent first heard that Nancy, Daniel and Chris were found dead, everyone initially thought that all three were murdered, and many people broke down and cried. “About three quarters of the way through” the Chris Benoit tribute edition of RAW, “the facts started coming in” and people started to realize that they were doing a memorial show for someone who may have killed his wife and son. The Benoit commentary starts at about the 35-minute mark in the podcast, and Morley goes into detail about what he things happened that tragic weekend, why Benoit did what he did, and his strong feelings about the mainstream media’s coverage of the case, in particular whether or not steroids had anything to do with Chris being a “cold-blooded murderer.”

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