Murtzcellanious: LIVE Canadian Idol Recap – July 30

I am back from my adventures in Florida and it’s time to talk Idol.

First, thanks to Kevin for filling in for me last week.

This week, it’s was time for the contestants to get unplugged. The warm-up started slow at 6:50 PM, but that was probably because of the large group of kids that were sitting on stage (where the Idols were going to confirm) from the theatre. The on-stage audience was comprised of various students in the television field.

I was happy because after getting a copy of the songlist, I saw that my two favorite contestants were singing two of my favorite songs. After Sue Brophy introduced the judges, Ben Mulroney and the contestants… it was time to get started.

Ben was wearing a huge bandage on his thumb and joked with the audience.

It was then time for the show to begin.

Ben welcomed the crowd and asked the judges for their opening thoughts.

Jake said that he expected intense emotion. Sass said that singing acoustic would tell a story. Farley said that riding down in a small group was a good idea. Finally, Zack razzed Mulroney, by saying that the reason Ben injured his thumb was because hat is what happens when Mulroney’s hitchhike.

Ben then threw to an Enrique Iglesias video package before the show got started.

Martha Joy
Age: 16
Toronto, ON
– Sang “True Colors” by Lea Salonga.
– In her opening video, Enrique Iglesias praised her and said that he couldn’t believe that she was 16 and that she would conquer the world when she turned 25.
– Good song choice.
– Band sounds great.
– Probably her best performance to date.
– Captivating.
– Voice sounded very clear.
– Perfect tone.
Jake: Picked right interpretation for your voice.
Farley: I think that interpretation was solid.
Sass: I think you look great.
Zack: I think there was a horrific note in the middle of it. You are the little mermaid.


Dwight D’Eon
Age: 28
West Pubnico, NS
– Sang “Every Breath You Take” by Sting With Guitar
– In his opening video, Enrique says that he picked one of his 5 favorite songs of all-time and Dwight said that he was surprised to learn that he shared some of the same influences as the platinum-record selling star.
– Iglesias also said that because D’Eon has lived life more than his competitors, you can hear the experience-advantage in his voice.
– Sounds a little breathy.
– Weird arrangement.
– At least he picked a recognizable song.
– I predict the judges will rip him.
– Average
Farley: I do applaud the arrangement but it wasn’t hot enough to call the fire department.
Sass: Not the greatest you have ever done.
Zack: I had this vision of you winning this show and that vision is slowly fleeting away.
Jake: I felt you.


Jaydee Bixby
Age: 16
Drumheller, AB
– Sang “Time Of Your Life” by Green Day.
– In his opening video, Enrique said that even though he was innocent, he was real and advised the singer to give it more of a rough edge.
– Amazing!
– I think Jaydee should win the competition.
– Completely original.
– I have never heard a spin on the song before.
– Spectacular!
– How does he manage to come up with a country arrangement every week?
– How great would it be to have a rap theme?
– What would Bixby sing?!
Sass: It was cool because it’s exactly what you do.
Zack: You’re hot but you’re no Anna Kournikova. The fact is that I thought that was awful.
Jake: I actually didn’t feel it was an honest performance.
Farley: Stick to who you are. That just exposed so many flaws that I don’t think you have.

Tara Oram
Age: 23
Hare Bay, NL
– Sang “Heaven” by Bryan Adams.
– In her opening video, Enrique said that she blew him away and that he couldn’t imagine anyone in Canada saying that they didn’t like it.
– Was Iglesias seriously that much of a fan, or did Tara just remind him of Anna Kournikova?
– Tara looking and sounding like Carrie Underwood.
– Walks out barefoot and stays that way for the entire song.
– Decent and the crowd loves.
– Definitely took advantage of the unplugged week.
Zack: Started off really strong… then it fell off. Sing was naked cruelty.
Jake: I don’t think you hit all the notes. Think you meant it, but I don’t think you sang it well.
Farley: Didn’t have the control.
Sass: Great note that you hit at the end.

Brian Melo
Age: 24
Hamilton, ON
– Sang “She Talks To Angels” by The Black Crowes.
– In his opening video, Enrique said that he already had millions of fans.
– Judges seem to like.
– It’s good.
– Voice sounded rough and edgy.
– I liked it.
– Didn’t love, but Melo is really never bad.
– Very consistent performer and always manages to deliver.
– Kind of scratchy.
Jake: First one tonight to know what it means to be intense.
Farley: You just supplied your own power.
Sass: First performance of the night where I was happy that I didn’t have earplugs .
Zack: Used your flaws as your virtues. That was killer dude!

Commercial. During the break, the string section of the band moved up to accompany the next performance.

Matt Rapley
Age: 18
Regina, SK
– Sang “Ain’t No Sunshine” by Bill Withers.
– In his opening video, Iglesias told Rapley that he needed to be a little more angry at times (given the lyrics of the song).
– Matt’s voice fills the room, but I am definitely bored.
– Forgettable.
– A step back from his brilliance last week.
Farley: I still say you gotta slam a little harder.
Sass: While it may not have had the grit it was still gorgeous.
Zack: May be the most gifted vocalist we have had, but you wimped out.
Jake: You gotta just kill some of those notes.


Carly Rae Jepsen
Age: 21
Mission, BC
– Sang “Torn” by Natalie Imbruglia.
– In her opening video, she admitted that she had a crush on Iglesias and Enrique told Carly that if people just heard her sing for 15-20 seconds, they would have to go and buy her album.
– Enrique seems to like the girls!
– My favourite song by my favourite singer.
– It doesn’t get any better than this.
– Awesome.
– Starts a cappella which makes the crowd fall in love with her immediately.
– No complaints.
– Another dominating Jepsen appearance.
– I was curious to see how many times Jake would use the word ‘vulnerable’ in his comments.
Sass: That’s what I am talking about!.
Zack: This girl is singular. I thought it was fantastic!.
Jake: I loved the start of that song. You stripped it down. I really got the goosebumps I was looking for.
Farley: You’re just now beautiful material.


Greg Neufeld
Age: 23
Vancouver, BC
– Sang “I’m Ready” by Bryan Adams.
– In his opening video, Enrique tells Greg that he wished he had Neufeld’s voice because of its raspy nature.
– Looks a little chubbier than the last time I saw him.
– Good song choice.
– Girls in the audience screaming continuously.
– Played to the camera well.
– A very smart choice.
Zack: Tonight, nobody was in your league at all (Zack goes up to hug Neufeld on stage).
Jake: Fantastic performance. You really have it all.
Farley: I really enjoyed watching it.


End show.

I’ll make it quick. I think that Matt, Brian, Dwight and Martha are in trouble. I’ll go with Martha taking the fall.