Late-Night News EXPLOSION!


Here are twelve — count ’em TWELVE — newsbits for you…

– In an interview with the Cincinnati Enquirer, former World Tag Team Champion Matt “Rosey” Anoai talks about his role on new TV show Fat March, his release from WWE and his hope for a comeback. While ABC says that Rosey was fired because “he was too heavy, and it wasn’t safe for him to compete,” a WWE spokesperson says he had “a limited skill set as a performer, and he was not a fan favorite. He didn’t connect with the audience” but that the company applauds him for “losing weight and getting healthy” and that wrestlers have been brought back after showing a commitment to getting into better shape and working hard. In response, Rosey says that “I’m sure if I had a better look for TV, I’d be fine. I think my odds would have been better for staying with the WWE if I weighed less. The way you look and the way you perform is important if you’re an entertainer.”

– Hulk Hogan’s featured in this story on sports mustaches.

– Bobby Lashley had surgery on his shoulder yesterday in Birmingham, AL, according to

– Roddy Piper will be a villain in the new G.I. Joe toy line, according to’s Dave Meltzer.

– Meltzer also reports that Santino Marella went to the hospital after the Wheeling, WV, show, which explains the sling on RAW.

– The Great Khali is featured in Indian newspaper The DNA.

– Kane is endorsing Ron Paul for president, according to Meltz.

– The Unforgiven preview on teases an Undertaker return.

– Jim Ross admits that “some guys who write about wrestling on the ‘net are very bright” in his latest blog entry.

– Chris Benoit’s body was recently cremated.

– “Heyman is no longer under contract to WWE” according to Dave Scherer in a recent Q&A on

– Also from PWInsider, Marcus Cor Von has been absent due to taking time off because of a death in the family. We wish him the best as he mourns.

Matthew Michaels is editor emeritus of Pulse Wrestling, and has been since the site launched.