TNA Today, Jim Ross Talks Pacman, Lashley Update & More

The latest edition of TNA Today on features exclusive footage from last night’s iMPACT! and more:

In other news:

– Hulk Hogan was interviewed for the UK Sun, where he talks about why he didn’t wrestle at Mania, how he’ll beat Vince McMahon with his own promotion and more.

– Lita has posted a message on her MySpace blog about her band, the Luchagors.

– In Jim Ross’ latest blog entry, he explains why he called The Undertaker “Booger Red,” talks about Santino’s shoulder injury and more. Here are some notable excerpts:

Bucksky- I respect your opinion, but I personally know Rock, communicate with him, and talk wrestling with him, among other things, on a regular basis. He has not “turned his back on his fans” but Rock’s passion for wrestling and him making movies for a living are two different things. He earned a unique opportunity to earn fabulous money as a movie star and he took it just as ANY wrestler I have ever known, past or present, would have done. If I ever step away from wrestling some day to focus on our ever growing Bar-B-Q business, will I be looked as as a “traitor” and for “turning my back on my fans”? I also feel that the fans that put Rock “on the map” as you say enjoy going to his movies which provide entertainment in another area. You are dead wrong about the Rock feeling that he is too good for wrestling fans as I know conclusively that not to be accurate.

My thoughts on wrestling are definitely old school. “Live sex shows” would not be on my personal or professional agenda. I don’t know how one explains that sort of material to children of younger ages. I like time limits for matches, the occasional two out of three fall match, competition, for not only titles, but title opportunities as well, and heated, personal issues. I understand that everyone doesn’t like my tastes and that is fine because they aren’t necessarily “right” because they are my thoughts.

I don’t know how Pacman will help TNA except he might by getting their name mentioned. I do not subscribe to the philosophy that all publicity or PR is good as long as “they spell our name right”. Sometimes staying off the radar screen is a better way to travel as TNA is likely to find out sooner than later. But, hey, if it works, good for them but I am not holding my breath that this is the way to go.

The full entry can be read at

– Finally, according to, Bobby Lashley will be out an estimated three to five months following his surgery this past Tuesday, because his “injuries couldn’t be fixed through arthroscopic surgery” despite not having a torn rotator cuff (which would have been much worse).

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