Random Reality: Big Brother 8 – Episode 17

Kail was the fifth person evicted from the house on Thursday. We get that recap to start off with. Let me say that was the closest and craziest vote yet. Amber completely screwed Dick and Daniele and voted to get rid of Kail. So I don’t know if that was all part of the plan or not, but if it was she is a great actor. Dick says he was lied to and that’s it. Daniele says Eric was her target, but it didn’t work because she put her faith in people whose word is worth nothing. Eric is glad that he found out that his friends in the house have his back. Dick confronts Amber now. Amber says she forgives Eric, but won’t forget. Dick can’t believe the biggest liar is still in the house. Of course, he HAS to lie.

We see the recap of Jessica winning the HOH competition. Dustin, Jameka, and Eric jump up and down for joy. Eric is not afraid to celebrate and throw it in Dick and Daniele’s faces. Dustin said he got what he wanted to this week and not Dick. Daniele said they got played and lied to. Dick is for sure that he and Daniele will be put up for eviction. Dick says he will cause more damage in the house before he leaves. He harrasses Amber and then Jameka for some unknown reason. Jameka tells him straight up that she voted for Eric to stay. Jameka says it is all part of the game. Dick says she broke her word a long time ago. Dick tells Dustin to shut up and Dustin tells him to not shut up. Dick mentions that he can be more honest than people who read the bible. That is so true, but it gets Jameka all fired up. Jameka says keep her name out of Dick’s mouth. Jameka says she was close to hitting Dick. Dick the confronts Amber and Dustin and all the yelling continues. Dick is great puppet master. Basically Dick is mad that he got played and wasn’t the one doing the playing. But he knows how to think quick on his feet and try to get everyone so upset and off their game.

Eric hugs and thanks Jameka inside the house. Eric says he should have stood up for himself like Jameka did. Jameka is upset that Dick attacked her religious beliefs instead of something else. That is fair enough, because really I don’t remember her lying to Dick. But Amber that’s another story completely.

Daniele cries to Dick now. She doesn’t want to cry anymore. She hates the house, hates the cameras, etc. She is just mad and whining because she got played. She is so annoying. Dick tries to comfort her and tells her it will be okay. She is whining that she doesn’t like anyone here. The funny thing is she caused all of this when she went along with Nick going home! Dick says the only thing he cares about is his relationship with his daughter.

Jessica, Jameka, and Amber chat about who Jessica might nominate. She doesn’t know yet. It’s basically Dustin, Amber, Eric, Jessica, and Jameka vs. Jen, Zach, Dick, and Daniele. Jen and Zach are quietly slipping through the cracks here.

Jessica gets the key to his HOH room and everyone goes to see it. They see her pictures up on the wall. Her brother is in the Marines in Iraq. Dustin is attracted to Jessica’s brother. Daniele says she has nothing against Jessica. Dick notices that she bleaches her hair blonde and has fake boobs. He goes off to tell Daniele that they are still in the game as long as one of them or Jen or Zach wins HOH next week. Dick says that if they get nominated together, he will sacrifice himself and let Daniele stay in the game.

Dick beings round two of attacks on the house. Jameka hangs around Dick and Dick says her religion is a joke. Dick then says that Amber is a bitc that she cries all the time. Amber doesn’t cry this time, though. They try and attack his parenting skills now. Um, that doesn’t work because Dick is the master of personal attacks. So this won’t break down Dick. It will only hurt Amber and Jameka more. More personal attacks from Dick towards Amber and Jameka. Amber finally admits that she lied. Dick is wonderful. HA! Might as well go out with a bang.

Amber runs off to cry in the room and pray to God about what Dick said. The complete prayer can be found in the live feed recaps I posted for the past two days. This prayer is really entertaining. Although, I must say the Big Brother producers are probably going to Hell by playing church music over Amber’s prayer and making fun of her. But she did lie and said she didn’t until a few minutes ago, so she deserves it.

Daniele talks to Jen and tries to mend things there. They don’t like each, but now they want to work with each other since they both seem to be outsiders in this house. She says that if Dick leaves this week, she will need to use Jen and Zach instead. Jen says that she thought they could be great allies in the beginning, but when that didn’t happen she was upset. The only thing she has against Daniele is her dad. They could be a great team, though.

Time for the next food competition! The house gets divided into two teams of rockers. The red team is Jen, Dustin, Dick, and Daniele. The blue team is Zach, Jameka, Eric, and Amber. Everyone gets dressed as rockers, but Dick comes as himself since he already looks like one. HA! There are 200 guitars everywhere in the back yard and two stages up front. They have to smash guitars to find either dollar signs or slop signs. The first team to get 20 dollar signs wins food for the week. There is also a one week slop-free pass in one of the guitars as well.

Jameka finds the first one for the blue team. Amber says Dick was good at this competition. He probably smashes things in his free time. It’s close so far. Everyone really loves smashing guitars. Dick eventually finds the slop-free pass. Amber says God helped her find the dollar signs in certain guitars as she begins to cry. Blue team is up 12 – 8 by now. The red team is really unlucky. In the end, the blue team wins by the final score of 20 – 12. But since Dick got the slop-free pass he can use it on himself or give it to someone else. Dick wants to give it to Daniele, but Daniele tells him to give it to Jen. Daniele wants to get Jen on their side. So Dick, Daniele, and Dustin will be eating slop this week.

Zach is really loving being in the bunny suit. He likes to dance around in it and try to impress Jessica. He thinks he scored points with Jessica. Jessica says she likes “bunny Zach” better than “non-bunny Zach”. Amber actually thinks “bunny Zach” is kinda cute, but never would do anything with Zach.

Time for the next “America’s Choice” question and answer for Eric. America wants Eric to try and get Dustin put for eviction this week. That won’t happen and Eric is unhappy. He says now he has to sell out Dustin and that won’t be easy at all. He doesn’t like it one bit, but gives it a shot anyways.

Dustin actually may do all the hard work for Eric. He gets fired up and yells at Dick being white trash, etc. Dustin even suggests having Jessica put him up for eviction and watch it be a 5 – 1 for Dick to go home. That’s the door that Eric needed to be open. Dustin tells Jessica to put him up and Eric simply agrees. Eric then talks more to Jessica about what Dustin suggested. HA! This is too easy. Eric then says that Dustin did have a deal with Daniele and Dick this past week. He can’t be trusted. I doubt Dustin gets put up, but at least now Eric doesn’t look like a traitor.

We get the next question for America. “To which houseguest should Eric give the silent treatment?” This is a little lame, but to make things interesting it should be Jessica really. So go vote now, if it’s not too later already!

Time for the “nomination ceremony”! Daniele is sure that she and Dick will go up. Dick says the best thing is for only one of them to go up, but fears that both of them will go up. Dick says that everyone will hate him 1000 times more, in order to keep Daniele in the house. Dustin can’t wait to hear what Jessica has to say about her nominations. She says she is putting up people who might not get another chance to nominate for eviction. Jessica pulls the first key and it belongs to Jameka. Jameka pulls Jen. Jen pulls Eric. Eric pulls Amber. Amber pulls Zach. Zach finally pulls Dustin. So that means Dick and Daniele are going up for eviction this week! So no surprises again this week.

Jessica says she nominated them both for trying to rid of Eric last week and is now getting revenge. Daniele says it will be a rough week being in the house with people she can’t stand. She needs to win POV. Jessica says she is really gunning for Daniele to leave this week. She is bigger threat in the game. Eric tells us he couldn’t get Dustin put up for eviction this week, but he is definitely on his radar for later, if America wants to nominate him again. Dick says he will give everyone holy hell until he leaves! Of course, POV will probably change these nominations, so find out how on Tuesday night!

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