[SPOILERS] Big Brother 8 – Daily Live Feed Recap – Day 59 (9/01/07)

6:00 am
Dick must still be pumped up. Fifteen minutes after he said good night to us, he is back outside doing a load of towels. He talks out loud about the POV competition not involving money, “I haven’t had a chance at any”. Looks like he is getting ready for bed. Weighs himself at 170 lbs and thinks he could loose 5. Ten minutes later he is back outside having a cigarette.

7:00 am
Dani is up, gets something to eat and joins Dick in the back yard. They talk about how bad Jameka is at comps and Zack is better than he has been letting on. Jessica has won 2 comps. They worry about Jessica’s jury vote if she leaves this week. When Dani hugged Amber goodbye, she said “Whatever you do you, get Eric out of the house”. Dani says she wanted to say, “DUH, I tried already and you didn’t do it. Dick thinks it’s still food for thought, “We get to pick who leaves this week”. They talk about when Janelle was there she said Jessica is a good cheerleader, Eric should not have called her Miss Piggy because she heard him, she loves Dani, knows about 153 and likes her bandana. Dani says she was excited because Janie is her favorite reality player. Dani tells Dick that Eric knows everything about comps, who won, what day, and Dick needs to work on those things. They talk about who they should evict this week. They will wait to see if anything changes before making a decision.

8:00 am
They both head to bed. Dick tells Dani he loves her. She does not respond.
Dick is back up at 8:30, cigarettes in hand, heading for the back yard. He pulls out Dani’s clothes from the dryer and moves the towels over from the washer. He folds Dani’s clothes and makes little comments on just about everyone of her tops. He heads to bed, (for real this time). Other than the occasional trip to the bathroom, everyone else sleeps well into the afternoon.

1:30 pm
Dick goes out for a smoke. Notices there are still remnants from the POV comp still there. Zach is up in bed, turns on the spy screen and listens to some music.

2:00 pm
Zach goes out and does some laps in the pool and then hits the hot tub. Dick joins him. Zach is leaning toward Jessica going now but Dick is concerned about the Eric backlash if she does. Dick thinks he could vote out Jessica if they make a deal with Jameka that if Eric get’s HOH and Jameka win’s POV, she has to take Dick or Dani off the block. Not long after, Dick is saying Jessica is going home and Zack should trust Dick and Daniele to get out Eric and Jameka.

3:00 pm
BB announces ‘Good Morning Houseguests, It’s time to get up for the day!’ We get FOTH while they get their wake up music.

We see Eric in the Storage Room with Daniele. He congratulates her on the POV win and says it will be an easy week getting Jameka out. Dani goes to get ready for hot tubbing and Eric heads out back. He tells Dick and Zach that he fell pretty hard in the POV comp. Dani joins them and they talk about the POV again. Once they saw Janelle pop out, they expected to see Will come around the other side. They wonder if there will be guest hosts for the remaining POVs. Eric says he will make an effort not to say anything negative about a past houseguest right before they show up.

Eric goes back to the bedroom with Jameka and Jessica. They are talking about staying in bed all day. Jameka takes a few stabs at some strategy talk, but isn’t very coherent yet. Eric offers to make waffles and then goes to check with the back yard folks. Dani and Zach say they will split one and thank Eric. Everyone is being friendly, maybe overly friendly.

Jameka and Jess talk about the POV. We learn that Eric and Zach’s faces were morphed together. Jess says “What sucks is, we were the only 2 to not compete for HOH and now we’re nominated”.

Daniele hopes that Will and Boogie come and host as a team. Dick says “Not me, because I have been bagging on Boogie all season.” Zach says Boogie is probably ripping on Dick’s game play too. Dick says “Well at least we agree on something.” Dick wishes Erika would come but Zach says that would be biased since Dick has met Erika a few times and she might favor him to win in a competition.

Eric took a moment to congratulate Dick for getting Jameka nominated according to their previous agreement. Dick was grinning and shaking his head ‘yes’. Eric said that now he has to act all depressed so Zach doesn’t catch on to the plan that he was set up to evict Jameka, and next week Zach will go home.

Dick helps Eric in the kitchen cooking waffles and bacon. Eric is preparing plates for House Guests. He takes a plate to Dani in the BY then takes Jessica and Jameka theirs. Jameka says he’s “the best”. Jess jokes that she needs to get nominated more often. Jameka thanks the pig for giving its life for this bacon.

4:00 pm
Dani and Zack are tanning in the back yard. They get in some obligatory Jen bashing. Meanwhile Jessica and Jameka are eating and chatting in their beds. They allude to the fact that Janie gave Dani a heads up regarding Veto Comp and that there is some sort of America’s Choice coming up and it would be a slap in Dani’s face if her dad got it instead of her.

While all feeds are on Jessica and Jameka, Dani is called to the Diary Room. Within seconds she is called again. BB now calls Zach to the DR too quickly for Dani to have gone.

Dick and Eric are in the bedroom with Jessica and Jameka. Everyone is teasing Eric about putting his foot in his mouth last night. Dick says next he might try talking about Julie Chen’s boobs (in detail) and we get FOTH.

Eric heads out to the hot tub and Dick says he will join him. Once there, Eric lays it on thick that Jameka will have jury votes since she has not made any game moves. Dick hadn’t thought about that. Eric then lays it on thick that he is not winning comps. He’s good at buzzer comps, but doesn’t think there will be anymore of those. He just wants to make final four, then he’s done all he could have done strategically.

Dani is chatting with Jameka and makes a comment that Zach is scared of her. Jameka wants to know if she comes across as being negative to other people. Dani says he is paranoid about everything. Jameka made mention of men being threatened by women.

5:00 pm
Dick keeps asking why they haven’t had an America’s Choice yet. He wants a blender and liquor. Eric wants a bouncy castle and says “I love Neil Patrick Harris. Where is he?!”

Dani and Zach go to work out, talking about how sore they are. Dani says it’s weird that every time she gets on the machine it says “143” or 153″ for her heart rate. Zach asks if anyone has talked to her about the POV. She says no. Zach thinks that is strange, but that people must be scared.

Jameka is talking to Eric in the Kitchen. She’s trying to come up with a master plan. Jameka wants Dani to use the POV and then Zach puts up Dick. Eric says he’ll try but it would be hard. The only way it will work is an outright lie to Zach where he says Dick has been saying he’ll kill Zach’s family or something. It would take something bold like that to get Dick put up. Eric has been expecting ‘the Nick revenge plot’ to come up where Dani will try to get Eric evicted.

6:00 pm
Dani and Eric partake in some additional Jen bashing before saying they will not shower while there is no hot water. Eric wonders how he can shave without hot water.

Eric tells Jess Good Morning. Jess says she had a dream where Eric was “butt-bumping” with Jen and she was angry about it. She clarifies that the “butt bumping” was a dance move. Jessica goes to have her first cold shower while Eric attempts to shave by pouring hot water brought from the kitchen. Doesn’t sound like it was going well. He gives up and goes in the other shower stall. Dick tries to sneak up on them and opens the partition between them. Eric said he saw it coming. Jess says she still saw his naked butt.

7:00 pm
Eric and Zach are preparing Dinner in the Kitchen. Eric is called to the Diary Room before they finish. Eric comes out just as everyone is sitting down to eat. Jessica is called to the DR as she is getting ready to eat. She says “They would!” Dick gets the conversation going on in Darfur. Zach doesn’t know what or where Darfur is. Jameka seems knowledgeable. Dick also talks about how companies have fooled everyone into thinking all women need diamonds.

8:00 pm
Dinner is wrapping up. They still manage to get a little Jen bashing in. Jameka starts the dishes and Ed goes to the back yard. Jessica helps with the dishes as Eric looks on.

Zach and Dani head to the gym. Dani says she is still weighing every scenario and doesn’t know who should go yet. It sounds like she may be considering evicting Jessica and Zach is agreeing.

9:00 pm
The ShoToo Crawl reads: Zach is HOH, Jessica and Jameka are nominated for eviction, Eric is devastated, Dick, Daniele, and Zach have made a side deal to stay together, Dick and Zack had a strategy meeting today regarding nominations, House guests are going without hot water due to the HOH competition.

Most everyone is in the back yard when BB tells them to check the storage room. They cheer because that means beer. Eric says, “Watch, we’ll open the door and Janelle will be there and she will slap me”. Eric goes in anyway and reports back that they got 10 bottles of beer, two bottles of wine as well as latex body paint and flavored body paint. Eric reads the latex directions out loud.

They all play a quick version of their spin the bottle then move on to quarters with rules. Jameka and Zach have to put a sock on their hand and talk with it the whole time they play. Zach paints a face on his sock.

10:00 pm
Rules continue; Eric has to put his fingers in his nose every time he speaks. Jess has to paint I heart Eric on her chest and she has to put up ‘moose hands’ to her head when she talks. Every time its Eric’s turn, Dick and Daniele have to stand up, walk toward each other until they meet, then say “There’s a line in the sand… Don’t trust the Donatos”. Dick makes a rule that Jessica has to paint “I heart Dick” on her arm. It is entertaining and posted in the Media forum if you care to check it out.

11:00 pm
The game breaks up. Dick heads to the hot tub, Zach to the pool, Jameka, Jessica and Eric stay in the Kitchen and Dani is MIA.

Eric opened another bottle of wine, but Jess, Jameka and Eric are at the table looking bored.

Dick and Zach are in the hot tub saying they’re getting Jess out this week. Dick says he will go to Jameka ten minutes before live show and make her swear on her bible that if she wins POV next week, her vote is their vote. If she doesn’t take it, she’s gone.

Jess is painting a pink bikini top on Eric with the latex paint. Jameka joins as they both paint flowers on Eric. They had forgotten the directions suggested applying cooking oil before applying the latex, so when Jess and Jameka begin removing the paint from Eric’s chest, he cries out in pain. It’s pulling on his chest hair and nipple rings. Jameka tries the vegetable oil after the fact to ease the tearing. None the less, Eric is laughing to keep from crying and notices his nipple is bleeding. It is quite the torture session and much more funny than it sounds.

Dick comes in and says good night while Jessica and Jameka tend to Eric’s wounds.

1:00 am
Jameka goes to work out for 30 minutes. She tells Eric and Jess to go have a 30 minute hammock date and she’ll join them when she’s done.

Out in the hammock, Eric and Jess have a long conversation. Eric thinks the nominations will stay the same and Jameka will go home. Jess isn’t so sure. He says Dick and Daniele would have pushed Zach to put both of them up if they had wanted one of them to go home and that Dick went out of his way to convince Zach to put up Jameka instead. Jess says she’s going to be nervous on Thursday. Eric says he won’t even record a good bye message to her. Eric says, “Will they have ideas go through their head to take one of us out? Yes, just like we did. But they will think about it and do the right thing. They will honor our alliance.” Eric goes on to say that he feels he could beat Dick, Daniele or Zach in the final two with the arguments he would have for the jury. Later Jess says she doesn’t feel like campaigning at all. Eric says he doesn’t think she needs to!

Their conversation is interrupted when a bat seems to be targeting Jess. She runs for the door screaming. Eric takes a few swats at it with a pillow before ducking inside as well. Jess says she’s not going back out there! She opens the door and lets out a bat repelling scream, then calls to it to see if its still there.

2:00 am
Eric tells Jess to go up to Dick and Daniele tomorrow and tell them that she hates Zach and can’t wait to go after him and make a big production out of it. Jess says she really can’t wait to go after Dick and Daniele. Eric said that if he were worried, he would tell her. Jessica called him a liar. She said that he wouldn’t want to worry her so he wouldn’t tell her. He said no, he would tell her, because he’d want to enjoy their last days together. She said if the vote were tomorrow, she would feel confident. But since it’s on Thursday, there is time for things to change. Eric asks what would he do without Jess, “You’re my partner. You’re my best friend. You keep me sane when these people drive me crazy”.

They were lying on the couches outside when Eric starts playfully kissing her all over and being cute. This leads to some serious kissing. They head to bed, playfully spanking each other’s behinds along the way.

Eric stops off and chats with Jameka in the living room while Jess goes on to bed.

3:00 am
Jameka and Eric continue their light conversation in the Kitchen while they get some food. Dani joins them there. Eric recounts the horror of removing the latex bikini for Daniele. It was the worst pain of his life. They are laughing about it. They continue light conversation occasionally complaining about the serious ant infestation.

4:00 am
Jameka and Eric leave Dani in the Kitchen and head for bed. Dani sits there thinking by herself before finally heading for bed as well.

5:00 am to 8:00 am
Dick is up. He wanders around a bit. He goes on a cleaning tear but then takes a break to go the Diary Room. There is a short audio leak of him saying he was sorry to bother them so early but the people behind the walls were making so much noise that he couldn’t sleep. When he comes out he continues the marathon house cleaning session that doesn’t appear to be ending any time soon.

Credit: Joker’s Updates

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