Kace’s Countdown – 9/3/2007

Well, it’s good to be back, that’s for sure. Had to take a little time off to take care of some other matters, but now I’m here and with an improved version of the Countdown that takes a look at the wrestling shows I happened to catch this week. Which include…

Raw, ECW and SmackDown. Sorry, didn’t get TNA Impact this week…storms happen.

As you can tell, my personal probation on WWE is now lifted (for the time being). ‘Course it helps that TNA’s got their own brand of What The Hell Are They Thinking going on…

So now, the Top 5 Moments on TV the past week…that don’t include Appalachian State beating Michigan (Go Mountaineers!).

#5 – Another Eugene Beating (SmackDown)

I guess it just got old. Strange retarded fella gets the shit beat out of him, everyone laughs though they’re supposed to boo. Y’know, the usual. The sad thing is, Nick Dinsmore’s actually a talented guy if his OVW work is any indication. On what looks to be his final appearance on WWE TV, Eugene Dinsmore is flattened by Mark Henry, who then is forced to watch another stupid Undertaker video, forecasting the obvious…Undertaker Vs. Mark Henry at WWE Unforgiven. The stupid videos weren’t fun to watch in 1994 and they’re not fun now. Stop it!!!

#4 – Carlito’s Cabana w/ Vince McMahon & Hunter Hearst Helmsley (Raw)

Welcome to bad comedy ya can’t help but laugh at. Carlito Colon is interviewing Mr. Vince McMahon over the pending lawsuit against him and who his lovechild is when suddenly Hunter Hearst Helmsley arrives, his first appearance on Raw in some time. Hunter’s been doing the some research and he’s found of some Vince’s former one night stands…one of which is apparently Carlito’s sister…and another of which is a man. Vince is embarrassed and leaves as such. Now with only Hunter and Carlito in the ring, it’s time for Carlito to pay his dues to the King Of Booking Kings, taking one for the team and so on. I suppose this sets up a match between Helmsley and Colon at WWE Unforgiven.

#3 – Randy Orton Placekicks John Cena’s Dad (Raw)

Randy’s all about sending a message and the way he sent a message to WWE Heavyweight Champion, Cena was to attack Cena’s father at ringside and do his best Julian Rauch to Mr. Cena’s head. All night, it was a matter of Randy having to prove that he was worthy of another shot after losing to Cena the previous night at WWE Summerslam. With that kick, it’s pretty much guaranteed there will be a rematch (suspensions notwithstanding, of course).

#2 – Unlikely Tag Team Champions…Stop Me If You’ve Heard This One Before (SmackDown)

It used to be a big fad in Pro Wrestling. Well…okay, it still is a big fad in Pro Wrestling that doesn’t seem to go away. Two guys put together who hate each other suddenly become the Tag Champs. In this case, it’s the WWE Tag Team Championship going to Matt Hardy and his archrival, Montel Vontavious Porter as they beat the team that had attacked them the week prior, Deuce N’ Domino. They shouldn’t last long as Champs, so it wouldn’t surprise if they make a strong run. But it depends on whether or not they lose them this or next week (haven’t read the spoilers yet so I don’t know). Either way, it’s a Championship for Matt so I guess it’s not all bad.

#1 – CM Punk Earns Another Shot At The ECW World Championship (ECW)

After coming up short just a couple of nights before at WWE Summerslam, due to some chicanery on John Morrison’s part, CM Punk was placed into a Fatal 4-Way by ECW GM, Armando Estrada against the Boogeyman, Big Daddy V and Mike Mizanin. After a hardfought match against the Land Of The Misfit Toys, Chick Magnet hits the SLEEEP on Mizanin and gets the win. So Punk shall get at least one more shot. Good for him, I say.

Next week, we’ll hopefully have a list that also contains stuff from TNA, making it a Top 10 instead of a Top 5. But hey, ya do what ya do and I’m happy to be typing again.

Those of you on the Prime Time side, that means I should be getting back into the L Word updates beginning tomorrow afternoon or evening as I got some catchin’ up to do there. ‘Til then, enjoy what’s left of your Labor Day.

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