[SPOILERS] Big Brother 8 – Daily Live Feed Recap – Day 61 (9/3/07)

7:00 am
As dawn arrives at the Big Brother house, we see that Jessica and Eric are in bed, but far from sleeping. They are having some fun conversation intermixed with various make out sessions. Jessica asks him for a funny story. He tells one from college that resulted in a letter to his folks: I’m writing to inform you that your son, Eric, was found cursing, topless, covered in whipped cream, hiding and giggling in the shower with one other man and two women in the women’s bathroom. Because of this your son is on housing probation.
When Eric confirms the occurrence to his mom, she paused for a bit, then said, “Well I’m glad to know you’re having a good time in college.”

8:00 am
Eric and Jessica continue ‘chatting’ for a while. Eric says something to the effect, “I am in gay for you”. He realizes this just bought him a ton of questions from the Diary Room. Jessica says she’ll just tell them she is in gay with him too. Eric asks “How gay for me do you think you are?” Jessica responds, “Very!” With that, Eric heads for his own bed. It’s pretty obvious he takes care of business, drops a sock on the floor and goes to sleep. The camera crew are very interested in showing us the sock, zooming in and out on it.

10:00 am
BB Voice: Houseguests, it’s time to get up for the day. Nobody moves and feeds go to trivia. When we come back, most everyone is shown in morning routine. While Dick is outside smoking, he clues us in that when Daniele doesn’t use the Veto this morning, he will go to Jameka to let her know she is going home

Dick sits at the counter having some cereal. Eric uses the opportunity for the 3rd round of mimicking. He sits to Dick’s right and has a bowl of cereal as well. Dick catches on quickly and starts flicking milk and cereal at Eric. Eric flicks milk and cereal to his right (but no one is there). They are not letting up and Eric is getting drenched with milk. Zach had not seen the previous rounds and is laughing a lot and asking what this is all about. Eric leaves eventually and Zach says that’s the funniest thing he has seen in a long time. Dick thinks Eric must have lost a bet but can’t find anyone that will admit to it.

11:00 am
Outside lockdown except for Daniele in the Diary Room. We are anticipating the Trivia before the Veto meeting and we are not disappointed. Just before noon the feeds come back and we see Jessica and Jameka in the small bedroom speaking softly. Jameka says they will know by the vote who is evicted. If its 3-0, Jameka is evicted. If its 2-1, Jessica is evicted. It is obvious that Daniele did not use the Veto.

Jessica has gone to the Kitchen to have a quesadilla. She is called to the Diary Room and says, “Noooo, I’m eating.” Feeds switch to Dick in the back yard.

Dick asks to speak to Jameka. They go to the back yard. Dick tells her “Was talking with Daniele and we only felt it right to tell you what was up”. Neither of them wants to go up against Jameka in the end. They are going to send her to the jury house this week. Jameka thanks him for letting her know. Jameka is called to the Diary Room. Dick uses the opportunity to fill in Eric and Jessica about the talk he just had with Jameka. He says she was upset but took it well.

1:00 pm
Eric and Zach chat as Zach eats in the kitchen. Zach says he was a little worried about being put on the spot and having to nominate someone else. He is glad he didn’t have to.

Not much later Zach and Dick are in the back yard. Zach says “Jess is in there being overconfident. Eric will be an emotional wreck as long as it’s concealed until Thursday (that Jessica is going). It’s a brilliant idea.” Zach continues, “I would rather lose against you guys because you are cool, than those guys because they are fools.” He couldn’t stand giving the money to Jameka or Eric.

Elsewhere in the house, Eric is talking to Jessica about the deal with Dick and Daniele. He says the deal has been honored if Jess stays. He seems very confident that Jess is staying. They are making their plans to go after Zach next week.

2:00 pm
Jameka tells Jessica, “ED told me I’m going home this week”. Jess acts surprised. Jameka is still holding out hope that a secret power will be revealed to save both her and Jess.

Jessica and Eric talk afterward wondering if Dick is lying about Jameka going. Eric can’t think of why he would though. They both head back to take a nap in their own beds. The camera follows Eric and makes a point to zoom in on the sock still lying on the floor next to his bed. Jessica is called yo the Diary Room and says. “Oh come on!”

3:00 pm
Everyone is napping (or trying to). The Diary Room has been calling them all in one by one. Daniele gets up and starts to work out.

4:00 pm
Daniele is still going at it in the workout room.

Dick is up wandering around. He stuck his head into the WR and told Dani that he loves her. She said, “That’s random”. He replied “I know, with everything going on with the game, I haven’t told you in a while, but I love you very much”. They are both smiling. After he leaves, it looks like that might have gotten to her a little as she continues walking on treadmill. She finishes working out and goes to the kitchen, gets a snack and does different game scenarios using 6 colored skittles at the table.

Dani is bored and makes bongo noises on a large bowl covered in cellophane. The operator on Feed 1 tries to hit a different camera angle every time she hits a beat.

5:00 pm
Most house guests are still comatose. Daniele starts mixing ingredients into a bowl. Looks like a cookie dough. The excitement comes when we can see an ant walking around the inside of the bowl that Dani does not see. A camera zooms in on it while Dani is stirring vigorously. At one point the ant disappeared and there was fear it had become a new cookie ingredient. We all expelled a breath of relief when it was spotted running out of the bowl and onto the counter.

Zach has joined Daniele. They enjoyed some light chat. Daniele asked if Zach had heard about her dad letting Jameka know she was going to be leaving. The point was to express displeasure that Jameka came into her room and loudly threw some items into her bag while Dani was trying to sleep.

6:00 pm
Zach leaves to go work out. Dani joins him after cleaning up.
Jameka gets up and heads to the hammock for a bit before going back in to make dinner.

There is notable boredom by the crew as they put all feeds on a sleeping Jessica then alternate back and forth to a BOOYAH t-shirt hanging nearby.

7:00 pm
Dani and Zach have finished working out and have joined Jameka. She declines an offer of their assistance. We learn that Zach collects sand from the beaches he has been to.

Jameka and Dani talk about applying for the show. Dani waited to apply for this year because of her age. Jameka said “Didn’t they have a 19 year old and it didn’t work out so they changed it to 21?”

Eric is up and joined the Kitchen crew.

8:00 pm
Dani sets the table and announces dinner is ready. Looks like baked spaghetti and salad. Dick is up and joins. Eric goes to get Jessica. Jameka tells everyone to dig in. Light conversation for the most part. They reminisce about the week that they were visited by the Mad Hatter, bunnies, pirate, and barbershop quartet. They all thank Jameka for cooking. Dinner clean up begins. Eric says it’s about time for Showtime to start. He wonders if they have a narrator. Pretending to narrate he says, “Eric ate 10 cookies.”

Zach, Daniele, and Dick go outside. They wonder what questions Zach will get from Julie. Zach says she’ll probably ask him what his name is. Daniele hopes she gets a fan question. She thinks maybe she’ll get a question about Janelle. Dick thinks he will get a question about Janelle. Dick says he wishes he could get Jameka out this week, because of her sense of entitlement. He goes on a short but angry rant about her. He says she’ll probably think God saved her this week because she prayed hard.

Eric, Jameka and Jess are still at the dinner table chatting about reality/game shows and how much time they spend showing recaps.

9:00 pm
The ShoToo Crawl reads: Zach is the Head of Household, Jameka and Jessica are nominated for eviction, Earlier today Dick told Jameka that she’s being voted out Thursday – Citing his respect for her as a competitor, However Jessica is still very concerned about trusting the Donato’s, The veto meeting was held today, Live eviction is Thursday.

Dick and Zach are outside throwing the Frisbee. Dani has gone up to the HOH. Jameka, Jessica, and Eric are lingering at the table.

BB announces for the House Guests to check the Storage Room. Jessica says “Tell me I’m not like a dog when that light goes off for the alcohol”. They find 12 beers and a bottle of wine and talk about playing Quarters. A considerable amount of time is spent looking for the second quarter that has gone missing. Dani went to the Diary Room to see if BB could put another quarter in the storage room for them. The game begins without it. Looks like straight Quarters tonight (no rules). BB does leave another quarter for them.

10:00 pm
They take a half time break from the game. House Guests scatter in different directions and return to resume the game after about 10 minutes. The game continues with no notable conversation. Everyone is getting along.

The beer is gone and the game breaks up. Jessica, Jameka and Eric go the bathroom and all three sit on the couch with Eric in the middle. They are laughing and being silly. They seem to playing some sort of trust game with Eric, seeing how close they can come to hitting his family jewels. Jessica’s not good at the game and hits him at least twice. Lots of screaming and laughing.

11:00 pm
Dick, Daniele, and Zach have gone to the back yard basically to complain about the other three having a good time.

Back in the bathroom, Jessica is playfully miffed thinking Eric was making fun of her, although he really wasn’t. Jameka looks at a camera and points at Jessica and says “This is my friend”. Jessica chimes in saying “We are on the block and one of us is going home.” Eric is called to the DR and the three of them groan in disappointment. When he returns they talk in detail about a few of his friends.

Outside, Dick and Dani are making fun of a speech that Zach made where he talked about rabbits and the Mad Hatter. He is not amused. They (mostly Daniele) continue complaining about the other house guests. They also wonder if BB puts them up after the finale. They are not sure how that is handled. Dani says something about going to bed at midnight and heads inside. Dick and Zach continue small talk. Zach says (regarding Jameka), “Some people think they can just slide on by without doing a thing.” Zach asks Dick if he’s really going to get a BB8 tattoo. Dick says he’ll do it and if Eric is still talking to him at the wrap party maybe they’ll go down to Sunset Blvd. together and get tattoos. Dick wonders why there hasn’t been an America’s choice by now.

Eric and Jessica are getting flirty in the bathroom. Jameka says she is going to workout. She comes and goes several times as the flirting couple get more comfortable on the bathroom couch.

Looks like Eric has on Jessica’s white slippers. Jameka comes back and shaves her legs and pits at the sink.

Dick is cleaning up things in the Kitchen shaking his head in disgust at the flirting coming from the other room. He heads out to do some laundry.

Jessica heads in to pee and Eric crouched down outside the door and scares the heck out of her when she comes out. He is proud of himself since she would catch him in a mirror on previous attempts. Jessica heads out to the hot tub. Dick thinks she is drunk but she denies it. Eric joins her. Dick has moved to the hammock. Dick asks how Jameka is taking the news of her leaving. Eric said she looked upset when she originally came out of the Diary Room, but hasn’t seemed effected otherwise. He thinks she may not believe its going to happen. Dick says, “She better believe it”. The camera man takes yet another opportunity to zoom in on the BOOYAH t-shirt near the hot tub. Dick is called to the Diary Room. Eric takes advantage of being alone with Jessica and plays a little kissy face. Jessica doesn’t seem too interested at times, eventually moving to the lounger after a few minutes. Dick returns from the Diary Room.

It appears that Dani and Jameka have gone to bed. No confirmation on Zach, but he has been off the feeds for awhile.

1:00 am
Jessica and Eric are heading to bed leaving Dick outside smoking by himself.
Eric asks Jessica if she wants to talk. She says, “No, do you?” Eric climbs in bed with her and tries to cuddle but she does not seem interested tonight. Later, she says she is comfortable, then says she is hungry. Neither of them move though.

Outside, Dick had drifted off to sleep and BB wakes him up. Quite startled, he tells them they could have at least turned the volume down. Dick has a last cigarette and heads in to bed. As he’s taking off his clothes, he says he has noisy neighbors.

Eric and Jessica eventually get back to kissy face, though Jess occasionally says she’s tired. Eric keeps whispering too softly for us to hear. Most of what Jessica says is recognizable, lots of baby talk. She says an occasional “I’m gay for you”. Based on her responses it sounds like they talk about the game a little. She alludes that she won’t vote for Dick and Daniele.

2:00 am
Eric is kissing on Jess some more and continues whispering things we can not hear. Jessica’s responses are varied, “I don’t know what you are talking about”, “I’m not stupid”, “He does, he does, I know, I know, I know.” She asks him if he likes Christmas carols and if there are Chanukah carols. Dick has gone through the room a couple times going from his room to the back yard.

Dick is wondering through the house, storage room, bathroom, back yard, eventually going back to bed. Meanwhile Eric and Jessica are quiet and motionless for some time before Eric starts making his moves again. Jessica seems more bouncy now, flirting back with him in between rounds of kissing.

4:30 am
Nothing more to report. Looks like all house guests are sleeping.

Credit: Joker’s Updates

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