Spoilers for Tonight’s ECW and Friday’s Smackdown

Here are spoilers from the spoilers for Friday’s SmackDown and tonight’s ECW,
taped September 9 in Minneapolis.

The show kicked off with Festus & Jesse beating a couple of jobbers in a
dark match. Jesse & Festus look to be played for comedy. There was a “we
want Festus” chant and the hot tag to him got a pop. They won with a Rocket
Launcher into a clothesline.

Then Jimmy Wang Yang beat KC James in a dark match. Jimmy got the token
“first notable guy out” pop.

Joey and Tazz then came out to Tazz’ music to start the ECW taping.

The show started with Armando Estrada in the ring. He called out CM Punk to
congratulate him. It ended up with Punk having Estrada put on one his new
t-shirts. Estrada then announced Punk-Elijah Burke for Unforgiven. Burke
came out and they had a face off/trash talk until Punk enziguried him out of
the ring.

Miz beat Tommy Dreamer. Tommy was fairly over.

Matt Striker beat Little Guido in about 30 seconds then Big Daddy V squashed
Guido. It was shown on the Tron that Boogeyman and V would go one-on-one
next week. Boogey then cut a pre-taped promo.

There was a backstage thing of Balls giving Kelly Kelly a teddy bear.

Mike Knox beat Balls due to Miz’ distraction. Apparently Knox was brought
back to fill in as a warm body until John Morrison comes back Maybe he can
tie into this Balls-Miz-Kelly feud. When Balls came out first people around
me were hoping for Monty Brown’s return so we were disappointed with Knox.
He got no pop, no heat, nothing.

CM Punk & Stevie Richards beat Kevin Thorne & Elijah Burke in the main
event. Yes, Stevie was in the main event and I couldn’t have been happier.
Punk pinned Thorne after GTS.

They then aired a bunch of video packages during the change over. Everytime
Cena was shown he got a pop, so he is over. I’ve got to give the crews
credit as within 10-12 minutes they had completely changed ropes, aprons and
removed the ECW set to be ready for SD! JBL and Cole camde out to JBL’s
music and video.

SD! opened with Michelle McCool and Victoria going to a double DQ due to
Kenny & Chuck Palumbo’s interference.

It then segued into a mixed tag with Palumbo and McCool against Victoria &
Kenny. McCool pinned Victoria after a Chick Kick.

Backstage Jesse & Festus throw Teddy Long a bachelor party. The Major
Brothers, Sgt. Slaughter and Teddy’s “son” show up as well.

Mark Henry then comes out dressed as a druid and cuts the same promo on
Undertaker he has for two months. Then the druids bring out an Undertaker
symbol and it is set ablaze. Something about a bunch of hooded guys setting
a symbol on fire in front of a black guy just didn’t seem right with me.

Then there was brief Diva Search vignette. Thank God all the skits and crap
will be on the website this time instead of on TV.

Backstage, Matt Hardy and MVP play chess. Matt calls checkmate and MVP
wrecks the board. Matt then says MVP has a match with Domino next.

Shannon Moore beats Jaime Noble when Moore tricks Noble into thinking Little
Bastard was coming. There was a small “Jaime Noble/Sucks” duel chant going.

Backstage Vicky Guerrero throws Krystal a bachelorette party with the SD!
and ECW divas present.

Elsewhere, MVP bitches to ref Mickey Jay about his match but Mickey tells
him to get to the ring.

Domino beat MVP thanks to shenanigans from Duece and Matt Hardy. MVP
wrestled in his street clothes.

At the Krystal’s party that f*cking fat guy shows up.

Great Khali gives another wonderfully intelligible backstage promo.

Finlay beat Kane in a “Belfast Brawl,” basically a street fight. Finlay won
clean with his Celtic Cross move. After the match Little Bastard ran out to
grab Finlay’s shileleigh. Bastard was one of the more over acts all night.

Backstage Krystal’s party runs into Teddy’s party. Then someone shows up
and says “Damn.”

In the main event Batista beat Great Khali by DQ due to Khali not letting go
of the claw. The refs helped Batista after the match.

There was no dark match main event. The show ended with DAVE being helped
to the back.
There was no Rey Mysterio as apparently he was still selling his beating
from last week. That really disappointed a lot of the fans as there was a
lot of Rey merch in the crowd and large Mexican/Latino population there.

After the show it was easy to stake out a spot to see all the wrestlers
leave. Jesse, Festus and Mike Knox took off together. Elijah and Estrada
left together. Elijah came over and looked like he would talk to fans but
then just gave a double bird and took off. It’s gotta be fun to be a heel.
The big wigs like Dusty, Brisco and Bruce Pritchard left in limos. Must be
rough. Khali really is huge in person. He took off with ref Jimmy
Korderis. Kelly, Brooke and Krystal rode together and Kelly was the driver,
which was kind of a scary thought. Rey came out sans mask and interacted
with the young kids who waited around and acknowledged the rest of the
crowd. Mark Henry and Viscera are both really big in person as well. Henry
(who I read somewhere said that he only travels by himself) left with MVP
while Viscera left alone. The ECW originals all took off together. When I
left there was still a large crowd as people were still waiting for CM Punk,
Matt Hardy and Batista to come out.

It was a fun show, as WWE TV tapings always are, but there wasn’t nothing
special. I actually think I enjoyed the ECW taping more than SD!

Mark Allen

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