Random News, Including Another Former World Champ Retires


How’s about some random newsbits?

– In an interview with Joe McDonnell on KLAC-AM Monday, Bill Goldberg (click for MP3 of the interview) said he is retired from pro wrestling and he is 100% not the former World Champion being rumored to be heading to TNA. Goldberg “plead the fifth” when asked if he ever took steroids, but said there was a moral dilemma due to what fans would think of him, particularly kids. He went on to say that if you take something, it’s your own responsibility and that wrestling needs a union.

– The Rock told Jim Rome on ESPN that Chris Benoit was a “great guy,” at least the Chris Benoit he knew and worked with – as opposed to the man who committed the heinous crimes. He said he got upset when he heard about the tragedy. “I cried like a lot of guys did. I knew him, I knew his wife. I met his children. It was difficult.”

– USA Network head Bonnie Hammer had requested that some big names be brought back to RAW to help with ratings, including Batista, The McMahon family and stooges, Steve Austin, Mick Foley, Chris Jericho and Sable.

– HHH and Shawn Michaels were in OVW last week in part to check up on Al Snow’s training of the developmental territory, which a number of people said didn’t make Snow very happy.

– WWE has some meetings planned re: its international expansion in the near future.

– Smackdown’s Ashley Massaro is in the Entertainment Weekly fall preview for her role in Survivor: China, as were the recent WWE suspensions. Survivor host Jeff Probst said, “Ashley throws people for a living. She wasn’t shy about walking around in her underwear- she’s got a great body. There’s definitely some work for the editors in terms of covering up her body parts.”

– 2 Cold Scorpio was backstage at TNA’s No Surrender PPV.

– Samoa Joe is booked for Pro Wrestling NOAH on 10/25 and 10/27, challenging for the Global Honored Crown title in Budokan Hall.

– TNA’s Israel tour is official.

– Former WCW and WWE star, and former Deep South Wrestling trainer, Bill DeMott has retired from in-ring competition, as he noted on his MySpace blog. It’s a fun, uncensored, read.

– WWE recently announced a line of video game accessories from Game On. From the press release: “Officially licensed from the WWE ®, Game On’s 2007 lineup includes the PS2 Wireless Controller and PS2 Slim Skin, as well as the Xbox 360 Faceplate and Skin Bundle, and Wii Skins and Wii Remote Gel Skins.”

Credit: PWInsider.com

Matthew Michaels is editor emeritus of Pulse Wrestling, and has been since the site launched.