MySpace Fun with the Hardys, Edge & More


In Matt Hardy’s latest MySpace blog entry, he writes, “Know what you are and become comfortable with it. Do your best to understand your strengths and weaknesses. It’s tough to realistically be able to do this–but if you can–it will make life so much easier and happier. I’ve got a strong grasp on what I am–and it helps me understand what makes my life good and makes me happy. I’m never gonna be the smooth, graceful, best at everything type guy–but I am the strongest, most determined, dedicated, straight ahead workhorse you’ll ever meet. I am a machine that ultimately transforms every experience and every form of energy and emotion I encounter into positivity. I’m a good leader that’s able to make good decisions and accept all unavoidable and inevitable truths.” He goes on to say, “My previous lines obviously sound overconfident, but you have to find the conviction to learn and know what you are, who you are.”

It’s one of his “cryptic blogs,” so you may need to read the entire thing a couple of times, but he’s usually one of the most-read on MySpace, and the whole entry — including comments on Candice’s in-ring improvement, “K Thorn” having a baby, the recent European trip and more, can be found at the above link.

Oh, and he includes the latest Matt Fact: “Matt is a big fan of synonyms.”

Also on MySpace:

– His arch-nemesis Edge has updated his MySpace with pictures from the road trip he’s currently on, and this blog entry: “Howdy folks. As you may be able to tell by my recently uploaded pic, I’m in the midst of a road trip, or better yet, a journey. Pretty much encompassing the entire west coast, started in Calgary and probably ending all the way down in the 619(San Diego for the non wrestling fans). I’ll update all of you more later on some of the amazing, literally breathtaking things that we’ve seen. Also some of the amazing places we’ve discovered and stayed at. Oh yeah and I feel great by the way. Until later.”

Axl Rotten has posted, from the hospital, saying, “I’m still alive. I have alot of rehab to do on my leg. I’m still in the hospital but I’m doing better.” UPDATE: He has posted a new blog entry here where he says he will wrestle again, thanks his fans, etc.

– Ashley is alive.

Jeff Hardy’s band has new song and t-shirt info.

– WWE Diva Search contestant Taryn Terrell will be at a Playboy event on September 29 in San Jose.

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