JR, Juvi & Punk Speak

Juventud Guerrera was interviewed by ClubWWI.com recently and spoke about his time in WWE. He claims he coined the name “Mexicools” during the stable’s first meeting with Vince McMahon and it stuck, but that relations with Psicosis and Super Crazy were strained and that they would often go off without him from airports because they were “maybe jealous” of Juvi. He says he had respect for and was respected by the rest of the locker room, just not the cruiserweights. When asked if the politics in WWE were worse than in other promotions, he replied “I don’t know if that was that or if it was that I was because I was a little, uh, how can I say it, could say mature? Which I don’t think I am still though. But you know in the way of the business was going and in my career. But like I said, I was just following the rules and, you know, because that was a funny thing when I’m having a meeting with the boys and they say I want people to raise your hand and they can give some ideas, you know? So you know, I raise my hand, and kinda like everybody looked at me like maybe, rare, you know, ’cause maybe because I’m Mexican. Which is the way it usual is, you know, that’s why, you know, I’m trying to be, I tried not to be just another Mexican. I try to represent, you know and people sometimes get hurt, you know. And that’s not my goal. That’s not my deal.”

C.M. Punk is one of the people interviewed in USA Weekend‘s piece on the sustained popularity of G.I. Joe. “I guess I gravitate more toward the evil side,” he says. “I’m not the all-American, Captain America type.”

Meanwhile, not to be outdone, Jim Ross has his latest blog post up. A few notes on his comments…

– as reported earlier, a Curt Hennig DVD is being worked on.

– he says an Edge DVD should be saved for the future and that Edge releasing an autobiography a few years ago was “iffy”.

– he hasn’t spoken to Paul Heyman since April, when Heyman called to congratulate him on the WWE Hall of Fame induction. He says Heyman is pursuing a number of new projects but none involve wrestling.

“I hope the ‘new’ Hart Foundation works really well if and when it is debuted. I am just an old school guy who is leery of repackaged characterizations but this one might work. Time will tell and I am certainly pulling for the ‘Hart’ kids.”

– he calls on wrestlers to make better personal decisions and their doctors to be more professional. He says one of the biggest problems facing the WWE is wrestlers refusing to acknowledge that they have a problem.

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