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September 25, 2007

Alone In The Dark: Unrated Director’s Cut

Based on the popular video game, this terrorizing film gets a director’s cut with new footage which is sure to frighten. Journey along with paranormal detective Edward Carnby as he faces the toughest case of his life.

DVD Features: Extended footage, additional scenes, audio commentary

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Babel: Two-Disc Collector’s Edition

Four totally different couples that know nothing of each other are connected in the Moroccan desert by a single gun that brings much turmoil into all their lives. Enjoy this special edition which delivers numerous featurettes and backstage looks.

DVD Features: Audio commentary, interviews, deleted scenes, making of, “Common Ground” featurette

Brothers And Sisters: The Complete First Season

The Walker siblings all live normal and idyllic lives out in California. That is until their father William Walker passes away which then releases some of the dark and dirty truths that not many know about the family.

DVD Features: All 23 episodes from the first season, audio commentary, deleted scenes, bloopers, behind the scenes, “The Family Business” featurette, bonus episode

Bug: Special Edition

Agnes has escaped her abusive husband and is currently in a hotel room in Oklahoma after jumping state to state. She is introduced to a Gulf War vet who seems like a nice guy until she realizes he sees bugs everywhere and thinks they are real.

DVD Features: Audio commentary, “A Discussion With William Friedkin” featurette, “Bug: An Introduction” featurette

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Cujo: 25th Anniversary Edition

Stephen King’s version of man’s best friend is twenty-five years old and is as scary as ever. A Saint Bernard develops rabies after a series of bat attacks and terrorizes a mother and her son as they take refuge in their car and hope to make it out alive.

DVD Features: Audio commentary, interviews, three-part making of featurette

Demons & Demons II

Lamberto Bava’s horrific creations are both sure to terrify. In Demons, a group of humans hole themselves off in a movie theatre as demons surround them outside and proceed to pick them off one by one and strengthen their numbers. The sequel takes the tenants of a ten-story high rise building that must work together to survive the demons rampaging every floor.

DVD Features: Audio Commentaries, trailers, behind the scenes featurettes, special make-up artists, and more

Drawn Together: Season Two

The animated version of reality TV is back for its second season and the houseguests are just as dysfunctional as ever. Spoofed characters representing some of the most popular cartoon figures of all time try to live together under one roof and things are not pretty.

DVD Features: All 15 episodes from the second season, audio commentaries

Full Of It

Experience first-hand the story of a young man who does nothing but lie. Things don’t stay easy though as it all begins to turn against him though as he must live out his lies in order to become popular.

DVD Features: Audio commentary, behind the scenes, interviews, deleted scenes, numerous featurettes

The King Of Queens: 9th Season

Join Doug and Carrie Heffernan in the ninth and final season of the popular and hilarious series all about married life in the suburbs of New York. Witness some big time things with the Heffernans as they deal with trying to buy a vacation home, adopting a baby, and possibly even divorce.

DVD Features: All 12 episodes from the ninth season, audio commentaries, and more

Knocked Up: Unrated

Ben and Alison meet a night club one night and hit it off right away. Their drunken night of dancing turns into a bit more, but it’s over by the time morning comes. Or so they think that is until Alison ends up pregnant.

DVD Features: Two-disc and single disc editions, roller coaster documentary, gag reel, line-o-rama, audio commentary, deleted scenes, and close to twenty featurettes

The Mickey Rooney & Judy Garland Collection

Two of the greatest young stars in the thirties teamed together in four of the nine films they would eventually appear with one another.

DVD Features: Babes in Arms / Babes on Broadway / Girl Crazy / Strike Up the Band

My Name Is Earl: Season Two

Earl is still trying to make his way through his long list of good deeds and being nice to people, but he’s trying. This season Earl learns the true meaning of sacrifice, tries to make amends with Joy’s wrestler sister, and gets a real job.

DVD Features: All 23 episodes from the second season, audio commentary, alternate & deleted scenes, outtakes, numerous featurettes

Check out John Cavanagh’s review.


Cris Johnson is a Vegas magician who can see a few minutes into the future. His entire life he has seen this talent not as a gift but more so a burden. Now his gift will be needed to help find a bomb placed by terrorists in Los Angeles before it is too late.

DVD Features: Making of, “Visualizing The Next Thing” featurette, “The Next Grand Idea” featurette, “Two Minutes In The Future With Jessica Biel” featurette

Numb3rs: The Third Season

FBI Agent Don Eppes and his younger brother, the math-genius, Charlie are back again to solve crimes using the impressive method of equation. From a hip-hop star’s kidnapping to a burglary at Charlie’s own home; season three has every crime imaginable for the brothers to work through.

DVD Features: All 24 episodes from the third season

Severance: Special Edition

The sales division of the multi-national company Palisade Defence gets a reward for their hard work with a team-building weekend in Eastern Europe. The fun doesn’t last long though as a group of demented killers are hot on their trail and won’t stop until they are all dead.

DVD Features: Audio commentary, making of, alternate ending, deleted scenes, outtakes, numerous featurettes

Streets Of San Francisco: Season 1, Volume 2

Inspector Steve Keller and Lieutenant Mike Stone are back for more on the mean streets of San Francisco to solve some of the worst cases the city has ever seen. It’s up to the hard-nosed veteran and the rookie to help put criminals where they belong, behind bars.

DVD Features: The remaining 13 episodes from the first season

The TV Set

Sit back and enjoy the entire process that a television show must go through to get on the air. Follow along as a TV show pilot goes through creation, writing, casting, production, and more just to get seen by millions and hope they like it.

DVD Features: Audio commentaries, deleted scenes, trailers, making of

Twisted Terror Collection

Six films of terror and fright to keep you terrified for weeks include: Deadly Friend / Dr. Giggles / Eyes of a Stranger / From Beyond the Grave / The Hand / Someone’s Watching Me

DVD Features: Audio commentaries, theatrical trailers, numerous featurettes

The Unit: Season 2

Witness both sides of the lives of a Special Forces unit that lands some of the United States’ top secret missions. With every case, they risk certain danger while their families sit at home hoping they will return unharmed to them at the end of the day.

DVD Features: All 23 episodes from the second season, audio commentaries, behind the scenes

Walking Tall: Lone Justice

Nick has done everything he can for his small town so he retires from being sheriff and heads out to Dallas. He is ready to leave the quiet life with his family, but he just can’t sit idly by as drug lords harass the lives of the innocent.

DVD Features: None

What About Brian The Complete Series

Brian Davis is the only single person left among all his friends and he has this feeling that he’ll never find the right person. Go along with Brian as he tries to survive Los Angeles’ hectic date scene and tries to find love.

DVD Features: All 25 episodes from the series, behind the scenes, deleted scenes, interviews

WWE Summerslam 2007

Stars from all three brands; ECW, RAW, and Smackdown all gather together for the biggest event of the summer. Witness the returns of Triple H and Rey Mysterio and all three world championships on the line.

DVD Features: Backstage segments, interviews, 8 matches in all



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