ADVANCE REVIEW: X-Men: First Class #5



Writer: Jeff Parker

Artist: Rogerio Cruz

Inker: Rogerio Cruz

Company: Marvel

This book is a prime example of why the original X-Men continue to capture the hearts and imaginations of comic fans everywhere.

The X-Men vs. the Hulk; ‘Nuff said.

Worried that they will never capture the Hulk, the U.S. Army recruit Xavier and his pet muties to rein him in; naturally not really telling the X-Men anything about what they are about to face. What follows is the X-Men at their finest: battle, banter and fun.

The X-Men have always made good use of their abilities, and always used them in conjunction with one another. Witness Marvel Girl and Iceman teaming up to send Hulk on a trip via telekinesis and an ice-slide. Angel confirmed that without metal wings he is useless, as he mutters under his breath, “All I do is catch X-Men.” In the end, this is another book in the long line that contain the ol’ heroes-battle-until-the-misunderstanding-is-understood trick. But it is awesome.

It is good to see Roger Cruz get work, as he has always been quality and seems to have been missing since the Age of Apocalypse, but his work here does not seem to be up to his own usual high standards. That said, it is still better than a lot of stuff out there.

Buy it.

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