Night of the Demons 2 – DVD Review

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Directed by
Brian Trenchard-Smith

Cristi Harris … Bibi
Darin Heames ………. Z-boy
Robert Jayne ………. Perry (as Bobby Jacoby)
Merle Kennedy ………. Mouse / Melissa Franklin
Amelia Kinkade ………. Angela Franklin
Rod McCary ………. Father Bob
Johnny Moran ………. Johnny
Rick Peters ………. Rick
Jennifer Rhodes ………. Sister Gloria
Christine Taylor ………. Terri
Zoe Trilling ………. Shirley Finnerty
Ladd York ………. Kurt
Mark Neely ………. Albert
Rachel Longaker ………. Linda

Run Time: 96 minutes
Rated R
DVD Release date: September 25, 2007

Remember Night of the Demons?

. . . No?

Never mind that, because Angela is back in 1994’s Night of the Demons 2! This film is directed by one Brian Trenchard-Smith, whose CV includes helming such films as Leprechaun 3, Atomic Dog, and Leprechaun 4: In Space.

So, I don’t think I have to tell you how much ass this movie kicks.

cough#A lot#cough

The DVD box doesn’t even bother to pimp the co-starring role by Mrs. Ben Stiller, Christine Taylor, in all her pre-Marcia Brady glory. The DVD of a lesser movie would have put her on the cover. Hell Return to Horror High features George Clooney in it for about 4 minutes, and they slapped his name all over the box art of that thing.

Anyways, onto the review proper.

Something REALLY BAD happened to Angela years ago at the haunted Hull House, which may or may not lie upon a haunted hill. Bodies were sliced and diced, minced and ground. Angela was never found. The kids say that she was take body and soul, straight into hell, and became Satan’s concubine.

So when slutty girl and her somewhat less slutty friends are banned from the proper school dance, guess where they want to hold their secret makeout party? Why, what better place to hold the Halloween party for the randy residents of the wayward teen Catholic school than the local portal to hell? Along for the ride are a horny jock, his slightly less horny friend and 2 random delinquents from someplace else, and Angela’s mousy sister, the aptly named Mouse.

Naturally, things start to go bad as demons manage to invade the proper school dance. It’s up to a badass nun who wields a rosary like nunchucks and the Lovecraft-obsessed outsider with super soakers full of holy water to save the day.

After a standard first half, NotD2 really kicks up the absurd humor and gore, playing like a strange hybrid of Cutting Class and From Dusk Till Dawn. Night of the Demons 2 really has everything one could want in a dead teenager movie: demonic lesbianism, cannibalistic breasts, a snake woman, Catholic fu, gratuitous aardvarking, evil lipstick, and the torture of door-to-door evangelicals.

Night of the Demons 2 features Rod McCary as Father Bob, the sheriff priest that doesn’t believe in the supernatural occurrences until it’s too late, Amelia Kinkade as Angela the demon, and Charmed‘s Jennifer Rhodes as the kung-fu Sister Gloria who delivers such classic Catholic school lines as, “Save room for the holy ghost” and “a kiss is a sin, when it is an upper persuasion for a lower invasion.”


Audio and Visual
The movie looks and sounds okay. Not really above VHS quality. Speaking of tape quality, it looks to be available exclusively in 1.33:1 full frame.

The Extras

The DVD Lounge’s Rating for Night of the Demons 2
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