TNA Turning Point 2007 Results

Team 3D and Johnny Devine vs Motor City Machineguns and Black Machismo
Back and forth match with both teams working well. Finish comes when Lethal puts Devine through a table, but the ref is out, and Team 3D puts Lethal on the broken table, wakes up the ref and the ref declares them the winners.
Winners: Team 3D and Johnny Devine

Roxi Levoux and ODB vs. Angelina Love and Velvet Sky
Lots of comedy early including ODB giving the ref a wedgee. Faces toss ODB out of the ring and pin Roxxi for the win.
Winners: Love and Sky

Kurt backstages goes to talk to Christian and JB gives him a pep talk. Angle goes into Christian’s dressing room and talks to him about merging the Alliance and Coalition but with himself as leader. Angle calls himself the George Bush of TNA. Christian refuses the offer then berates Robert Roode, who takes it out on Traci.

Cowboy James Storm w/Jackie Moore vs. Showtime Eric Young
Young sold the arm most of the match. Finish comes when Jackie Moore comes up to the apron with a beer and distracts Young, who ducks and Moore sprays beer on Storm. Young pins him.
Winner: Eric Young

15 Man Feast or Fired Match
Senshei, Primetime Elix Skipper, Christopher Daniels, Sonjay Dutt, Sharkboy, Lance Hoyt, Jimmy Rave, Petey Williams, Wildcat Chris Harris, BG James, Kip James, Homicide, Hernandez, Scott Steiner
I only counted 14 but maybe i missed someone. There are 4 chained cases on each corner on a poll. We wont find out what is in each case until Impact apparently. Petey Williams grabs the first case. Kip James, dressed in pastel pink, grabs the second case then tosses it to BG on the floor, who catches it. Then is upset because that case could mean he is fired! Senshei grabs the third case. Long battle over the fourth and Scott Steiner grabs it.
Winners: Williams, BH, Senshei, Steiner

We’ll find out which case is which on Thursday on Impact.

TNA Woman’s Championship
Awesome Kong vs. Gail Kim (c)

Awesome Kong gets DQed for being too violent at the end after Gail Kim had some nearfalls.
Winner: Gail Kim by DQ

10,000 Tacks Match
Abyss and Raven vs. Black Reign and Rellik

Rhino is out, and Raven is subbing. Lots of tables and such. Finish comes when Abyss does the Black Hole Slam on Rellik on the tacks for the pin.
Winners: Abyss and Raven

Angle finds Samoa Joe backstage and warns him about the Outsiders being old and such.

Christian Cage and Robert Roode vs. Booker T and Kaz
Finish sees Roode go to hit Booker with a chair, Booker moves and Roode hits Christian. Booker T hits the axe kick and pins Christian.
Winners: Booker T and Kaz

After the match, Roode and Christian argue. AJ Styles comes down to try to make peace, Christian leaves and AJ follows him pleading.

Joe and Nash argue about the Outsiders not having their head in the match.

Samoa Joe, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall vs. Kurt Angle, AJ Styles and Tomko
Joe gets on the mic and cuts a promo on Scott Hall punking out on the PPV. Joe says he has a live mic and then talks about the difference between the hard working guys like him and the other and the old guys who pad their pensions. joe talks for a long time then brings out his new hard working partner… eric young. shoot me in the face.

match coming up…

Joe and Nash dont tag each other in. Match is about 10 mins after intros and Joe promo. Angle has Nash in the ankle lock, Joe comes to save, appears to turn on Nash by not making the save, then kicks Angle in the face. Young comes back in, they double team Tomko with finishers and Joe hits the Muscle Buster on Tomko for the pin. Nash walks out right away as Joe and EY celebrate. Seems like Hall did indeed no show.
Winners: Joe, Young, Nash


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