Richly Deserved: The Amazing Race Episode 12-6

The teams this week were separated not by a road block or detour, but by their prowess at the airport. Here’s how they did.

RONALD AND CHRISTINA: Ronald’s treating of Christina is still a work in progress. However that’s what we saw this week, progress. He also shows signs of being nice at some times and rude at others. But their leg could not have been better. They secured their flight online while the others waited at the airport for the checkout counter to open. Ron did the road block, finding a stone that fits a wall being built. They chose the detour that involved rowing to the spot with the final clue box and while Christina tried to convince Ron to row in an unconventional manner, he eventually corrected the problem and then they rowed the last bit together. They hit the mat for their first leg win of the race and are rewarded with a catamaran.

KYNT AND VYXSIN: The goths continue to be strong while not raising the ire of the other teams. They smartly got on a good flight to Croatia (even if it left slightly later) and at the same time, got some of the other teams scrambling through the airport for alternative ticket offices to check. The road block was done quickly and they chose the detour which involved a little bit of climbing and some running around the streets to find the clue. They would have finished third but were the beneficiary of a mistake by Nathan and Jennifer.

NATHAN AND JENNIFER: This team is not only in danger of bickering themselves out of the race, but perhaps their relationship as well. They too got the first flight so they got a big lead on the other teams but after losing their way a bit they proceeded to yell at eachother while not concentrating at all on their rowing. Still wet, they were unable to take a cab which allowed Ron and Chris to win. They hitch a ride with a private car to the pit stop. Only problem is that they had to take a TAXI. So Phil orders them back to the bottom of the hill to do it again. That knocked them back to third. They might win this thing but it will be ugly if it’s the case.

TK AND RACHEL: Were one of two who unfortunately got the first flight out but were hampered by several delays. Too bad. It seemed like they had one of the better legs in Croatia but with the late arrival, all they could muster was a safe fourth.

NICOLAS AND DONALD: The other ones on the flight with TK and Rachel. Difference here is that this team is not nearly as quick or athletic. Therefore Donald had a slow, difficult time at the road block, then got a bit lost on the way to getting the final cab to the pit stop. Luckily, they had one more team that had an even more horrific flight situation than they did and that team is …

AZARIA AND HENDEKEA: Wow. From the class of the field to done, all because a travel agent in Lithuania didn’t hear them ask for ECONOMY class (Rules are explicit that all flights are economy class). So once they realized they got business class tickets, and they were too late to get economy class tickets for the flight, their game was effectively over, even if it did look like they were catching up to Donald and Nic. It might have been for the best though since even though Azaria is proud of his sister’s fight, she isn’t so happy with his efforts to control the situation all the time.

The Race takes a break next week as CBS brings us the finale of Survivor: China.


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