Raw Spoilers

Dark matches…

– Brian Kendrick beat Nick Nemeth

– Snitsky beat Super Crazy

Heat matches…

– D.H. Smith beat Davis Owens

– Drew McIntyre beat Charlie Haas. For some reason, Haas decided to disguise himself as a luchadore mid-match.

– Happy Hardcore Holly beat Trevor Murdoch. Lance Cade separated his shoulder during a house show match the night before and is expected to be out for four-to-six weeks.


– A Ric Flair video opens the show.

– Randy Orton cuts a promo, bragging about his success and promising that it will continue throughout 2008. Jeff Hardy comes out to a good pop and shows a clip of him pinning Orton a few weeks ago. Orton tries to hit him but Hardy ends up laying him out instead.

– Next week, the return of the Raw Roulette.

– Backstage, Matt Hardy asks Jeff for the first title shot should he win at the Rumble. Jeff accepts.

– Ken Kennedy beats Shawn Michaels, pinning him cleanly.

– Backstage, Todd Grisham interviews Triple H. Vince McMahon interrupts and says if Triple H can’t beat Ric Flair tonight, he won’t be allowed to enter the Royal Rumble.

– Backstage. Jillian Hall. Big Dick Johnston. Dancing. Ron Simmons. DAMN.

– Backstage, Vince tells William Regal he has booked him in a match with Hornswoggle tonight.

– A Tribute to the Troops video airs.

– Umaga beats Jim Duggan in a Royal Rumble qualifying match.

– Backstage, Ric Flair talks with Holly and Cody Rhodes when Vince interrupts and tells Flair his career ends tonight.

– JBL makes his return to Raw in a limousine as balloons and confetti descend from the rafters. He gets a huge fireworks display and cuts a promo but Chris Jericho interrupts. They have a patented pull-apart brawl.

– Beth Phoenix beats Melina to retain the Women’s Title.

– Regal and Hornswoggle go to a no-contest. Vince is at ringside and urges Regal to use the brass knuckles, yet Regal can’t bring himself to hit Hornswoggle with them. Regal walks away and Vince says he better not come back until he’s the man Vince thinks he is.

– Jeff Hardy and Santino Marella go to a no-contest. Randy Orton appears on the screen during the match and beats up Matt Hardy backstage. Jeff runs to the back to help his brother but Orton escapes.

– Backstage, Ric Flair and Triple H argue face-to-face. Flair’s wife Tiffany, son Reid and daughter Ashleigh are shown sitting at ringside.

– Ric Flair beat Triple H by DQ. Said to be a good match with tremendous heat. The finish came when Regal returned and knocked Flair out with the brass knuckles. Afterwards, Triple H helped Flair get up and they hugged.


– Lilian Garcia introduces Big Dick Johnston, who gets onto the announcers table and dances for Jim Ross. He pours champagne over him until JR punches him in the groin, knocking him to the floor, and pours the leftover champagne over him.

– Chris Jericho & Jeff Hardy beat JBL & Randy Orton.

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