Shattered – DVD Review

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Mike Barker


Pierce Brosnan ………. Tom Ryan
Maria Bello ………. Abby Randall
Gerard Butler ………. Neil Randall

The Movie

The trajectory of actors after iconic roles can often be interesting to watch. Sean Connery used his notoriety as James Bond to become one of the iconic actors of our time. Arnold Schwarzenegger became the world’s biggest action icon after The Terminator made him a household name. Sylvester Stallone always has been saddled as Rocky Balboa, having to go back to that franchise five times to keep his career going. Looking at Pierce Brosnan, who became a household name as the titular British spy, is a look at a man who has tackled a wild variety of roles since he hung up his bowtie. From a professional assassin with an anxiety disorder in The Matador to a man on the run from his past in Seraphim Falls to his upcoming comedic turn in Mamma Mia, Brosnan has certainly tackled a wide variety of roles since we last saw as Bond in Die Another Day. Now he’s a psychopath holding a child for ransom in Shattered.

Also known as Butterfly on a Wheel, Bronson is about as evil as it gets in Tom Ryan. He’s holding the daughter of Abby (Maria Bell) and Neil (Gerard Butler) for hostage. Put through an ever increasing series of challenges and games over a 24 hour period. As Tom dissects Neil’s life, which is quite opulent as an advertising executive in Chicago, things aren’t what they appear to be in his life. The charmed life we’re lead to believe they live turns out to not be the case. It all leads up to a big, convoluted plot twist that turns the entire film upside down.

It’s interesting to see Brosnan as an out and out pure villain. He’s dashing and charming, all right, but he’s also an evil man to the core. It’s amusing as hell to see him chomping scenery and doing the sorts of “bad guy behavior” that he spent the bulk of his career trying to foil. Seeing him on the other side is interesting in a way; seeing him relish the role is good viewing. It is light years from his role as Bond, a fact that Brosnan seems to know as he appears to be having tons of fun in the role. This is another in a series of roles showing the diversity of his abilities as an actor; typecast as Bond, Brosnan is taking on so many different roles that in a couple years the dashing spy will be something he isn’t known for.

And credit Mike Barker for keeping the intensity level up throughout the film. He clearly knows what he wants and has a first rate cast, at least for a film with a very limited theatre run and a wider release on DVD only, but Barker has crafted a first rate thriller with the material. The problem is that the film leads up to a plot twist so completely out of left field, with the perfunctory Deus ex machina soliloquy, that the film ends on a relatively sour note. It’s such a tight scripted and intense thriller that a straightforward finale would make more sense.

But then again, it is a film that has gone almost directly to DVD. Film twists like these are usually lined up for this sort of film for a reason.


Presented in a Dolby Digital 5.1 format, with a widescreen format, the film has a first rate audio/visual presentation. The film’s score is tight and uses the Dolby system wonderfully, while the film’s dark colors and visuals come through equally well.

The Extras

Breaking Apart the Wheel is a rather in depth look at the film with all those involved with the film, though nothing of note is really said in the piece. It looks at the film’s themes and there is some discussion of character by Brosnan and Butler, but its nothing special.

Hero to Villain is a look at Brosnan’s post Bond career briefly, as everyone discusses how it’s not all unreasonable for a man who’s played the hero to want to be a villain.

Alternate and Deleted Scenes, including an alternate introduction, are included. Four scenes in total, they don’t add much to the proceedings.

Commentary from Barker and writer William Morrissey

Also From Lionsgate is a series of trailers advertising other DVD releases, including the remake of 3:10 to Yuma, Good Luck Chuck, War, Crank, The Cooler and Saw IV.

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