Richly Deserved: Celebrity Apprentice Episode 6

In a nutshell, the teams were to create a living window display promoting Vera Wang-designed Sealy mattresses. Hydra again won with a creative, eye-popping Cleopatra scene while Empressario safely played on Vera Wang’s bridal reputation with a bride and groom scene.

How did our remaining group do? Here’s how.

LENNOX LEWIS: What was that, champ? Having teammates raise their hands? Having votes on EVERY decision. Good thing you’re not running for political office, dude. Anyhow he does manage to win a task for his charity. But there doesn’t seem to be much future left here.

PIERS MORGAN: I guess we know his strategy now. Get so much into your teammates’ skin that they don’t want to be around you any longer. It worked in the case of Vinny and nearly worked in Stephen’s case. Oh, and by the way. Did you notice his biggest criticisms were saved for Lennox and Omarosa? Does that tell you something about the character of Piers Morgan? It does to me. But to his credit he does continue to work hard and win.

TITO ORTIZ: After being away last week we really didn’t see much of him again this time. Is he just riding coattails or is he getting this season’s “Kendra” edit?

TRACE ADKINS: Man, does this guy impress me. He is a man of few words but every one he does utter counts. He came up with both the winning idea (Antony and Cleopatra theme) and the slogan “The world’s greatest romance deserves the world’s best mattress”. Trace doesn’t have a project manager stint yet and I am anticipating it because he will be fun to watch.

OMAROSA: Is it just me? Or is the more mature, savvy Omarosa making us forget the bitch of Season one? She has turned into a leader. Yes, she was a deserved losing project manager for her safe bridal-themed display. But her ability to repel the nonsense Piers throws at her is most impressive.

STEPHEN BALDWIN: Nearly became another victim of Piers but to his credit, took Trump’s offer to join Empressario. However he had to miss half the task for a previous engagement. Perhaps shouldn’t have tried to put in his input in the 11th hour. Part-timers have to be foot soldiers. Anyway he should still be around a while.

CAROL ALT: Didn’t see a lot of Carol this time around except for her acting skills. She’s shown to be one of the level-headed ones remaining and I still get a sense we haven’t seen the best of her.

MARILU HENNER: Omarosa complained she was a little too hyper and had to settle her down a couple of times. It’s true. You have to control your enthusiasm on a task. But she did her best to move the task forward and remains one of the stronger women standing.

NELY GALAN: I am super disappointed. I really expected more from Nely. In face she was my pick to win it all. But it just seemed others were more prepared to take on the tasks than she was. Trump and George were absolutely right when they said she brough little to the team’s creativity. Omarosa was right to be frustrated by her. It’s a mystery to me why she didn’t bring her very best to the show.