Richly Deserved: Big Brother – Episode 9-1

It’s time for the first episode of Big Brother 9 and we’ll have all the action a little later on.But first.As is customary, let’s meet the 16 houseguests:Alex, 24, DJ Company Owner – Seems down to earth. Likely the fact he lost his father in 9/11 will be a storyline for a segment or two. Could be a Drew type.Allison, 28, Pharmaceutical Sales Representative. If she’s more like Reality TV’s most famos Pharmaceutical Sales Representative (Survivor Palau/Guatemala’s Stephenie) and less like the last Alison to enter the house, she should be o.k. Seems bubbly but smart.Ryan, 27, College student, described as loud and opinionated. Seems like he’s going to be at the centre of the drama as long as he’s in the house. If girlfriend Jen gets close to other guys, he could get jealous. Don’t think he’ll reach Evel Dick proportions though.Sharon, 23, Realtor. Described as spirited and lively. Don’t see any comparisons with the last young realtor in the house (BB3’s Amy). Hopefully she can still show some of that personality despite having ex-boyfriend Jacob in the house.Parker, 26, Paparazzo. Here’s the TMZ photo guy with the crazy lid. That will be hard to look at or hard not to look at as a viewer. Has military background but doesn’t seem to have a military attitude. Should be fun to watch.Natalie, 28, Bikini Barista. Bikini … Barista. Oooooo k. A bible-thumper with a body. Niiice. I’m sure she’ll be at the centre of some of the drama as well.Jacob, 23, Electrician. An ex-marine with a bunch of tattoos. Unfortunately he’s paired up with ex Sharon or he might be the type to hook up first.James, 21, Riding Bicycle around the World. I just wonder how much that job pays. Wow. Looks like if there needs to be a life of this party, this guy is definitely going to be it. A sure wild card who could help or hurt the partner he hooks up with.Chelsia, 21, College student. A hot party girl who likes motorcycles and older men (by that, would 40 be in her age bracket? Just wondering). If she sticks around she could be a very interesting addition to the house.Neil, 29, Realtor. Another realtor. Gee, the housing market must be really slowing down. Seems like a fun-loving, active guy.Amanda, 23, Paralegal. An athletic, hopeless romantic who loves Italian cooking. Makes me wish I was around 23. Feel she will be a flirt within this group. Sounds a bit like Jessica Hughbanks from last year, dontcha think?Joshuah, 25, Advertising Media Buyer, A bi-sexual who pretended to be straight growing up until he was caught. We’ve had a long history of gay men (Bunky, Marcellas, Will (BB5), and the duo of Joe and Dustin last year), but we’ve never had a bi. Could be interesting.Jen, 26, Bartender. Jen/Jennifers haven’t been a pleasant addition to the house the past couple of years (unless, they’re wearing a bikini), so this girl has to right the ship for her namesakes. A Big Brother fan who hasn’t missed an episode, so like our new group of Survivors, she has to prove her knowledge of the game. The fact she’s working with boyfriend Ryan will help a lot.Adam, 29, Public Relations Manager, The man has his own clothing label. He also likes aggressive women. He could be another who hooks up early.Sheila, 45, former model. This is interesting. She’s by far the oldest person in the house. But as a former Penthouse Pet, could mix in with the younger group very well. Could easily see her hooking up with a younger man.Matt, 23, Roofing Foreman. Has a “Boston Rob” feel but sounds a bit like Rocky from Survivor: Fiji. From New England. Works in construction. Should be an interesting character.So we begin as we usually begin. Seeing the house, camera, and mikes. We also see screaming people find their key and say goodbye to their love ones including their pets.After Julie gives us this year’s twist, the seven women enter the house but couldn’t get into the bedrooms. This year’s house has a log cabin theme. It’s time for the guys to go in but there’s a couple of twists. Sharon is about to be reunited with on-again off-again (and currently off-again) ex Jacob. As well, we find out Jen and Ryan are a couple and have to work together without being found out. When the guys go in, Jen and Ryan play it cool. Sharon is not so happy. She tells a couple of the girls that her ex is in the house.Time for the houseguests to introduce eachother. The usual covering up and lying ensues. Allison doesn’t want people to know she’s a recovering gambling addict. Then, Julie reveals the twists. The houseguests learn the game will be played as couples, they’ll share power together, be nominated together, be evicted together, even sleep together.Time to hook up the couples.Alex and Amanda (Alex is pleased)James and Chelsia (Chelsia is not thrilled)Natalie and Matt (Matt is thrilled)Jen and Parker (Ryan is a bit jealous and surprised)Joshaua and Neil (should be fun)Jacob and Sharon (Whoops)Ryan and AllisonAnd finally, Sheila and Adam. Sheila is clearly not pleased as Adam calls her “Ma” and Sheila sternly says “Don’t call me Ma”. The friction begins already. Adam is ticked off as well.Anyway time to put the smiles and frowns away for the first “Power Couple” competition (formerly the HOH). One partner is suspended in mid-air and grabs the other partner, holding on for as long as they can. The winner gets the “power couple”Sheila, to no one’s surprise, drops first.Neil and Josh are done next.Amanda and Alex go down after.Jacob and Sharon drop, cutting the field to four.Julie brings another twist. If the bottom partner can reach down and grab a heart-shaped pillow on the bed below, then stay up and win the competition, they’ll receive $10,000 as well. Jen picks up the pillow. Alison and Ryan get eliminated trying to. Chelsia gets the pillow but she and James are out seconds after. Jen makes a deal promising Natalie safety and Natalie sets herself down, giving Jen and Parker the first Power Couple title.In the coming days, the nomination, power of veto, and the first evicted pair next Wednesday.We’ve got it all covered so stay with Inside Pulse for all things Big Brother