From the UK: WWF In Your House 8 “Beware of Dog”

we’re in South Caronlina

Hosts are Vince McMahon and Jerry Lawler

No real reason for this one other than I’ve never seen it all the way through and was aware of the fact I haven’t done a review in a long time. I just also want to thank Bryan Alavarez for having me on Figure Four Daily and I want to remind all our readers that the next 25 wrestlers in the top 100 are well on their way and we will hopefully soon have them done. Thanks to everyone who’s shown interest in the project and thanks to the many people who sent me emails and facebook messages. I don’t deserve you.

Anyhoo this is a show that’s semi-famous because the power went out during the show and fans missed half the card. The WWF ran a second show on the following Tuesday. This is the home video release of the show

Free For All
WWF Tag Team Championship
Champs – The Godwinns w/ Hillbilly Jim and Sunny
The Smoking Gunns

This was during a storyline where Sunny pretty much managed whoever had the tag belts which led to her affectionately being called “Sunny the Tag Whore”. Well, I called her that at least. Bart and PIG start us out with a handshake. Bart’s headlock goes nowhere and it’s not long before punching begins. Henry and Billy come in and the match actually improves. Man a time when Billy Gunn was a reasonably athletic and entertaining wrestler. What happened there? The Godwinns take control of the match as the fans really don’t seem to care. It should be noted that there’s a row of empty seats right in front of the camera. Sucks to be these four doesn’t it? I bet there’s a nacho salesman that followed the Godwinns around because they were helping put his kids through college. Anyway, Billy Gunn puts a lip lock on Sunny allowing Bart to get the pin on PIG to win the match and the titles.

Time – 4:57
¾* – Short and not very exciting. Billy gives a very heel like promo post match, sadly he would end up being Rockabilly as the climax to this storyline.

Hunter Hearst Helmsley w/ a nameless bimbo
Marc Mero w/ Sable

Sable debuted as HHH’s manager but she got fired and Marc Mero came to her rescue leading to this feud. Mero was playing a crazy man character at this point and HHH was your everyday rich toff who moonlights as a pro wrestler. Who says they didn’t have realistic characters at this point? The fight is on right away, with Mero unloading in the corner and sending HHH over the top. Mero follows with a dive and then gets a slingshot leg drop back inside for two. HHH goes to the eyes to stop Mero in his tracks but has a whip reversed and does the Flair Flip in the corner. Mero misses a shoulder charge in the corner and hits the ring post and HHH goes right after it. Mero gets sent into the post again and lands outside. Back inside, HHH gets an arm drop and then begins slowly dissecting Mero, showing some good intensity.

I’m telling you I really need to do a refresher course on move names because I suck at the moment. Vince McMahon isn’t exactly much of a help in that department. HHH methodically stays on the shoulder, using the post, ropes and anything else to inflict punishment. This is some fine psychology on display by both men. HHH goes for a Cross Arm Breaker and Vince has no clue what it is. Mero sells the move in awesome fashion and the fans are slowly starting to get into this. HHH gets a knee drop on the canvas right onto the shoulder. That looked excellent.

HHH is just using every arm lock he knows here, and fans get behind Mero. This sort of stuff is so simple but it works. Mero could do with a hope spot though and as I type that he gets a roll up for two before getting clotheslined. This is a textbook wrestling match, that I think half of WWE’s current roster probably couldn’t do. HHH stays on the arm and starts grabbing the ropes for extra dick headiness. Lawler gets some funny jabs at Sable on commentary, back when he actually was a heel commentator. HHH foolishly goes up and Mero grabs the ropes to crotch him. Mero gets a rana from the top rope but is too hurt to capitalise, PSYCHOLOGY. Mero gets a flying head scissors and a back drop as the fans start to show some enthusiasm. Mero climbs up top and gets a Sunset Flip for two. HHH gets dropkicked outside but he’s able to dodge a flip from Mero. Mero is now a one legged and one armed man. HHH goes for the Pedigree and Sable can’t watch. HHH wants her to watch, what a prick. HHH goes for it again but Mero counters and tosses him head first into the turn-buckle for the win

Time – 16:23
*** – Crowd wasn’t that exuberant but the action was solid. They should show this match to all the guys and gals down in FCW and tell them to just emulate it because this was perfect psychology.

WWF Championship
Champ – Shawn Michaels w/ Jose Lothario
British Bulldog w/ Diana Smith and Owen Hart

This was a bizarre storyline where Diana made some sort of allegations about Shawn Michaels and there was some revelation that Jim Cornette was going to reveal. I don’t know what the hell is going on so I’ll just review the match. Clarence Mason then appears and says that Michaels is being hit with a lawsuit so some form. Lame, lame, lame. Lame, lame. Bulldog attacks Shawn as he rips up the supine. They do an excellent little sequence that ends with Bulldog bailing to regroup, only for Shawn to hit him with a vaulting body press. Shawn gets a headlock and holds onto it for a while. Sadly it’s not of the Flair/Steamboat variety, as in Bulldog isn’t thrashing like a mad man to get out. Bulldog eventually gets out but ends up on the wrong side of an enzuiguri. I think I’ve spelt the name of that move different in every review. I should really find out the correct spelling.

Shawn goes to an arm scissors and holds onto it for a while as they keep showing shots of Diana. I can foresee that getting very old as this match progresses. Bulldog uses the Bob Backlund powering out counter to get out of the arm scissor and then fires off a back body drop. Bulldog pounds away on Shawn and goes to a chinlock. Shawn elbows his way out but Bulldog calmly powers him up into a Canadian Back Breaker. Shawn is able to get out and goes for a crucifix roll up but Bulldog counters with a Samoan Drop and a leg drop for two. Bulldog goes back to the chin lock as Owen Hart yells at the crowd. There’s just something not right about this match, can’t put my finger on why but I definitely get the feeling that not all is peachy. Shawn finally shows some life and fights out of the hold but he ends up on the outside after a botched something or other. It looks like they were trying to have Shawn go for a spear and Bulldog move but Bulldog didn’t move in time.

Shawn eats some railing on the outside and gets some stomps. Shawn fights his way back in and gets a slingshot clothesline. Both men bump heads and the ref starts counting them down. Shawn starts making the usual comeback with the flying forearm but he does it at half speed, like this whole match has felt like. Shawn gets a double axe handle from the top for two. Ref gets bumped to the outside, because that’s just what the doctor ordered. Owen comes in and tastes some Sweet Chin Music but Bulldog capitalises on the distraction and goes for the Power Slam. Shawn counters and gets a messy German Suplex to retain. However, replacement ref Mike Chioda believes Shawn’s shoulders were down and awards the match to Bulldog. Earl Hebner disagrees and says Shawn won. Diana tries to leave with the belt but Gorilla Monsoon, WWF President I.e babyface authority figure, snatches it back and decides that the match is a draw therefore Shawn retains.

Time – 17:21
** – It did nothing for me to be honest as neither guy seemed motivated and the match was fought at a snails pace throughout.

Strap Match
Stone Cold Steve Austin w/ Ted Dibiase
Savio Vega

This was on a make up show after the power went out on the first night. Commentary team is now Jim Ross and Mr. Perfect. Stips are that if Savio loses he becomes a chauffeur where as if Austin loses Dibiase is gone from the WWF. This is a touch all four corners strap match. Both men are cautious to start but Austin soon unloads with the fists. Savio fights back with a back drop but Austin bails. However, Savio pulls him into the apron a couple of times and then gives him some licks from the strap. Savio continues to lash Austin with the strap back inside. Austin keeps trying to run away but Savio keeps pulling him back. Savio takes Austin down with a spin kick and touches two corners before Austin trips him with the strap to stop his momentum. Now Austin starts whipping Savio but Savio fights back with fists. Both men brawl to the outside where Austin takes over. Austin hangs Savio with the strap on the apron and suplexes him back in. Austin tries to hog tie Savio but he only gets as far as two turnbuckles before Savio uses the strap to stop him.

Austin dumps Savio but the momentum of the strap sends both men over the top to the outside. On the floor Savio gets a suplex as Dibiase starts to sweat. Man these shots with the strap do not look fun. This time Savio tries the old hog tie approach but Austin kicks his leg out before he can touch the fourth corner. Savio puts Austin on the top rope but ends up eating a head butt. Austin is unable to capitalise though and Savio crotches him and gets a superplex. Savio touches three corners but Austin sneaks in a spine buster before he can touch the fourth. That was awesome. Austin decides to just choke Savio with the strap, minus 10 points for style but plus 20 for effectiveness. Both men fight over a tombstone but Savio ends up tumbling over the top. Austin hangs Savio again but when he goes up top Savio yanks on the strap and Austin goes flying into the guardrail.

Austin spears Savio into the steps in a tremendous example of brutality but Savio pulls him into them too. What a great fight this little contest is. Savio touches three buckles but Austin JUST pulls him back before the fourth. Austin was such a great worker at the little things like that. Austin gets a Piledriver on Savio but Dibiase demands another. Savio counters this time though only for Austin to lock him in the Million Dollar Dream. Savio desperately touches two buckles in the move and then pushes off the turnbuckle to break it. Austin gets a Stun Gun into the corner and then starts dragging Savio by the neck to each corner. However, for every corner he hits Savio also hits one and they fight over the fourth Austin accidentally pulls Savio into the corner giving Savio the win.

Time – 21:27
**** – An excellent match with a great story of Austin being out of his element and Savio just refusing to die. The finish was great too and has since been stolen by every strap match in WWE since. The fans sing the goodbye song to Dibiase following the match.

Vader w/ Jim Cornette

This was after Yoko’s face turn as Jim Cornette favoured Vader over him as the monster in his camp. We have a slugfest right away and that goes Yoko’s way. We have the Sumo Vs Football stand off but Vader decides against it. Vader chickens out for a second time annoying the crowd. This is perhaps the hottest the crowd has been so far, go figure. Finally on the third attempt they do it and Vader goes down. Yoko actually works pretty good as a face. Yoko no sells some shots from Vader and goes after Vader’s knee in an attempt at getting some payback for his own injury. Vader fights back with his usual rights and lefts but Yoko again goes after the knee with a single leg takedown and an elbow drop.

Yoko squashes Vader in the corner but Vader goes to the eyes and starts firing off the fists again. Vader tries to slam Yoko, and Jim Ross tries to re-write history saying that Ahmed Johnson was the only man to ever slam him, completely ignoring Lex Luger doing it. Even funnier is the fact that I think Ross actually commentated that body slam challenge. Yoko crushes Vader in the corner again and gets a Samoan Drop. Yoko is completely blown up here I should add but God bless him for trying at least. Yoko tries the Bonzai Drop but Cornette causes a distraction stopping that. Cornette takes a head butt for his troubles but before he can be Bonzaied Vader pulls him out of the way and splashes Yoko’s bad knee a couple of times before getting a Vader Bomb for the pin.

Time – 8:53
*1/4 – It was entertaining for what it was.

Intercontinental Championship
Casket Match
Champ – Goldust w/ Marlena
Undertaker w/ Paul Bearer

This was one day after the Goldust “mouth to mouth” episode with Ahmed Johnson. This is one of those feuds that sounds great on paper. You have two wrestlers who have a penchant for mind games and you pit them against one another. In practice though the two just never clicked and where as having one man wrestle slowly and methodically was bad enough imagine two guys working that style? Anyway, Taker sneaks up on Goldust from behind and the fight is on. Taker dominates to start and beats Goldust from pillar to post. Terri Runnels is looking very good here by the way. Taker gets the rope walk and chokes away in the corner. We’re seeing a lot of energy from both guys here, which is always appreciated. Taker no sells a body slam and continues to beat the crap out of Goldust.

The drop down fist move goes wrong so Goldust gives Taker a Tombstone instead. Goldust puts Taker in the casket but Taker fights his way out and gets a big boot back inside. Goldust back drops Taker to the outside where he sends him into the steps and chokes him with a TV Cable. Back inside Taker starts no selling but gets locked in a sleeper, a sound game plan in a casket match, not an especially exciting one but still sound. Goldust puts Taker in the casket but he uses his hands to block the lid closing. Taker gets the jumping lariat and both men tumble outside. Taker grabs a chair but Goldust kicks him in the face to block and nails a clothesline on the floor. Goldust gets a Power Slam and heads up top with a clothesline. He tries a cover but he’s got to put him in the casket. Goldust goes for his own rope walk but Taker counters and throws him off the top. Taker gets the Tombstone and opens the casket but MANKIND is in there. Mankind locks on the Mandible Claw and shoves Taker into the casket giving Goldust the win.

Time – 12:26
**1/4 – That was actually pretty fun. Definitely the best Taker/Goldust match I’ve seen.

So overall this is a pretty solid show with one excellent match and three pretty solid ones. I’m sure you can find it on ebay if you look for it.

The Inside Pulse
So overall this is a pretty solid show with one excellent match and three pretty solid ones. I’m sure you can find it on ebay if you look for it.