A Moment's All I Ask – 2.14.08

What seemed to take forever, this was American Idol‘s first week in Hollywood, so now we’ll be getting to the good stuff. This year, some could play instruments and some were granted second chances, and it’s obvious that the judges have tried to prevent another Sanjaya incident.

Perhaps the weirdest part of the two shows this week was Ryan Seacrest and Hayden Christiansen. How out of place… what was that really about? I don’t care what Hayden’s trying to promote; all I could think of was how Seacrest is either set up to appear gay all the time or doesn’t care and isn’t actually gay. In any event, it was a distracting and pointless way to start the show.

Like there was any doubt that Carly Smithson would go through! I am struggling with memorizing names early on in this season so you after you just said “who?” with me, just remember she’s the Irish Tattoo Chick. I like her and I think she has staying power.

I like David Cook, and I’m completely distracted by his bartender identity. But I’m not sure what kind of personality he has besides slinging drinks. There’s something about him that I like but mostly I feel like he has the potential to fall flat.

Amanda Overmyer, the Rock and Roll Biking Nurse, is going to go extremely far. No doubt she’d pass through—she has the Janis Joplin/Pink factor that I love. No one in this competition should underestimate her talent. I think she’s already in a league of her own.

David Archuleta is one of my top favorites of the last two seasons. He is more charming than most people we’ve seen and it rubs me as genuine. And I’m not the only one who is adoring David, look at all the MySpaces based on this one fan page. He has a solid chance of being the male winner this season.

Kristy Lee Cook is limited in what she can do—I don’t know if she can excel outside her country/gospel zone, and I would not have passed her through. However, I like Brooke White, as I think she has Toby Lightman potential… if she can control her nerves and just give it her all.

Love, love, love Danny Noriega—definitely glad he’s remaining. I also wasn’t surprised that Filipina Powerhouse, Ramiele Malubay, made it through. The Hot Aussie, Michael Johns, of course, presents the big question of if he will he get boxed into a Constantine Factor for covering Queen.

Syesha Mercado, Cute Girl With Unique Name And No Voice, did very well and proved herself to be a pro and did a good job under the circumstances of having no voice. I’m glad she made it through, as she has the ability to shine if she can keep her cuteness factor up and her voice in good shape. Robbie Carrico passes through to the next round, and I am absolutely not impressed. I don’t think he has another three rounds in him. Not into Garret Haley either, and was shocked he went through. I think they have a stylist on standby.

I love Asia’h Epperson and I think she has a strong chance of remaining a month from now. David Hernandez, however, doesn’t… he really has to step it up.

The biggest surprise of this week was how someone with such promise could have his stock go down so quickly. In this case, the legitimately talented Josiah tanked on “Stand By Me” after he tried to do it without the band and then cried quite a lot, unable to really handle the pressure or expectation. I think he has a great voice but he needs to get some of David’s humbleness before he goes for it again. The shock of the week has to be the fact that Simon liked Kyle Ensley, as I agree with the majority that he shouldn’t go through. Kyle is made for Broadway, that is the avenue he should pursue. Finally, I’m very happy that the beautiful and talented JoAnne Borgella made it and she may have the Lakisha factor this year.

YouTube Video of the Week:

“Love Today” by MIKA live in Los Angeles earlier this week that turns into a drum battle.

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