ADVANCE REVIEW: Cable and Deadpool #50

cabdpl050.jpgScript: Fabian Nicieza

Plotter and Pencils: Reilly Brown

Inkers: Jeremy Freeman with Bob Almond

Marvel Comics

Well, with Cable getting an ongoing, this book is cancelled. Waive goodbye to Deadpool and his wacky supporting cast with the final issue of a book that lasted far longer and worked far better than it had any right to.

Symbiote covered dinosaurs are on the rampage in Manhattan! How do you stop them? Well, come on, it’s the headquarters of the Avengers, Fantastic Four, and Spider-man, who needs a Deadpool? Everyone guest stars in the final issue you’ll have to read to giggle at. Come see Deadpool make “One More Day” jokes as he finally earns his way into the hero fraternity, sort of.


This is essentially the perfect conclusion to the series. Deadpool ends his conflict about being a hero, being mostly accepted, and is hilarious in the process. He deals with other heroes, who give him the validation he needs, while having a great time, fighting an enemy dangerous enough to be taken seriously, but too absurd to be taken seriously. Meanwhile, everyone gets a cameo, so people will read it, even Cable… sort of.

The art is silly and fun. The villains are silly and fun. The hero is silly and fun. The plot is resolved. What more do you need?


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