Ultimate Marvel Handbook #228

Hello all and welcome to another edition of the Marvel Handbook. I‘m Jim of course. With another busy column. I‘m really glad the readers keep sending us more emails. It‘s great. Keep them coming. Hey Daron what‘s up?

Not much bud, the norm, work, school, homework. I was so swamped last week, I didn’t even have a chance to check to see if there was a new handbook to post. Then, I would have had it up a day or so ago, but fate (or Widro) stepped in and completely revamped the site…

But we’re back, the site’s all new (again), and I’m ready to roll.

I‘m good. Pumped full of energy. We‘re ahead of things and getting good amount of emails. In fact I‘m ready to go. So let us go.

Shay emails


Just a couple of obscure questions, Back in the day I used to get Marvel team up but due to a lack of money it was pretty infrequent so I always wondered…

Hey that‘s why we are here. We like to help.

1) What was the resolution to the Jeremiah sub plot that was running with the Spider-man/Nighthawk & Spider-man/Valkyrie issues

The actually story lasted 3 issues with it ending in Marvel Team up 35:

Dr. Strange convinced the Human Torch to join him in looking for Val and Spidey. The Torch followed a lead to the former apartment of Norton Fester where Jeremiah captured him. The Innocents of God where to sacrifice the Valkyrie to God when the Torch broke free only to be stopped by Jeremiah. Strange soon found Jeremiah as Torch also was able to hold Jeremiah off for a bit. In the end Strange banished Jeremiah to the extra-dimensional realm.

2) Did Baron Brimstone appear again in any other Marvel comic after the Spider-man/Machine man issue and what exactly were the limits of his powers?

Baron Brimstone found himself facing the FF and Avengers even in: Avengers I#251 and Fantastic Four I#336

And finally, the Robot ship that released the Venom symbiote from the baxter building back in amazing spider-man, who was actually behind that and what were they trying to accomplish.

For some reason I‘m not sure we found out the full truth to what happened. I could be missing something though.

thanks guys, love the column

No problem

Glenn emails

Hey, Just got The Essential Human Torch. Are the villains The Acrobat and The Terrible Trio still around?

The last time we saw Acrobat: Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty#11. Cap took him on.

As for the the Terrible Trio: Marvel Two-In-One#60 was their last appearance. Funny It was the Thing the fought in that one.

Can you identify all of the golden age characters shown in the beginning of the Twelve? How many of them are still around?

All those who appeared in The Twelve #0:

Rockman: one of the Twelve still around now
Roffler: dead
Ivan: dead
J.J. Gollings: unsure
Laughing Mask: one of the Twelve
Joe: dead
Chuck: dead
Hank: dead
Ben: dead
Phantom Reporter: part of the Twelve
Saunders: unsure
Park Commissioner: unsure
Max: unsure
Police Chief : unsure
Editor of the News-Telegram: unsure
Editor of the Record: unsure

Twelve # 1 characters

The Twelve members (all in present)

Black Widow
Captain Wonder
Dynamic Man
Phantom Reporter
Laughing Mask
Fiery Mask
Master Mind Excello
Blue Blade
Mister E


Captain America: dead
Namor: alive
Human Torch: dead
Bucky II: alive
Miss America: dead
Red Raven: dead
Union Jack: dead
Angel: alive
Nick Fury: alive
Dum-Dum Dugan: alive
Destroyer: alive
Whizzer: dead
Black Marvel: alive
Fin (Peter Noble): dead
Rebel Ralston: dead
Captain Terror: dead
Father Time: dead
Blue Diamond: alive
Defender: dead
Night Raven: dead
Miss Fury: dead

Soak posted

how many times has the x-mansion been destroyed and what were the circumstances behind them?

oh this is going to be a while.

Kitty Pryde was hunted by a N’Garai demon in Uncanny 143
demolished in a battle with the Sidri in Uncanny X-Men #154
atomized by Mister Sinister in Uncanny X-Men #243
Onslaught revealed himself and fought the X-Men in Onslaught X-Men
Operation: Zero Tolerance stripped down the mansion in X-Men 70
Planet X story the place got destroyed in New X-Men 147
Followers of the Reverend William Stryker assaulted the place
Messiah Complex the place was attacked by Sentinels
WWH the X-Mansion got damaged by the Hulk

This doesn’t count minor damages like say the Juggernaut making a big hole in the wall.

Huh. That really didn’t take that long, now did it, Jim?

Ryan emails

Hey jim I have finally got all the House of M stuff and Decimation not sure Decimation in in order to be read but i know House of M is. You won’t happen to now a web sit where i can find in what order to read House of M and Decimation in?

Sure I can give you a House of M reading order

Avengers #500-502
Excalibur #8
Avengers #503
Avengers Finale
Excalibur (2nd series) 13-14
House of M #1
House of M Avengers #1-5
Mutopia X #1-4
House of M #2
House of M Spider-Man #1-5
House of M Fantastic Four #1-3
House of M Iron Man # 1-3
Black Panther #7
Incredible Hulk #83-86
New Thunderbolts #11
House of M #3
Wolverine #33-35
New X-Men #16-19
House of M #4
Captain America #10
Uncanny X-Men #462-465
Exiles #69-71
Cable and Deadpool #17
House of M #5
Pulse #10
House of M #6
House of M #7
House of M #8
Decimation: House of M – The Day After
The 198 Files #1

Note some events may not be correct. Many events happened in the same time period and I tried to fit things in

Decimation: can be read any order you want to read it in reality

Personally, I’d read it from back to front…but that’s just cause I like to be different and difficult.

Jon emails

Hey guys, Great work on the column, I have a few questions, hope you dont mind.

Anytime. Great to have you on board

And of course we don’t mind…against our better judgment, that’s actually what we’re here for.

As we know, One more day has been a… lets just call it controversial Spider man storyline. My question is how much exactly has been retconned? I mean reading the Brand new day storyline (which really isnt that bad if you ignore the One More Day silliness) all of a sudden Spider Man is back to using web shooters when in the last year he has gained the ability to make webs himself, Harry Osbourne is alive again, and perhaps most glaring, it seems everyone has forgotten that spider man is peter parker? I mean the last one could be a by product of the Initiative angle where the scarlet spiders all “unmasked” to show themselves as peter parker in order to create some confusion. But what gives?

Alright. Let’s see what retconned:

Harry is alive. Already noted
Clone saga: likely out of continuity now because they want to forget that anyway
MJ marrying Pete.
Daredevil, Wolverine and many others knowing who Spider-Man really is.
The Other story never happened.
Many other events happened with slightly changed events.
Spider-Man still registered but no one knows his face.
Aunt May never died
You can likely rule the Scarlet Spider’s revealed as Peter Parker
About 15/20 years of Spider-Man have now been changed in ways we still haven’t seen the full effect of

So yeah, most likely everything you’ve ever read has been retconned out…all for the sake of ending a marriage. Talk about throwing the baby out with the bath water…

The second question is involving messiah complex. Let me start by saying this was possibly my favorite X men storyline in a long time. But a few questions come to mind… first is where was Magneto during all of this? They revealed he still has powers in Uncanny and this seems like the sort of thing he would be interested in.

Magneto is still powered and around. But he was not involved in what was happening. He likely had other matters to attend to. For instance we know Magneto will be important to the coming X-Men Legacy story.

Second with the ending being what it was, where do you see the main players going? I mean Cable has his monthly series but how about the rest?

Cable went to the future. Followed by Bishop who is following him.
Xavier will be in X-Men Legacy. He’s now in the Astral plane.
Cyclops and Emma are going to be in Uncanny and deciding what to do next.
Angel is off by himself.
Wolverine, Nightcrawler and Colossus are heading to Russia.
Most of the New X-Men are going to be formed into a new group called the Young X-Men.
Wolverine is hunting Mystique.
Rogue went off by herself.
Gambit likely will follow Rogue.
Exodus will go after Xavier.
Iceman is off by himself.
X-Force will stay together and go after the Purifiers.
Most of the others are up in the air.

Finally, I just got into supreme power recently. Is there a version of Hyperion in the 616? Or is it just considered that Sentry is the resident superman of the 616?

The only Hyperion in 616 is Squadron Sinister’s version which Grandmaster created and brain washed.

Brand New Day update

Amazing Spider-Man #548: Spidey looks over the dead figuring out it was the bloodline they was effected by the bomb. Spidey goes after the mugger again. Harry watches Spidey swing past his car as they hit the crime scene. The Spider-Mugger runs into Dooley. Spidey continues his hunt. Dexter Bennett buys the Bugle. Mr Negative’s men attack as Spidey tries to stop them and save lives. The doctors find a Spider-tracer on one of the dead. Pete calls May as we find out who Mr. Negative is.

Initiative synopsis

Iron Man #25: Mandarin tells Maya about the Government willing to risk lives with Extremis. Tony and Samson talk over what is the next move. Maya calls Kooning and finds out the truth. Tony attacks Kooning and he tells Tony everything. Tony contacts Dugan only for Dugan to be stopped by Hill. Mandarin and Maya talk as Iron Man arrives.

Order #7: Namor meets with Anthem as Namor surrenders. The Order help save lives. Namor created the wall as to protest for his people again. The city panics. Namor and Anthem continue with Anthem using Namor’s past against him. Rioting breaks out. Namor surrenders to the FF and mentions Anthem. Henry and Pepper talk.

Avengers Initiative #9: MVP kills Pym as Taskmaster arrives.Taskmaster trains his team as Crusader watches. Trauma confronts Cloud 9 as Beast and Moonstar watch and Thor Girl arrives. Gyrich and Pym get the Tactyon taking it the new MVP clone who goes mad and calls himself KIA. Thor Girl and Trauma head off to help. Gyrich is told of the problem. Taskmaster avoids attack. KIA attacks Thor Girl and Trauma and takes both out before looking for Gauntlet.

Captain America #34: News hits of economic disaster. Widow picks up Bucky as he prepares to head out as Cap. Cap attacks AIM with the Widow. Tony reports Lukin is not dead. Zola and Red Skull prepare. Cap stops the AIM agents with his gun. Tony find the missing SHIELD agents as the attack people at the white house.

Mighty Avengers #8: Pym gives Wasp new powers. The Avengers fight the symbiotes only to be over come. Iron Man finds a way to stop the symbiotes. Iron Man finds out Doom was behind the attack.

New Avengers Annual #2: Hill finds out about the Breakout. Hood gets information out of Tigra. The New Avengers return home as Strange goes off. Hood’s people attack as Spidey gets the baby to safety as a fight breaks out. Tigra arrives to help. Strange awakens using dark powers on all them to stop the fight. He heals the New Avengers after the Sanctum is destroyed. Ms Marvel arrives but lets the New Avengers go. Hood escapes. Jessica goes to register.

Secret Invasion synopsis

She-Hulk #25: Jaz and She-Hulk begin their next case. A couple go camping as they see something in the sky. A ship lands on She-Hulk and Jaz’s trailer as they find a Froma inside. She-Hulk won’t listen as Jaz wants to help. A Badoon attacks the campers. She-Hulk and Jaz argue as the Badoon attacks them. The Froma attacks Jaz and the campers.

Aftersmash synopsis

Damage Control #1: Tony meets with Damage Control who need money to help rebuild New York. Houg calls in the recruits. Goliath comes to help the Damage Control. The higher ups agree that only registered heroes could help. Many heroes are there as the Thunderbolts arrive to make sure they are all registered.

Messiah Complex Synopsis

X-Men #207: Cable finds himself facing Bishop and Predator X only to throw both off. Cyclops sends X-Force after Predator X. The New X-Men would take on the Marauders. Scott confronts Cable. Rogue wakes up and confronts Mystique. Pixie takes out Omega Sentinel as Dust takes out Exodus. Xavier talks to Cable. Rogue knocks out Mystique. Wolverine takes Predator X apart from the inside. Cyclops sees the baby and knows Cable is right. Rogue leaves alone. Scott gives Cable the baby as the X-Men watch. Bishop attacks to late as he hits Xavier. Cylops takes Bishop out. Xavier looking dead makes Cyclops disband the team saying the dream is dead. Cable arrives in the future.

House of M Synopsis

House of M Avengers #4: Punisher contacts the Avengers for help in Wakanda. Misty wants to help leaving Cage. Kingpin contacts the Thunderbird as his people take care of Black Cat. Cage’s group waits. The Dragon’s find a fake Mandarin rings. Vega meets Karolina Dean as the Avengers find out it’s a trap which only the Avengers escape from. The Avengers attack Fisk. Thunderbird orders the purge of Sapian Town.

That‘s it for this week. A good amount of emails. I left one out. We‘ll get it next time out I promise. So Daron what did you think?

Good stuff as always. This week should be a lot easier on your poor editor, so we shouldn’t be running late again…I hope!

Well after another good column with good emails and opinions I hope this keeps up. I know I‘ve got questions still to go. So anyone waiting please be patient. Also keep the emails coming. Sign off time I guess.

Yeah…I guess…

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