Richly Deserved: Big Brother – Episode 9-4 and how Autism United was helped by Adam's remark

Lots of goings on in the Big Brother house. And we’ll have all the action in a few moments.

But First,

The autism advocacy group, Autism United, insisted CBS apologize for Adam’s “retard” comment on last Wednesday’s show. While Adam was stupid in saying it, CBS was right that since Sheila quickly criticized him for the remark, they presented a balanced picture.

What’s lost in all this, is that the subject of autism is now on the front burner and those of us who have never heard of Autism United before, now have. It’s no different from the Jewish American advocacy groups who spoke up after Amber’s outburst last year.

Somewhere, I can just imagine a worker with a support group for children with physical disabilities hoping that someone in the house says something about “cripples” so that they can get their five minutes on top of the soapbox.

In fact, if I was a prospective houseguest for Big Brother 10, I would graciously insult some sector of our society so that their advocacy group can flood The Associated Press’ inbox and get themself some free pub.

It’s easy. Get drunk one night in the house, say some off-the-cuff remark about “stupid kids who can’t read”, and Voila! next thing you know the head of a national literacy organization gets five minutes of airtime on Lou Dobbs Tonight “condemning” my actions.

Ah, the power of the media. Back to the show.

So anyway Jen and Parker and Ryan and Allison are nominated by Amanda, who says the dating couple have an unfair advantage. Allison doesn’t trust Ryan. Jen feels unless they win the veto, they have no hope. Amanda tells Jen that she feels Ryan has to go home and Jen swears “on her dead grandmother’s grave” she’ll vote Ryan out if she has to. No word on whether her grandmother is really dead or is watching Jerry Springer right about now.

Amanda apologizes to Parker, with whom she is becoming rather attached to.

Joshuah gets called into the boardroom and is told that Neil has left the show for family reasons. Neil is not seen leaving. As those of you following the live feeds knows, he chose Sharon to come back to the house. The house is excited at seeing her again. Sharon is then told by Parker of Jen and Ryan’s relationship. Sharon tells the Diary Room she can forgive but not forget.

Amanda asks Alex to give her a back rub. He says no. So she gets Parker to do it. While he’s rubbing her, Alex walks in. Adam also walks in and laughs about the whole thing. Alex is more upset since he also has feelings for her. Amanda also takes a turn rubbing Parker.

Next we see Jen and Ryan together. They hadn’t had sex in a couple of weeks so they decide to go to the toilet stall. Parker comes out and hears the moaning and groaning and laughs about it. When they come out, Parker is not happy he’s the first to use the bathroom after that.

Sheila and Allison decide to tell some others about their supposed “lesbian” relationship. First Chelsia tells James. James sees some four-colored thing in the hamster cage and somehow equates that to four secret couples.

Let’s see, Sharon and Jacob. Jen and Ryan. Ha ha, Sheila and Allison. So he tells Alex and he speculates, Yes! Amanda … and Parker! Amanda gets wind of this and talks to Alex. She told him she “put her hand on the Bible” and said she doesn’t know anyone in the house. Alex countered that “putting your hand on the Bible” means nothing to him. Anyway, arguments ensue. Lots of bleeping occurs. And apologies are accepted. Alex and Amanda discuss this again and Alex tells her how he has trouble with her walking with her nipples out and her short-shorts. Amanda says many girls do that. (CBS didn’t show this but Chelsia calling her out for roughly the same thing is a classic YouTube moment).

Anyway it’s time to pick players for the veto competition. The random team picked are Matt and Natalie. The HOH’s and nominees will also play. Matt tries to calm Parker by telling him that if he wins, Parker will come off.

The veto competition consists of a spinning heart. One partner will ride the heart with her finger on the panic button. The other will spin the wheel. The first to spin the wheel 300 rotations without the finger going off the button wins. Matt starts out great spinning Natalie at a fast pace. Allison becomes the first one to take her finger off followed by Amanda. Parker and Jen go the whole time but Parker was way too slow with his spins so Matt and Natalie win.

Parker again gets assurances from Matt that he is coming off. Alex and Amanda also argue again with Amanda leaving to confide to Chelsia.

Finally, time for the veto competition. The nominees speak. Ryan will accept their decision while Parker says something about trust. Matt quickly announces they will not use the veto. Jen promises to fight to stay in the house.

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