TNA Impact Tapings Results

All the action from last night and Monday’s tapings for the next 2 weeks of Impact. Contains SPOILERS, duh.

Monday Taping (for 28 February 2008 episode):

– Booker T calls out Robert Roode. Peyton Banks comes to the ring with a message for Booker, slapping him in the face. Before he can do anything, Tracy Brooks runs in and fights with Banks until security breaks it up.

– Scott Steiner & Petey Williams beat Jay Lethal & Sonjay Dutt. At one point Rocka Khan chased So Cal Val away when Val was checking on Lethal. Williams pinned Dutt with a Canadian Destroyer after Steiner hit Dutt with the briefcase.

– Team 3D failed to make weight to face Curry Man & Shark Boy, despite both stripping to their underwear. Rellik & Black Reign then answered Shark Boy’s open challenge. Kaz came out to help Shark Boy & Curry Man win and everyone brawled after the match. Eric Young tried to make the save for the faces but was too scared to get into the ring and Kaz wound up getting put through a table.

– Robert Roode calls out Booker T, who answers the call. They brawl and Booker winds up handcuffed to the ropes, as is Tracy Brooks when she tries to intervene. Roode and Peyton Banks whip them both with belts. Roode cuts a promo saying he was tired of Booker stalking him, plus he insulted Sharmell.

– James Storm beat Eric Young in a Ladder Match for the Drinking Championship when Jackie Moore grabbed the belt. They teased that Storm has vertigo. Afterwards, Rhino took out Storm and got the belt.

– Awesome Kong beat Angelina Love with a powerbomb. ODB cut a promo afterwards and double-teamed Kong with Gail Kim.

– Kurt Angle beat Kevin Nash. Samoa Joe, Christian Cage, Tyson Tomko and A.J. Styles were all brawling at ringside but got ejected by the referee. At one point Kurt accidentally knocked Karen Angle over and A.J. came back out to check on her and take her to the back. Angle hit a low blow on Nash for the pin.

Xplosion Matches:

– Jimmy Rave & Lance Hoyt beat the Motor City Machine Guns when Rave pinned Sabin.

– Eric Young beat Johnny Devine.

Tuesday (for 6 March 2008 episode):

– Jim Cornette announced matches for the rest of the show. He also brought Booker T out and said he would have a Strap Match with Robert Roode at Destination X. If Booker wins then Tracy gets to whip Banks 10 times, if Roode wins Banks gets to whip Tracy 10 times. Roode came out and was angry with Cornette, then told Booker to leave his skanky women behind. They brawled until security broke it up.

– Kevin Nash beat A.J. Styles in a Street Fight after a chokeslam.

– Curry Man won an Obligatory TNA Battle Royal. Other participants included LAX, Motor City Machine Guns, Rave & Hoyt, Rellik, Black Reign, Eric Young, Shark Boy, Jay Lethal & Petey Williams. Team 3D were scheduled to be in it but failed to make weight. Steiner made an appearance to help eliminate Hernandez. Curry Man earned the right to pick a stipulation for a match at Destination X and started cutting a promo in Japanese. Shark Boy translated and said they would face Team 3D in a Fish Market Street Fight, where if 3D lost or didn’t make weight they would be fired from TNA. Oh, no!!

– Tomko beat Joe in a First Blood Match when Joe’s arm was cut slightly after a chair shot.

– Rhino beat Judas Mesias. James Storm attacked him afterwards.

– Awesome Kong beat Salinas.

– Christian Cage beat Kurt Angle in a Cage Match. Both climbed over the top at the same time but Cage made the floor first. Angle, A.J. and Tomko locked him in the cage and beat him down afterwards until security unlocked the door, at which point Joe and Nash made the save. Reportedly a very good match.


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