More on Punk, Mayweather & Mania


Ric Flair has not arrived backstage at Raw yet but there is a chance of him making a farewell speech on the show in front of all three brands.

Florida Championship Wrestling developmental wrestlers were used as WrestleMania extras, including Colt Cobana and Matt Sydal as paparazzi during Melina’s entrance.

Floyd Mayweather was very enthusiastic backstage about how much he enjoyed his match with the Big Show. Word was that he was keen to do a deal to return at some point for another match.

The original plan was for Jeff Hardy to win the Money in the Bank last night.

There has been discussion of moving C.M. Punk to Raw but no final decision has been taken yet.

Macauley Culkin was at the after-show WrestleMania party last night.

NBC in Orlando reported that WrestleMania brought in $30 million to the local economy