A Moment's All I Ask – 4.10.08

Since I last wrote, the cruise ship singer (and I’m not talking about Danny), Ramiele, has been voted off and this week, we’re in Idol overload. The saddest part of all? Kristy Lee Cook is faring the best of the women right now… how in the hell did that happen?! I don’t even want to recap “Inspirational” night, so let’s get to the “star-studded” Idol Gives Back.

What I remember of last year’s edition of the Idol Gives Back feature is that the show felt more hyped, more glamorous, and even more legendary; after all Celine Dion got to sing with a transposed Elvis. This year we got something a bit different: Fergie got to crawl on the stage and do cartwheels singing “Barracuda” with Heart, as I will never understand why WWE has never dropped serious cash to get Fergie at WrestleMania; Snoop Dogg performed and flashed a peace sign; Teri Hatcher proved she could bravely sing a Carrie Underwood hit; Carrie Underwood acts like she owns the show (sorry that honor goes to Daughtry or Kelly), or was that Miley Cyrus who acts like she owns America?

Speaking of which, this was the first time I had ever seen Miley perform and I can see this girl being the next Britney Spears without the cool dance moves and possibly without the problems if what they say about her mother giving her a firm grip on reality are true. I’m sort of amazed teens are spending serious, serious cash on Miley/Hannah, but she is extremely stunning for a 15-year-old. All I kept thinking is if David Archuleta is single, he needs to hit on Miley now before his father makes him.

Finally, the musical headliner of the night was Miss Mariah Carey who looks and sounds better than ever. Mariah is someone who just commands the stage and I hope somehow that if she does in fact have sway across this country, that she gets more people to donate to the cause. I dropped some cash as well toward the fund, but I never got any of the Idol kids to answer the phone. I got a nice lady reading from a teleprompter so my educated guess is that you have to drop some serious bucks to get your call transferred to David Cook.

How risky was it to see Sarah Silverman (I kept thinking of her f*cking, you know) and Robin Williams on the same show? There had to be a few-second delay for both. Annie Lennox, however, did what she does best and having featured her campaign on Out Impact’s Empower All People AIDS Campaign in December, I know Annie is seriously committed to helping those affected by HIV/AIDS.

The videos were very well done this year, and I wonder if I’m going to get an e-mail where I can actually see that Alicia Keys video in full since I did my donation over the phone. All those causes are extremely close to my heart, and it should take more than a all-star Idolthon to get people to pay attention to the serious crisis we have with AIDS, poverty and the lack of education worldwide.

By the way, whose call was it to have the mics be weird during “Seasons of Love”, the infamous Rent song? I love that song, but Kristy’s mic was pretty loud and made everyone else seem out of place. They are certainly pushing Kristy in that Archuleta sort of way. I find it very interesting that it’s been Daughtry who got really pushed this year, of all the past Idols—so much so that he got to visit and sing in Africa. I guess that’s Idol recognizing where the bread is buttered. No one will even so much as breathe Taylor Hicks’ name, apparently.

Quick shouts:

– Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson’s “Dance Like There’s No Tomorrow” single has three Oakenfold versions of the song, so if you’re a fan of one of the three, then go buy the single.

– If you’re a fan of the B-52s, there is the “Funplex” Remix EP that features Peaches’ “Pleasure Seeker” and Scissor Sisters’ “Witches at the Wet Seal” fun and fabulous remixes!

YouTube Video of the Week:
Madonna‘s new release, “4 Minutes”, with Justin Timberlake and Timbaland… hot hot hot.

Thank you for reading; make your moment your breakthrough.

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