In Hindsight: American Idol – The Final Seven

I love how Seacrest killed our fun by pointing out to the judges that the contestants were FORCED to choose Mariah songs. The thing is that since you’re forced to sing a Mariah song, aren’t you going to try to go against the grain and choose something that doesn’t require you to hit that Mariah/Celine/Whitney level? Definitely so in the case of the guys, perhaps less for the girls. But let’s break it down.

1.David Cook – David does the somewhat creepy Marty Casey thing with his effort, but he pulls it off because he isn’t actually doing the same creepy thing every week. That being said, he’s entering the Daughtry Zone, so we should enjoy the 2-3 weeks the guy has left on the show before he gets “shockingly” eliminated and goes on to have a more successful album than Archuleta the actual winner.

2.David Archuleta – I find it difficult to not put David here simply because none of the women really stepped up. David continues to do all that Idol-type stuff that the voters love, and thus he’s easily through for another week. Will anything stop this guy? Probably not. I mean, Taylor Hicks built momentum in the early going and steamrolled his way to victory, and David seems to be doing the same.

3.Jason Castro – In the same manner, I can’t deny Jason’s ascension. He’s still doing all that weird stuff with his eyes and all that, but like David Cook he got away from a typical Mariah song and made it into (apparently) a luau song. Randy obviously drank Paula’s “Coke” instead of his right before. Speaking of Paula, it’s STILL frakking annoying to hear her continually jump on Simon’s comments. The judging order has been the same since Season Two, so I don’t see why she has to get in her two cents after she’s already said her two cents. Oh, that’s right, it’s the “Coke”.

4.Syesha Mercado – Syesha’s the best of the women, but that really isn’t saying much on this night.

5.Brooke White – Like everyone else, I’d say that she had a good start, but when she started to get Mariah-ish (like MARIAH suggested) her limitations came through. Brooke’s probably good for another 1-2 weeks, but she’s really going to have to go outside of her comfort zone to get those “at large” votes.

6.Carly Smithson – So Carly goes outside of her “zone” and gets criticized, then stays in her zone and gets criticized. When you’re at a point that you can’t win with the judges, you’re probably looking at hearing Ruben Studdard singing you home.

7.Kristy Lee Cook – I have no idea, either.

As you might guess, I’m saying that KLC AGAIN dodges the axe and Carly goes home, meaning that the last of the three “international” hopefuls are gone and we’re ensured of having an American be American Idol. I’m sure that there’s some deep, patriotic meaning behind this, but I’m not sure what that would be.

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