Guerrilla Chikarticles for 4.18.2008

I take a look at 9 of Independent Wrestling’s Best Moves and we check out what’s coming up in the world of independent wrestling in April and May. I know, 9 moves. Why not make it an even ten? Well, you’ll just have to read to find out.

Davey Richard’s Running Forearm and “DIE!!!” Lariat
This move is just so intense and every time I see it, it makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. He places his opponent in the corner, runs and smashes their face in with a forearm, bounces off the ropes and yells something obscure and mean, then lariats the person to hell. He doesn’t always say “DIE!!!”. One time the referee got in the way and he yelled “GET OUT MY WAY MOTHER ****ER!”.

Mike Quackenbush’s Quackendriver III
When it comes to Mike Quackenbush, you have no idea what to expect. The man has so many finishers that can catch you off guard from so many positions it’s hard to defend yourself. The one with the most history in wrestling though is the Quackendriver III. It’s basically the sit-down Tombstone Piledriver with your opponent’s legs crossed.

Tyler Black’s God’s Last Gift
The only word that comes to mind when I see this move is vicious. It’s just a fisherman buster pin, but whenever I see it, it always makes my heart skip a beat. (Much like any time I see Sid go to the Second Rope.)

Chikara’s Chikara Special
There’s really no one I can limit this move to, though it is the creation of mastermind Mike Quackenbush. Mike Quackenbush was walking into a match against Chris Hero that was two years in the making and he knew Hero studied all of Quack’s tapes and moves. So Quack knew he had to come up with something new to catch Hero off guard which led to the creation of the Chikara Special, otherwise known as Chris Hero’s kryptonite.

Cheech’s The Deluxe
The Deluxe is nothing more than a variation of the Go to Sleep. It’s just the way Cheech always connects with it that makes it look so good. It’s led Cheech to a number of singles wins and tag team wins, as well as a number of tag team titles.

Chuck Taylor’s Omega Driver/Awful Waffle
Most likely at the top on everybody’s list is the Omega Driver. It’s led Taylor to tournament wins and World Titles. I think the finisher talks for itself.

Eddie Kingston’s Backfist to the Future
DAAAANNNNGERRRRROUUUSSS!!!!1111! It’s such a damn simple move, but it has the possibility to knock out your opponent and it can come, literally out of nowhere. Just ask Tim Donst. (Fast Forward to 1:25 to see Backfist to the Future)

Super Dragon’s Curb Stomp
If you don’t like man on woman violence in wrestling, don’t click on the link. If you hate Jade Chung, go ahead and click away. Ever since I saw this move I’ve been itching to give it to someone. It sends out so much hate and it is a great addition to any match. Super Dragon if you want to see what I’m talking about, check out Kevin Steen vs. Super Dragon at PWG’s Astonishing X-Mas.

The Rubix Cube Bomb (a.k.a Joker Driver)
The move that put Mike Quackenbush out of commission back in early 2000’s, this is probably one of the most dangerous moves on the list.

Upcoming Independent Wrestling Events
Featured This Week:
Chikara, FIP, UWA Hardcore, IWA-MS, HWA, CZW

Chikara “Deuces Wild” (4.19.2008 in Hellertown, Pennsylvania)
1. Mike Quackenbush © vs. El Pantera (NWA World Junior Heavyweight Title Match)
2. Cheech and Cloudy vs. Mitch Ryder and Shayne Hawke
3. Helios © vs. Lince Dorado (Young Lions Cup Match)
4. Tim Donst vs. Ultramantis Black
5. Team FIST vs. Create a Wrestler and Player Uno
6. Worker Ant vs. Vin Gerard
7. Shane Storm vs. Brodie Lee
8. Jimmy Olsen vs. Gran Akuma
9. The Colony vs. The Osirian Portal

Chikara “Passion for Persistence” (4.20.2008 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
1. Incoherence © vs. Team FIST (Campeonatos de Parejas Match)
2. El Pantera and Lince Dorado vs. Eddie Kingston and Sabian
3. Mike Quackenbush, Shane Storm, Cheech and Cloudy vs. Mitch Ryder, Larry Sweeney, Shayne Hawke and Robbie Ellis
4. Hydra vs. Chuck Taylor
5. Tim Donst vs. Ophidian
6. Player Uno vs. Jimmy Olsen
7. Helios vs. Amasis
8. Claudio Castagnoli vs. Brodie Lee

UWA Hardcore Wrestling (4.25.2008 in Leamington, Ontario)
1. Up In Smoke © vs. Tyler Black and Jimmy Jacobs (UWA Tag Team Title Match)
2. Derek Wylde vs. Sabian (Winner faces Prohibition for the UWA Canadian Title Match)
3. Josh Prohibition © vs. Wylde or Sabian (UWA Canadian Title Match)

Heartland Wrestling Association “Cyberclash III” (4.25.2008 in Cincinnati, Ohio)
1. Andre Heart and Déjà vu © vs. Dustin Lee and Scotty Vortekz vs. Amasis and Ophidian (HWA Tag Team Title Match)
2. 20 Man “Pick Your Poison” Battle Royal
3. Virus vs. Vin Gerard (If Virus wins, he earns an HWA Cruiserweight Title Match)
4. Neveah vs. Mary Elizabeth vs. Ashley Lane
5. Chris Hero vs. Jon Moxley
6. BJ Whitmer © vs. Nigel McGuinness (HWA Heavyweight Title Match)

Full Impact Pro “Dangerous Intentions 2008” (4.26.2008 in Crystal River, Florida)
1. Black Market vs. Dark City Fight Club
2. Sal Rinauro © vs. Delirious (FIP Florida Heritage Title Match)
3. Jason Blade and Kenny King © vs. The Briscoe Brothers (FIP Tag Team Title Match)
4. Roderick Strong © vs. Erick Stevens (Last Man Standing Match for the FIP Heavyweight Title)

Heartland Wrestling Association “Uprising” (4.26.2008 in East Peoria, Illinois)
1. The GP Code vs. The Hybrids
2. Billy Roc vs. Jon Moxley
3. Drake Younger vs. Scotty Vortekz vs. Aaron Williams vs. Vin Gerard vs. Sami Callihan vs. Dustin Rayz
4. Kimera vs. Dustin Lee
5. Nigel McGuinness vs. Chris Hero
6. BJ Whitmer vs. Jake Crist

IWA-MS “Night of Champions” (5.3.2008 in Joliet, Illinois)
1. Jason Hades © vs. Dingo (IWA Mid-South Light Heavyweight Title Match)
2. Devon Moore/Mickie Knuckles © vs. Cheech/Cloudy (IWA Mid-South Tag Team Title Match)
3. Danny Havoc (c) vs. Corporal Robinson (IWA Mid-South Death Match Title Match)
4. Rachael Summerlyn vs. Sara Del Ray
5. Ernie Osiris vs. Jaysin Stife
6. 2 Cold Scorpio vs. Claudio Castagnoli (IWA Mid-South World Heavyweight Championship: Round 1)
7. Brodie Lee vs. Chris Hero (IWA Mid-South World Heavyweight Championship: Round 1)
8. Chuck Taylor vs. Vito Thomaselli (IWA Mid-South World Heavyweight Championship: Round 1)
9. BJ Whitmer vs. Michael Elgin (IWA Mid-South World Heavyweight Championship: Round 1)
Plus, the semi-finals and finals of the IWA-MS World Title Tournament

Combat Zone Wrestling “Best of the Best 8” (5.10.2008 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
1. Greg Excellent vs. Brodie Lee
2. Player Uno and Beef Wellington vs. Cheech and Cloudy

The winner of this contest has chosen to keep his name on the hush-hush for privacy reasons. Respectable. But he doesn’t mind if his response is posted, so here it goes. The winning response for “Are Deathmatches Necessary in Wrestling?”

Every so often you see a match that makes perfect sense, psychology that works with the story line, a match that leaves both men broken and forcibly having the crowd cheer afterwards for their efforts. No, I’m not talking about Nigel McGuinness vs. Bryan Danielson at Driven, or Samoa Joe and CM Punk going to a 60 minuet broad way, or even KENTA vs. Marufuji from October 29th 2006.

I’m talking about Jimmy Jacobs vs. BJ Whitmer in a steel cage that nearly killed each other, Kevin Steen and Super Dragon in the Guerrilla Warfare match, and Necro Butcher and Zandig mutilating each other at Tournament of Death 4, Death Matches, CM Punk in a near 60 minuet TLC match that stained the ring with blood in front of barley 100 people.

Why do we have them? They’re too risky, they leave the talent battered and beaten, and they can shorten your career. So why? What purpose would they serve? Well, as my friend, who just said this so I can put a quote and sound cool, once said… “You cannot vanquish your rival, until you kill him.”

Death Matches are for finishing up the rivalry between two or more people. Death matches are for the final nail in the coffin (maybe literally). And they should strictly be reserved for such matters.

So to answer the question, are death matches necessary in wrestling?

No, they’re not. But Jesus are they fun.

That’s it for this week folks and blokes. Now remember, this column is for you, the readers. So if you see anything you don’t like or if you have an idea for me, please send it to Oh, and there is no reason why there are 9 moves instead of 10. Mainly because I felt like it. Booyah.

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