Real-Time Coverage of WWE RAW: King of the Ring for 4/21/2008

Tonight’s show was centered around the one night King of the Ring Tournament and a preview of WWE Backlash!  We are treated to a King of the Ring for the ages, a historic evening that pitted three world champions and their challengers in the same match. plus Hillary v. Barack!  All Hail King Regal!

It’s that time again!  We have the King of the Ring tournament, Hillary v. Obama, and a whole lot of extras!

Lillian Garcia is in the ring explaining the King of the Ring and we seque into our first round match!

Chris Jericho v. Montel Vontanious Porter
King of the Ring 1st Round Match

Seems like a rematch from a prior Smackdown from a couple weeks ago, but I still like.  We get the opening bell and MVP gets on the agressive side early on.  Jericho comes back with some aggression as well.  To the corner they go wht MVP getting the advantage until the referee stops that.  Jericho fires out, hanging MVP up to dry and follows through with a baseball slide.  Back inside the ring, MVP gets a rope assisted drop for a one count.  MVP gets a modified version of an octopus, keeping Jericho confined in the center of the ring.  Jericho fights back up and he is sent to the ropes.  MVP gets lucky with a Belly-to-Belly for a two count!

MVP misses a strike and Jericho gets a Northern Lights Suplex for two.  Back up, MVP gets a backslide for 2.9999999, but he hits the boot for an even closer 2.9999999.  MVP has Jericho up on in a Fireman’s Carry and he drops him south, but Jericho fires back up with a lariat for two!  MVP jabs the throat and he jacks the jaw..MISSES the stinger splash.  The eye looks bad as Jericho hits the bulldog!  Lionsault misses and MVP looks for the Playmaker, but Jericho locks on the Walls and gets the submission!

Winner:  Chris Jericho
Grade: B

That bump on the eye of MVP looks bad.  Jericho takes a seat on the throne as we head to CM Punk getting ready.  Is he in the King of the ring?  We’ll find out NEXT!


We are back and yes, CM Punk is in the King of the Ring Tournament!  I wonder who his opponent will be.  It can’t be!

CM Punk v. Matt Hardy
King of the Ring 1st Round Match

This is a dream match come true.  They jockey for position before locking up in the center.  Hardy gets a wrist lock applied, but CM Punk uses a right to counter.  Hardy goes for the Side Effect, but Punk takes him down for a one count!  CM Punk locks on a headlock and the fans are pro-Hardy tonight.  Arm drag by Punk and he keeps the headlock applied.  Hardy gets sent to the corner and Punk uses his knees to his advantage.  Punk goes up top with Hardy, but Hardy utilizes a headbutt to knock him off.  Double Axe Handle connects and he clotheslines Punk!  Hardy tries to steal a page from Punk’s book, but Punk shows him how it is done for TWO!  Punk springboards into a Hardy Side Effect for 2.99999!  Hardy is feeling it and he goes for it!  Twist of Fate is COUNTERED to the GTS, but Hardy rolls through into a rollup, but Punk counters with a rollup of his own for three!

Winner:  CM Punk
Grade: B-

CM Punk takes his turn on the throne and it is confirmed that Chris Jericho and CM Punk will meet in the semifinals tonight!

Still to come, Hillary v. Obama and the HUGE 8 man tag team match!


We get a SmackDown v. Raw 2008 preview of Obama v. Hillary.  Obama gets the Batista entrance and Hillary gets the Mickie James entrance.  They kick the hell out of each other and it ends in a no decision.  HA!

Last week, JBL outsmarted everyone and took out his competition sans John Cena.  The match is now an Elimination Match, meaning that four people enter, three people leave and one person becomes champion.

JBL talks about that he will win the WWE Title at Backlash.  He hypes the fact that he is “news”.

Time for another qualifying match!  The Great Khali is in the tournament, which means that the tournament has taken a new level of suck.  Khali takes a seat in the King’s throne as we take a break.


Welcome back everyone.  We are taken back to SmackDown where Big Show suffered a fate worse than what Khali suffered.  His opponent is Finlay in a repeat of their feud from a while ago.

The Great Khali v. Finlay
King of the Ring 1st Round Match

The bell rings and he takes it to Khali for a moment, but he’s too powerful!  Khali scoops Finlay up and he slams him down.  Finlay avoids the big leg drop and he mounts a little offense, but Khali continues to dominate.  Big Boot to Finlay and Hornswoggle enters the fray.  Hornswoggle runs underneath the ring and Finlay walks into a tomahawk drop.  On the outside, Khali brutalizes Finlay’s leg and gets himself disqualified!

Winner via DQ:  Finlay
Grade:  D-

Khali doesn’t take English too well, but Big Show makes his appearance.  That causes Khali to take a powder. 


We return as Finlay is helped from the back.  It’s time to determine our last competitors for the tournament.  William Regal makes his way to the ring and Lillian announces his opponent as Hornswoggle!

William Regal v. Hornswoggle
King of the Ring 1st Round Match

Regal chases after Hornswoggle and the match officially starts.  He knocks Hornswoggle down and applies the Regal Stretch for the submission.

Winner:  William Regal
Grade:  F

Finlay hobbles to the ring and Regal kicks the bad leg before leaving the ring.  Shawn Michaels is on his way to the ring…NEXT!


Recap of the “Wrestlemania Revege” Tour of England is shown.

He still says he’s a Sexy Boy.  He is the Breaker of Hearts.  Awww, you know him!  Anyways, Shawn Michaels is out to address his opponent at Backlash this Sunday.  He says that that the last thing he wanted to do after facing Ric Flair is to face his friend, Batista.  He knows Batista is here tonight, so come on down!  After an eternity, Batsista obliges and he is pumped up!

Shawn appreciates Dave coming out.  He brings up the one question that Jericho asked Batista and got himself Batista Bombed!  So, he asks the same question.  Batista says that this is no longer about Ric Flair, but it is between the two.  He is tired of talking and he says the bottom line.  Shawn can point fingers all he wants, but at Backlash, Dave promises closure.  Shawn has a confession of his own and he runs off his catchphrases, adding one: “The Man“.  He says that Batista is going to be facing a man that will stop at nothing to win.  He says good luck because Batista is going to need it.  They get nose to nose before they break off.  Michaels flinches and Batista walks around him before exiting the ring.  Batista is in smiles while Shawn lost his.

Later tonight:  A huge 8 man tag team match featuring the main events of Backlash!  Up next, however, the candidates for President speak!


We get a taped interview from Hil-Rod!  She says that she will go to the mat for us fans and promises to stand up for us.

Time for another match!  Hardcore Holly is in singles action against Carlito!

Hardcore Holly v. Carlito
Singles Match

Carlito and Santino are now considered “International Superstars”.  OK.  The bell rings and Holly shows just why he is badass.  He is sent to the ropes and he schools Carlito!  Scoop Slam into a leg drop gets two.  Carlito is in the corner as Holly beats on him.  Opposite corner they go and Carlito gets jaw dropped, followed by a lariat for two!  Holly gets whipped to the ropes and gets turned inside out with an elevated knee.  Carlito uses his left hands to gain momentum.  Swinging side slam connects for a two count!  Headlock is applied, but Holly is better than you, apple spitter.  However, Holly runs into a dropkick for two and Carlito drops an elbow to the back.  Clubbing shot to the kidneys is followed by a knee to the same spot.  Holly is scoop slammed for a one count and Carlito locks on a back submission move.  Carlito adds some more shots to the back and Holly is sent to the corner.  Holly fights back, stiff as always.  Carlito gets shown a proper dropkick, but Holly’s back gives out.  Kick to the stomach and Holly looks for the Alabamaslam, but Carlito floats over and hits the Backstabber for the three!

Winner:  Carlito
Grade:  B+

Santino grabs a microphone and calls Cody Hardcore’s boyfriend and Cody mans up and tells Santino to SHUT UP!  Santino gets cold-cocked in the head with a microphone and the tag team champions dispatch their challengers.

Up Next:  CM Punk v. Chris Jericho!


We are back as the main event for Backlash is being revealed again.  Kid Rock’s “All Summer Long” is the theme music for Backlash!  Triple H says that Sunday is a chance to prove that they are the best.  One will emerge as the WWE Champion and that man will be Triple H.

Time for the Semi-Finals!

Chris Jericho v. CM Punk
King of the Ring Semi-Finals

These two men know each other from a few weeks ago.  They lock up in the center and Jericho hits an arm drag for a quick one count.  They trade quick covers before circling for position again.  Punk uses the stiff kicks before thrusting his shoulder to Jericho.  Jericho gains the momentum back and he he hangs Punk out on the top rope.  Punk springboards and Jericho dropkicks the ROPES, causing Punk to derail.  Jericho hits the backbreaker and he holds the knee to the back for leverage.  He toys with Punk and Punk nails some rights.  Jericho gets a right of his own and Punk gets a hammerlock takedown for a one!  Jericho gets a hurrancurana for two and we get a pin sequence between the two, but we get more inside cradles for two, two, and two!  Jericho hits an enzugiri for TWO!  Punk hits a quick powerslam for 2.9999999!

Punk sends Jericho to the corner, but Jericho fight of it.  Punk goes for the GTS, but, Jericho gets out of it and hits the bulldog!  He hits the lionsault, but Punk blocks and Jericho telegraphs it and he gets Punk in the Walls!  Punk tries hard and he gets to the ropes, getting a boo from the crowd!  Punk gets backup and Jericho rins at him.  They fight on the apron and Jericho fights him off to get to the top rope.  ENZUGIRI BY PUNK TO THE TEMPLE!  Jericho eats the Go2Sleep for the loss!

Winner:  CM Punk
Grade:  A

CM Punk will face either William Regal or Finlay in the finals of the King of the Ring Tournament!

Up Next:  Barack Obama will share his thoughts to us, the voters.


Tomorrow Night on ECW:  Kane will be on “The Cutting Edge”!

We are halfway done with tonight’s show and we get some comments from Barack Obama.  He foretells the end of Randy Orton’s title reign.  He asks but one simple question:  “Do you smell what Barack is cookin’?”

William Regal makes his way to the ring for his semi-final match against Finlay!  Finlay hobbles out with his left knee taped heavily.

William Regal v. Finlay
King of the Ring Semi-Final Match

They try to lock up, but Regal goes for the bad leg.  Again, Regal gets another shot at the leg and he flips Regal outside the ring.  Regal slams Finlay knee first in the steps.  Finlay gets back inside and he works on the knee.  Finlay staggers up and Regal targets  the knee yet again and again.  Finlay fights back and he sends Regal to the ring post for two!  Finlay picks Regal up, but the knee gives way.  Finlay gets a kneelift and gets a nearfall, but Regal comes back with a clothesline.  The Regal Stretch is applied and Finlay is unable to tap out based on the position of his hands.

Winner:  William Regal
Grade:  C

Finlay looks out of it and it will be Punk v. Regal in the finals!

Coming up later:  the 8 Man Tag Team Match involving Triple H, John Cena, Kane, & The Undertaker…going up against Edge, Randy Orton, Chavo Guerrero, & John Bradshaw Layfield!

Up Next:  John McCain SPEAKS!


John McCain uses a lot of wrestling catchphrases, even stealing a TNA Pay-Per-View line “No Surrender”.  He continues with the catchphrases and I am lost.

The card to Backlash is shown.

John Cena talks about his other opponents, offering us a preview of Orton’s speech to come later on.  Cena is talking to send a message to everyone else saying that they have an equal chance of winning the match and they will have to go through Cena to earn the title.  He is ready to rock.

Up Next:  WWE’s Verision of Clinton v. Obama.


Welcome back.  The King says that it will be great.  I offer no comment.  I love how “Bill” is an attention whore.  Hey look!  Barack stole George W. Bush’s ears!  Not only that, but this has become interesting.

“Hillary Clinton” w/Saturday Night Live Actor that Portrays Bill Clinton v. “Barack ‘Big Ears’ Obama”
Hilliary Comes out to “Real American” and Barack Obama comes out to “The Rock Says”
The Democratic SmackDown

The bell sounds, welcome to Hell!  Hillary is all over Barack and SHE PICKS HIM UP!  Leg Drop connects and Barack KICKS OUT!  Barack with a knee and he goes for the Barack Bottom!  Now he goes for the Democratic Elbow, but “Bill” trips him up and he says “I did not have physical contact with that man”.

Things get interesting as Umaga interrupts the festivities.  Barack gets the Samoan Spike and Bill congrates Umaga.  He screams and Bill leaves Hillary behind.  SAMOAN DROP TO HIL-ROD!  If that doesn’t constitute a face turn, then I don’t know what will.

Result:  No Contest
Grade:  Better than “Donald” v. “Rosie” from January 2007.


We’re back and it’s time for the Divas!  Ashley, Maria, Kelly Kelly, Michelle McCool, & Cherry make their way to the ring!  Last week, Mickie James defeated Beth Phoenix to become the Women’s Championship!  They all invite Mickie James to the ring and she gets hugs all around.  Mickie James has the “never quit attitude”.  She is interrupted by Beth Phoenix, Victoria, Natalia Neidhart, Leyla, Melina, & Jillian.  Correct me if I am wrong on the list of heel divas.  Beth calls the victory a fluke and a slap in the face.  Michelle McCool shows her what a slap in the face is about.  It’s a twelve diva catfight!  All the heels are tossed out and the faces celebrate!

The King of the Ring Finals is NEXT!


Mr. Kennedy returns NEXT WEEK!  I didn’t know he was gone.

Time for the first of our two main events…the King of the Ring will be decided in a matter of moments.

William Regal v. CM Punk
King of the Ring Finals

The bell rings and Regal pushes Punk to the corner.  Regal is aggressive, but he takes too long and Punk uses his educated feet to Regal’s face.  High Knee to the face connects and he goes for the bulldog, but Regal gets a Half Nelson Suplex for a two count!  Regal uses the knee to the back, which was worked on earlier and Punk is in trouble.  Punk fights it out and they trade kicks and punches around!  Regal applies the Full Nelson and Punk drops to a knee.  Regal stretches his foot to Punk’s upper back.  Punk gets out of it again and he nails a couple enzugiries and a third one takes Regal down!  Punk gets two out of that one.  Punk picks Regal up for the GTS, but Regal holds onto the ropes and gets out of the hold.  Stiff shot to the head and Regal goes for the Regal Stretch!!  Punk is in pain and he taps out!

Winner:  William Regal
Grade:  B-

Regal takes his seat on the throne.


Welcome back and it is now time for our main event!  He has the microphone and he says that he has nothing to say because his actions do the talking.  Well, except for the Pay-Per-Views that he retained the title, whether it be by pin or disqualification.  JBL and Randy Orton bicker and Chavo doesn’t care.  Edge cares, however and he tries to mediate them.


Randy Orton, John Bradshaw Layfield, Chavo Guerrero, & Edge v. Triple H, John Cena, Kane, & The Undertaker
8 Man Tag Team Match

Undertaker begins the match against Randy Orton, but Edge comes in from behind, so he’ll start the match.  Undertaker with a flying lariat after gaining control.  He goes Old School and he takes out the heel contigent.  Vintage Undertaker as we take a commercial!


We return as Chavo gets a two count off Triple H.  Edge tags in and he looks for the spear, but Triple H hits the SPINEBUSTER!  Triple H gets the tag to Cena and he takes Edge down with the West Side Slam!  Five Knuckle Shuffle is BLOCKED by Chavo Guerrero!  Edge is in control over Cena and Orton gets tagged in.  He takes Cena down with kicks and punches.  Cena fights back for a second and JBL gets inside to take it to Cena.  Boot to the head and he lays waste to Cena in the corner!  Short-arm clothesline connects for two!  Edge gets back in the ring and he does some more damage, locking on a front facelock.  Cena fights out of it and he runs into a big boot.  Orton tags in and he gets a two on Cena.  He beats some more sense into Cena and he applies on a headlock and bodyscissors.  Cena is SUPERMAN and he rams Orton against the corner.  Both men have the same idea and they Double KO each other and the referee counts.

Chavo and Kane get tagged!  Chavo takes a ride and Kane eliminates everyone else. SIDEWALK SLAM connects and he goes up top!  Flying Clothesline connects for two, interrupted by JBL and all hell breaks loose!  Chavo takes Kane down with a DDT and he goes up top.  GOOZLE!  Kane is kicked away.  Chavo leaps off…CHOKESLAM!  Kane gets back up and he gets SPEARED and Edge gets the three count!

Winners:  Edge, Randy Orton, JBL, & Chavo Guerrero
Grade:  B-

Edge is celebrating and he backs up to a Cena FU!  Triple H and Cena exchange finishers, but JBL hits Triple H with the CLOTHESLINE TO HELL!  Cena gets RKO’ed by Randy Orton and Orton and JBL stand toe to toe until the Undertaker CHOKESLAMS BOTH OF THEM STRAIGHT TO HELL!  Carnage is in the ring and the Deadman stands tall!

Show Over.

The WWE RAW Report Card

Chris Jericho d. Montel Vontanious Porter: B
CM Punk d. Matt Hardy: B-
Finlay d. The Great Khali via DQ: D-
William Regal d. Hornswoggle: N/A
Carlito d. Hardcore Holly: B+
CM Punk d. Chris Jericho: A
William Regal d. Finlay: C
“Hillary Clinton” v. “Barack Obama” Went to a No Contest: N/A
William Regal d. CM Punk: B-
Edge, Orton, JBL, & C. Guerrero d. Kane, Undertaker, Cena, & HHH: B-
Extra Credit: A Surprising King of the Ring Tournament

The Final Grade for WWE RAW for 4/21/2008: B-

A pretty good three hour RAW, if you ask me.  But, if you have any comments, log into the system and post them below or sound off in the Forums!  See you in seven for the fallout of WWE Backlash!

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