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TNA had a really big year in 2007 as it saw many new faces join the fray so they could do battle within the confines of the six-sided ring. One of the biggest names to show their face down in Orlando was none other then Booker T. The multiple time world champion had new blood on his mind and wanted to show the world that he would take on all comers. But new arrivals weren’t the only ones making waves in TNA for the current crowd had plenty to prove. Kaz, Christian Cage, AJ Styles, Chris Harris, James Storm, Rhino, and countless others wanted to ascend up the ladder and hold the prestigious titles that lay before them.

Kurt Angle is an Olympic gold medalist but at present time would only be happy holding the TNA Heavyweight title and defeating all who try to dethrone him. That includes some great battles with Christian Cage and Sting, but especially with the “Samoan Submission Machine” Samoa Joe. One of the greatest tag-teams in the history of professional wrestling was America’s Most Wanted, but now James Storm and Chris Harris were out to prove that they didn’t need the other to be successful and it lead not only to some great, but brutal battles.

2007 was a great year for TNA in that it saw so many things stay the same and get better, but also so many changes that can make them go anywhere but down. Some fantastic matches with ladders or inside a steel cage or atop the Elevation X platform…it just seems as if there is nothing the superstars in TNA wouldn’t do for glory and honor. That is why 2007 will go down as one of the best years for the all the TNA Knockouts, X-division, tag-teams, and heavyweights who step foot in the six-sided ring and prove to be the absolute best.

~ Destination X: Elevation X: Rhino Vs. AJ Styles – What we have here is a match that included a giant “X” constructed around the ring. It hovers above the ring and has a twenty-inch platform for the wrestlers to walk on and the loser is the one that falls off of it. Styles considers this his type of match since he is an X-division competitor extraordinaire, while Rhino appears afraid of heights here. The match isn’t bad, but it is very slow paced with the two men going up on top of the fixture very early on in the match and watching their steps the rest of the way.

~ Slammiversary: King Of The Mountain: Kurt Angle Vs. Samoa Joe Vs. AJ Styles Vs. Christian Cage Vs. Chris Harris – If ever there was a gimmick match that I hate, it is this one. Wrestlers must become “eligible” to even attempt to win this match and then there is a frickin penalty box for wrestlers to spend two minutes in after they are pinned. Then after becoming eligible, wrestlers can attempt to hang the championship belt onto a hook by getting on a ladder. Whoever hooks it up first is the winner. Stupid. Just incredibly stupid.

If it seems like someone is out of place, that would be Chris Harris who spent a short period in the main event scene before being gone from TNA. There is just way too much going on here to even possibly enjoy it as a wrestling match at all. There are some nice spots here and there, but I find it very hard getting into a match like this that has so many stipulations and rules.

~ Hard Justice: All Or Nothing: Kurt Angle Vs. Samoa Joe – Here was another situation that was rather annoying. Samoa Joe versus Kurt Angle would be an instant classic no matter when or where they would do battle, but for some reason every single TNA belt needed to be on the line here for it to be made even bigger. Angle had the IWGP and World Heavyweight title belts while Joe went in with the tag-team and X-division title belts. It is a very good match with a horrible ending.

~ Sacrifice: Texas Death Match: James Storm Vs. Chris Harris – America’s Most Wanted collides here in a match where there must be a winner. Again though, TNA has taken a match and added one stipulation too many. Not only must you pin your opponent, but then they must not be able to answer a ten count. One or the other would have been just fine. These two guys fought all over the arena, did some high flying, used weapons, and just let everything out that they had. It is a very good match and quite enjoyable.

~ Genesis: Ladder Match: Kaz Vs. Christian Cage – This is the final match in the Fight For The Right tournament that would give the ultimate winner a future shot at the TNA World title. Hanging above the ring was a contract for that title shot and the first man to grab it would win. Kaz is vastly underrated and shows here that he can hang with the big boys in the main event scene. Both men put their bodies on the line with those ladders being used in every way imaginable. I would consider this one of the top three matches on this entire DVD.

~ Bound For Glory: Ultimate X Match: XXX Vs. LAX – The Ultimate X Match is one designed with ring ropes formed in an “x” and raised high above the ring. From them hang a huge red “X” and the first team to grab it, wins. LAX is one of the best tag-teams in all of TNA with Hernandez’s freakish strength and Homicide’s agility and no care for his own well-being. Seeing XXX back together is just awesome and these two teams make it a point not to disappoint. The best match on this entire DVD is right here and one that needs to be seen in order to believe and truly appreciate.

~ Bound For Glory: TNA World Championship: Kurt Angle Vs. Sting – For someone who has been around as long as Sting has and Angle’s pure wrestling ability this was destined to be at least a decent match. It is, but the only problem with this being on this DVD is that the decision is not clean and therefore leads to just a crappy ending.

The event is shown in 1.33:1 Full Screen format and it looks fine. There are no pixilation problems and the production work is well done.

The event is heard in Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound and it also all sounds good. I’m serious though about wishing that Mike Tenay and especially Don West could not be heard at all. They are absolutely horrible and West’s screaming is just insane.

Awards – Every award you could possibly think of is presented here and that includes countdowns for each for the top five in every category. Awards are presented for:

~ Finisher Of The Year
~ Knockout Woman Of The Year
~ Tag Team Of The Year
~ X Division Superstar Of The Year
~ Top Feuds Of The Year
~ Most Memorable Moment Of The Year
~ TNA MVP Of The Year
~ Who To Watch In 2008

I wouldn’t really call these special features because they are included in the main feature along with all the matches. The only difference if you go straight to them in the “Awards” section is that you can view them one at a time…kind of. But something that bugged me is if you choose one to watch, then after it is over, it just moves onto the next match or award. You can’t watch one, have it end, and then choose another. Very frustrating.

I’ll admit that I don’t watch every single episode of Impact nor many of the TNA’s monthly PPVs, but they could have picked better matches then this to put on this “best of” DVD. Matches with finishes that aren’t clean and some that are just not that enjoyable to watch shouldn’t have been anywhere near this collection. The “awards” feature thrown in throughout was a nice touch, but they could have been their own feature with the matches being the add-ons or something. It takes away from the overall score because when you look at it now, there really are no special features. The Kaz/Cage and LAX/XXX matches are by far the best on this DVD by being leaps and bounds better then anything else thrown on. Perhaps it should have been the “Best Storylines Of 2007” because if these were the best matches, then I’d hate to see the worst.


TNA presents TNA – Best Of TNA 2007. Featuring: Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe, Christian Cage, Sting, AJ Styles, Rhino, LAX, XXX, and more. Running time: 210 minutes. Rating: Not Rated. Released on DVD: April 22, 2008. Available at

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