Missing Links on Matt Hardy, Paul Heyman vs. TNA, Seth Mates vs. the World Heavyweight Championship, Joey Styles & Josh Mathews Sightings, HBK’s Left Knee & Much More

Jason Powell at Prowrestling.net is reporting that suspended Smackdown creative head Michael Hayes is being kept in the loop on creative issues via email.

WWE.com has a good story on Matt Hardy talking about the new Hardyz DVD.

Lance Storm has a commentary up on Mike Adamle.

I don’t know if WWE’s doctored the videos or not, but to those of you who think Shawn Michaels injured his right knee at Backlash only to sell an injured left knee on Raw, these videos seem to show a consistently-injured left knee: Backlash; post-Basklash doctor examination; Raw.

Speaking of controversial videos, the TNA Basic Instinct spoof that was taken down from YouTube a while back is back up, seemingly posted by former TNA announcer Leticia Cline.

Former ECW head Paul Heyman wrote what I think is a great analysis on TNA, using the Angle/Joe Lockdown match at the center of his column.

Joey Styles has popped up as an interviewer in exclusive WWE.com post-Backlash videos… and Josh Mathews has been sighted here.

There’s a Washington Post story here features former WWE writer Chris Bell.

Former WWE writer Seth Mates has posted quite a few updates over at his Newsday.com blog, as has his colleague Alfonso Castillo:

On the making of tna video game video and interview
On the latest PWI poll
On Brian Gewirtz
On Michael Hayes
On the Presidential candidates appearing on Raw
An interview with AJ Styles
On the curse of the World Heavyweight Title (includes SD spoilers)
– …and why that curse may be Seth’s fault.

Jim Ross’ latest blog post is up here.

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